Albion Online: How to Make Money with Refining

The game’s description promises “a medieval world with a modern twist,” and it isn’t overly promising; Albion Online feels like an older brother or big sister to The Elder Scrolls Online. Like its elder, Albion Online offers PvP (player versus player) battles, open world exploration, and a plethora of crafting activities, along with its more standard MMORPG gameplay. The biggest difference is the way players can interact with the game’s world—Albion Online’s inventors really went all out here, enabling the development of elaborate systems that govern how the game’s economy works and how players can participate in it.

The Setup

It’s important to note that Albion Online won’t be for everyone. As a trade-off for being able to explore a more open world, the game sacrifices some of the magic that made The Elder Scrolls Online such a popular and addictive game. That being said, for those who want a more traditional experience, there are still plenty of ways to make lots of money in Albion Online.

At the moment, Albion Online is in BETA (beta testing) and is available to testers for free. After the beta period ends, the game will officially launch and be priced at US$19.99/£15.99 per month or $59.99/£45.99 per year. If you want to participate in the game’s economy (there’s no alternative way to make money other than through gameplay), you’ll need to purchase either a premium account or a key that will give you access to the game’s BETA region.

PvP (Player Versus Player)

PvP is the game’s most exciting and dynamic feature. Just like real life, death and destruction are a part of every battle in PvP. However, in addition to all the typical aims and targets, the aim in a PvP battle is to reduce the other player’s health to zero. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to use a combination of tactics, equipment, and of course, your prowess in battle. When you reduce an opponent’s health to zero, the battle ends, and the victor is determined by the amount of points they accumulated before the round ended. The first person to reach 300 points wins the match.

PvP is available either by creating an account with the game or purchasing the game’s premium version. Once you’re in the BETA region, you’ll need to visit the in-game shop to purchase the equipment you need to enter the fray.


Crafting is the second part of Albion Online that I want to talk about, because it’s one of my favorite features. In general, your character will be able to create various items that can be used in the game’s world (similar to The Elder Scrolls Online’s gathering system). Different kinds of crafting require different types of materials, which can be acquired either by completing quests or by purchasing them with real money in the game’s in-game shop. The crafters in the game are incredibly skilled and can create almost anything, from arrows to banners to full-blown armour sets.

The best part is that crafting not only allows you to make useful items but also to level up your character quickly. Instead of taking a long time to level up like in most other games, you’ll be able to attain new skills and expertise very quickly through crafting. The game’s level cap is set at fifty, so even if you’re a higher level, there’s still lots of room for improvement through crafting.


The last thing I want to talk about is the game’s economy, or how players can make money in Albion Online. In the game’s early days, the developers were very clear that they didn’t want players to rely on in-game items for their economic success, as that would make the game very unbalanced. However, this decision came with its own set of problems, as it limited the kinds of items that could be created. The developers eventually found a way to solve this problem, and now items that can be used for economic advantage exist in the game.

The way the game’s economy works is by enabling players to participate in three types of activities: fighting, gathering, and crafting. These activities produce resources that can be exchanged for goods and services in the game’s marketplaces. Additionally, players are able to use their own devices (invention, naturally) to generate resources that can be sold for profit. This is where the game’s Refining feature comes in—a very useful tool that can be attached to your character to increase their chance of success in battle.

The more you use your Refining tool, the more valuable it will become, and the more efficient you will become at creating various items. You’ll also gradually learn how to use your invention to generate resources, which can also be sold for profit.

The Bottom Line

To wrap things up, here’s a quick look at how to make money in Albion Online. You’ll need to purchase either a premium account or a key from the game’s BETA region if you don’t want to play in the game’s BETA region. Once you do, you’ll be able to participate in the game’s economy by creating various items that can be used in PvP battles or sold in the game’s marketplaces for profit. Finally, you’ll need to learn how to refine resources (both gathered and created) by using your invention to generate more.