10 Best Make Money Online Youtube Channels for 2019

In case you were wondering, this is what the digital nomad community looks like. On any given day, you’ll see people from all over the world glued to their phones, laptops, and tablets, connecting with friends, family, and others who they think might be interested in hearing them tell their stories. The below list contains 13 channels that consistently deliver great content for digital nomads. So, you’ll never be short of content to keep yourself busy.

How To Make Money Online

This is one of the more popular channels on Youtube, with over 7.8 million subscribers. Host and blogger, Brittany Lee gets pretty specific in her videos about how to make money online. In most cases, she suggests one or two ways that you can make a few side-hustles to bring in some extra cash. For example, you can try selling and promoting affiliate products, become a freelancer for a quick buck, or open a drop-shipping store. Essentially, she teaches viewers to become entrepreneurs and to discover their passions so that they can turn them into profitable activities.

Shaun Baker

Shaun Baker has been Youtube’s most popular yoga trainer and channel creator for years. With over 16.5 million subscribers, you’ll often find him teaching traditional Hatha yoga and meditative workouts. He’s also the founder of the Yoga with Shaun Baker Company, which hosts weekly live classes and workshops around the world. In 2019, he launched ‘Yoga Therapy’, a complete lifestyle and healthcare channel, where he interviews prominent and famous guests about their journeys in and out of the hospital. You’ll frequently find him promoting himself and his businesses, but he also frequently sponsors and recommends other Youtube channels and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Baker also engages with his audience very frequently, with many of his videos being notable for their comedic value. When he’s not busy working, exercising, or teaching yoga, Baker enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

In case you were wondering, this is the channel that gets mentioned more than any other when it comes to teaching people how to make money online. Started in 2007 by real estate investor and father, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been a consistent favorite of mine since I first discovered it. In most of his videos, Kiyosaki talks about the importance of believing in yourself and having confidence, not just in your money-making ability, but in your character as well. He frequently compares the rich and poor, while also encouraging his audience to find their passion and to follow it wherever it may lead. Many credit Kiyosaki with popularizing the term ‘passive income’ when he talks about making money online. Regardless of what you might think of the above description, you should at least know that this channel is out there and it contains valuable information for those who want to make extra cash.

Darren Rowan

Like many others on this list, Darren Rowan has built a brand for himself based on the success of his Youtube presence. With over 11.8 million subscribers, you’ll often find Rowan showcasing his comedic timing and deadpan delivery as he narrates his travel adventures and offers tips on how to travel smarter. You’ll frequently see him engaging with his audience, responding to their comments, and suggesting further topics to discuss. Some of his videos have even been turned into articles, books, and graphic novels. For instance, his video ‘How to Make Money as a Travel Agent’ was turned into a bestselling book of the same name. Aside from his Youtube channel, Rowan is also the author of the bestseller, Getting to Yes and the founder of the international consultancy, Rowan & Associates.


This is the channel that brought stand-up comedy to Youtube. Founded by Mike Norton, who also co-hosted the short-lived, but hilarious, Netflix anthology series, ‘The Standoff’, Mortified is an irreverent look at the funny things that kids say and do. His distinctively British sense of humor makes him an essential part of any Youtube collection. Though many of his videos are focused on children, these days, he often turns to adults for humor, too – especially when discussing embarrassing moments from his own life. In most cases, his videos will feature some form of educational content, along with hilarious anecdotes and interesting facts about the featured guest. Though the majority of his videos are standalone, he sometimes teams up with other creators, including Steve Harvey and Reggie Watts, for special projects. In early 2020, Mortified was purchased by TikTok for nearly $500 million, making it one of the most expensive channels acquired by TikTok.

How to Buy a House Affordably

This is the channel that teaches you how to buy a house with no money down. Started by realtor and author, Liz Feldman, and mortgage broker, Dwayne Fields, the pair take on clients from all over North America who are looking to purchase a home with little or no money down. In most of their videos, they’ll walk you through the entire real estate buying process, providing helpful insights and advice along the way. They also frequently cite their use of online tools and platforms to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Due to the sheer volume of their customer and reader bases, they have the opportunity to engage with their audience frequently, which many of their videos are driven by. Overall, this channel provides valuable information for anyone who’s interested in buying a home.

One Bad Apple

This channel brings you one step closer to achieving absolute financial freedom by showing you how to save money on groceries and achieve financial independence. One Bad Apple was created by Shayne Johnson, who also happens to be a Certified Financial Counselor. On the channel, he provides tips on how to lower your grocery bill and how to spend less money on food, as well as how to achieve true financial independence. Many of the videos on this channel involve Johnson traveling to different parts of the country to examine the prices of groceries and compare them to what he finds in Seattle. Though the majority of the videos are shot in Johnson’s hometown, many of the guest stars and locations come from his travels around the country. One Bad Apple is a valuable channel if you’re looking to save money, reduce your food bill, or just want to know more about budgeting and spending management. If you have a healthy cooking or food-preparation hobby, you’ll also enjoy watching his daily recipes and demonstrating how he uses his favorite ingredients to create mouth-watering meals. He frequently creates special meals and offers insights into what items are on-sale or on offer for cheap at the moment. Though the channel is a bit on the serious side, especially in the beginning, as Johnson saves and focuses on frugality, it switches to a more comedic tone as he starts discussing ways to spend less money or ways in which others have managed to do so. Overall, this is a great channel to gain inspiration on how to change your spending habits for the better.

Walking The Walk

Walking The Walk is the channel that documents the personal journeys of prominent figures, all while walking their dogs. The popular Instagram page boasts over 2.5 million followers as the channel’s daily uploads typically consist of videos where guest speakers discuss their passions, goals, failures, and successes. In many cases, these videos are connected to a newsletter where prominent figures will encourage you to create your own unique legacy. This channel frequently covers a wide range of topics, from business and self-care, to lifestyle and fashion, and even spirituality. Sometimes, the guests on the channel will even invite you to join them for a chat or to ask any questions you might have about an aspect of their story. Overall, this is a very helpful channel if you’re interested in gaining deeper insight into what motivates these individuals and how you can learn from their journeys. It also provides you with the tools you need to create your own unique legacy. Though the majority of its audience is made up of Gen-Z and Millennial users, the channel is open to all, and it encourages its viewers to explore diverse topics and engage with the content as they need it. Overall, this is one of the most helpful and reputable Youtube channels if you’re seeking information on how to become a better person, grow your business, or just want to create a more purposeful and balanced life.