How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Solo?

You wake up one morning, wanting to play some GTA Online, but don’t have anyone to play with. You log on and find that the game no longer works properly. After trying in vain to figure out what went wrong, you give up and uninstall it from your system. A few weeks later, you log on to GTAO again, this time with a bit of an idea in mind. You want to make some quick cash by doing something that is fun and easy enough for anyone to do. After spending some time playing around and experimenting, you eventually find a strategy that allows you to make some decent money playing solo. Below you’ll find out how you can make money in GTA 5 Online Solo, along with some helpful tips on how to improve your game.

The Basics

If you’re just joining us, here’s a quick summary of the basics. GTA 5 Online is an online multiplayer game in which you play as a crime-fighting celebrity. You’re given a variety of criminal activities to complete, ranging from street robberies to grand theft Auto (GTA). Completing these acts grants you experience points, which level up your character and allow you to explore new areas of the map.

You’ll be able to make money in three ways in GTA 5 Online. The first is through doing favors for other players. The second is by selling stolen items on the black market. The third is by performing assassination contracts for money. It’s important to note here that none of these three methods of making money are particularly easy ways to get quick cash; you’ll have to put in the time and effort to learn how to do them effectively.


In GTA 5 Online, you’ll be able to do favors for other players. When requested, you’ll be able to complete a favor for the person who asked for it, usually by killing a harmless NPC or robbing a shop. Killing innocent people is never an option, and neither is robbing places that don’t deserve to be robbed. Doing favors for money doesn’t feel right, either, as you’ll usually be doing something that won’t bring you any personal satisfaction. It’s usually better to do favors just because you want to help out a friend.

Stolen Item Sales

Another way to make quick cash in GTA 5 Online is to sell stolen items on the black market. It isn’t difficult to steal items in the game, as they’re all over the place and have poor security. In order to sell them on the black market, you’ll need to find a shop that deals in that particular type of item, then break in and rob it. The items you’ll sell on the black market range from clothes to cars, and the profit you make from selling them is a percentage of the item’s value. The good thing about this method of making money is that no one’s going to ask you to do this for them; you can do it for yourself or even as a side-hustle while you play.

Assassination Contracts

GTA 5 Online also features a side-hustle called assassination contracts. Just like the other two Money-making Opportunities mentioned above, this one requires a bit of skill and planning. With an assassination contract, you agree to take out a specific target for a certain amount of money. You’ll have to do your research before laying down the bread, as you won’t be able to pull the trigger without knowing exactly who you’re targeting. This, in turn, will depend on your level of skill and the target’s security. Some enemies are very easy to identify, while others are quite tough to crack. The amount of money you’ll make from an assassination contract varies, but it’s usually rather high. You won’t be able to pull off a successful assassination unless you plan and strategize every step of the way. This will require a lot of practice.

As you can see, none of these three methods of making money are particularly easy ways to bring in the dollars. You’ll have to put in the time and effort to learn how to do them effectively. If you’re looking for a quick way to make some extra cash, then it might be better to do a side-hustle, or to help out a friend who needs some extra money. Doing favors for people just to make some cash feels wrong, as you’ll be doing something that won’t make you feel good inside. The other two options offer more long-term profitability, but they’re also a lot more work. The key is to find a balance between the three that suits your needs.