How to Make Money with Friend is GTA Online?

You wake up one day and decide to log on to GTA Online. But, before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re still logged on. Suddenly, you notice that your character is missing, and a quick search on social media confirms what you feared: Someone stole your car. The police are already on their way, but you know what? You’re a big boy now. You’re not going to cry about one crappy vehicle. Instead, you decide to log off and find another one.

Five minutes later, you’re logged back on. But this time, instead of your normal character, you’re greeted with a young woman wearing only a bra and underwear. She’s offering you a ride, and when you accept, she quickly removes your pants and climbs on top of you, taking control of the wheel for the entire ride. In a panic, you tell her to slow down, but it’s too late. You’re already at the red light when she stops the car and says, “Let’s do this nightmarish routine again. But this time, I’m going to leave your pants on.” You have no choice but to comply.

What happened? You found a way to make quick cash in GTA Online, and it doesn’t involve stealing cars or clothes. Meet Friend is a game type where users can go on quests to make money. In fact, the game’s creator, Cliff Bleszinski, has said that it’s one of the ways that the game is different from its predecessor. While you might log on to steal cars and cash, this time around, your goal is to make money, not to hurt or kill animals.

Under The Hood

Let’s get more specific about the mechanics of Friend is GTA Online. When you first log on to the game, you will see a prompt to create a new character. During this process, you will select a gender and are given the option to choose your height. Once you’re done, you’ll be presented with a short tutorial on driving. You then have the option of either playing with the default vehicle or selecting one from a large list of available cars. It’s also possible to create a car with a co-driver. In this case, you’ll split the cost of maintenance and gas. You can’t move the car by yourself, however, you’re free to roam around and have fun until you decide to go somewhere. When you’re not in the car, you’re effectively disconnected from it. This means that if you get into a car accident or encounter any wildlife, the consequences are not going to be the same as if you were actually driving. For more information on how this game type works, check out the links below.

The Good

Friend is GTA Online has a variety of positive features, some of which were inherited from its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V. First and foremost, the game is incredibly stable and has a smooth gameplay experience regardless of whether you’re playing on a console or mobile device. The character models look great and have a lot of life to them, especially when compared to the usual fare of polygonal characters in other video games. The cutscenes are also quite good, with some of the better looking scenes coming from the people that worked on the earlier game, Grand Theft Auto V. Finally, the sound effects and music fit the atmosphere of the game nicely.

The Bad

It’s only fair to say that there are some aspects of Friendly that could use some work. One of the things that stood out to us when playing the game is that the visuals were very similar to those of Grand Theft Auto V. While we don’t mind having more than one game in the same universe, it would be great to see some visual changes. The game also has some technical issues that could be ironed out. Namely, the loading times are quite long and there’s no way to skip them. Finally, the game could use a manual option to skip any mission that you deem unnecessary. Currently, you must wait for the game to load in the background while you play, which, if you’re already logged on, takes time.

All in all, though, these are quite small complaints when considering the enormous success of the game. If you’re looking for a new way to make quick cash, why not try Friend is GTA Online? With the right character and the right equipment, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of cash in no time at all. If you follow the right instructions, you’ll have no reason to complain about your monthly paycheck. What do you think? Is making money your main goal in life, or do you have a different goal in mind?