Top 5 Ways to Make Money in Grand Theft Auto Online in 2022

The world’s #1 online gaming destination, Rockstar Games, just released Grand Theft Auto Online for PC, Mac, and Xbox One. So, what can we expect from this brand-new game? Will the traditional gameplay remain, or will we see something new? Let’s take a look.

GTA Online: World’s #1 Online Gaming Destination

If you’re not familiar, Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game series of all time. First released in 1997 for the PlayStation, the Grand Theft Auto series continued to expand and evolve with each new console generation. Now, at the dawn of the 2022, Grand Theft Auto Online is finally available on PC, Mac, and Xbox One. (It was previously released on PlayStation 4 back in 2018).

For decades, gamers have eagerly anticipated the release of a new Grand Theft Auto game, and the wait is finally over. The world’s #1 online gaming destination, Rockstar Games, has delivered a unique entry into the venerable series with Grand Theft Auto Online. While still retaining the classic Grand Theft Auto gameplay we know and love, Rockstar has injected new life into the series with a fresh new take on an already exciting game.

Let’s explore why this unique and ground-breaking release is considered to be such a significant game in the world of gaming.

Traditional And Modern Gameplay

As we’ve established, Grand Theft Auto is a series known for its open world sandbox gameplay. While the open world aspect certainly continues in Grand Theft Auto Online, the game still retains the traditional gameplay we know and love from the series, which focuses on story-based missions. These mission types range from straightforward driving and shooting missions to more complex side-missions that require specific strategies and tactics. This is a common thread throughout the entire Grand Theft Auto series, and it’s something that will continue to feel very familiar to anyone who has played a game in the series.

What’s interesting about Grand Theft Auto Online is that, while the gameplay has remained largely the same, the world, the environments, and the game’s narrative have all been updated for modern times. The main story-line of Grand Theft Auto follows the exploits of series protagonist, Michael, who, in 2022, is working as a professional thief. The story follows a fairly linear path of events that, as the narrative progresses, will reveal more about Michael’s past adventures and the reasons for his criminal ways. We’ll delve into more detail below.

The Evolution Of Gaming And Media

If you’re a fan of traditional gaming, then you’ll undoubtedly want to check out Grand Theft Auto Online. First of all, and most importantly, the game is now fully compatible with 4K TV’s providing an immersive and cinematic gaming experience. Thanks to some clever tech from AMD, Grand Theft Auto Online runs beautifully on PC, Mac, and Xbox One.

To ensure that your gameplay feels as good as possible, Rockstar has also implemented several graphics settings that aim to provide a more cinematic experience. Furthermore, the game features highly detailed character models, exceptional lighting effects, and lifelike animations. All of this makes for some great-looking games and, ultimately, an exciting gameplay experience.

Another interesting aspect of Grand Theft Auto Online is the inclusion of several gameplay mechanics that aim to replicate real-life social interactions. This, of course, is thanks to the fact that Grand Theft Auto is largely inspired by the contemporary film industry. In the game, players can carry out a variety of actions, including buying and selling items, chatting with other players, and making offers via in-game auctions. This is a definite deviation from the usual gameplay found in most games, and it serves to break the monotony of repetitive task-based gameplay.

Online Gamership

It’s important to note that, while Grand Theft Auto Online is a multiplayer game, it is not necessarily designed for true online play. The game features several options to establish a connection with other players, including an offline mode, local WiFi hotspot multiplayer, as well as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network play. However, it should come as no surprise that the game features no form of true online play given its status as #1 online gaming destination, and the inclusion of several multiplayer modes.

As with most Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto Online is also a notable success when it comes to the PC version. Indeed, this version of the game is slightly optimized for high-performance PCs and uses DirectX12, ensuring silky-smooth gameplay even on recent hardware. In fact, according to GameBench, Grand Theft Auto Online runs smoother than most games on PC, and it stays that way even when using hardware-accelerated graphics cards and playing at high resolutions.

The Biggest Surprise In A Long Time

The biggest surprise for many fans will be the inclusion of a microtransaction system in Grand Theft Auto. For decades, Grand Theft Auto has been known for its completely free gameplay, and the inclusion of a small purchase option is a complete departure from the usual Rockstar style. As noted, Grand Theft Auto Online is fully compatible with 4K TV’s, and it also supports high-end monitors. So, if you’re playing on a smaller screen, the slightly higher price of a Pro Display XDRR 3 monitor will feel like a bargain compared to buying a 60″ TV to use with your console.

As with most Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto Online also features a wide range of unlocked content available for players to explore. Indeed, the first episode of the game is completely free, and additional episodes and content can be bought using in-game currency or real money. This ensures that players have the opportunity to explore the game’s narrative and gameplay for as long as they like without fear of ever being ‘locked’ into a certain portion of the game. (This is similar to the ‘free to play’ model popularized by Blizzard and others).

On a final note, it’s important to mention that, while Grand Theft Auto Online is a stand-alone game, it is also compatible with the full remit of the Grand Theft Auto series, which includes the previous games, as well as future installments. This ensures that players can continue to explore the entirety of the series’ narrative and gameplay even if they don’t own all of the game’s content.

Even if you’re a fan of the series and you’re looking for an exciting new entry point into the world of gaming, then Grand Theft Auto Online is worth checking out. Most importantly, the game is now fully compatible with 4K TV’s providing an immersive and cinematic gameplay experience.