Best Ways to Make Money in Red Dead Online

Welcome to part two of our Red Dead Online review. If you missed it, you can read the first part here. In this article, we’ll cover ways to make money in the wild west online game. Whether you are looking to make quick cash or want to create a full-time income, there is a way to make money in RDO. Below, you’ll find a list of ways to earn money in RDO. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten ways to make money in RDO. Enjoy!

1. Take Picture Of Yourself With A Gun In Hand

As mentioned in the first part of this review, RDO enables players to do a lot of things, one of which is create and sell virtual guns and gear. One way to make money in RDO is to take a picture of yourself with a gun in hand and then sell the picture to the gamers who are looking for a good photograph to include in their collection.

Taking a picture with a gun in hand may seem like a lot of work. However, it’s a great way to make money fast. Why? Because you will need a good picture editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or Affinity Photo to crop and adjust the photo. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while doing this:

  • Make sure that your gun is visible in the picture. You don’t want to hide it or put it in the hand of someone else. The focus should be on you and your weapon.
  • Experiment with the pose so that it looks good. Don’t just pull the trigger. Stand tall and proud with your weapon raised. The less you move, the more likely the photographer will be able to capture the action correctly.
  • Keep the gun raised so that it’s not blocking any business cards, coins, or notes that are in the foreground. This also helps keep your subject matter focused and prevents any unnecessary distractions.
  • Shoot the photo at eye level. Most modern cameras have an eye level sensor. This feature allows the camera to automatically select an appropriate shooting position based on where the subject is looking.
  • Shoot at the same time as the sun is coming in to give the photo a bit more light. This should create some spectacular shadows. Don’t forget to watch out for lighting conditions as well. If you’re indoors, use as few lamps as possible to give the photo a more realistic ambiance.
  • Avoid using a flash as it will probably wash out the shadows and create a brighter picture. Instead, select a position for the sun to come in through a window and create multiple shadows. For added effect, use a reflector to bounce some of the light back into the scene.
  • The foreground objects should be in focus while the background is blurred. You can use the shallow depth of field to blur everything but the subject, keeping the focus sharply on the individual in the scene.
  • Your pose and the expression on your face should match. Don’t just throw on a grin and pull a gun. Look like you mean business.

2. Start A Blog

Blogs are a great source of income. Anyone can start a blog in less than five minutes and begin monetizing content immediately. The trick is in creating interesting content that will draw in potential readers who are then converted into paying subscribers. There are numerous monetization options available for bloggers. You can use any of the major affiliate marketing programs (like Amazon, Google, and Apple Affiliate Marketing), sell and promote special offers, products, and services that are relevant to your niche, or even just sell and promote your own products.

With all of that said, you can’t simply publish a blog and expect people to flock to it. You need to build a following. The most effective way to do this is through content marketing. Content marketing is a strategy that helps businesses attract, engage and delight their customers – by providing them with useful, appropriate and interesting information, products and services that they might find valuable and enjoyable.

The idea is to create content that is worth reading, worth thinking about, and/or worth purchasing. To attract possible blog subscribers, you can use affiliate marketing to promote relevant products and services that are related to your blog – like digital cameras, camcorders, or travel accessories.

You can then use a free tool like Google Analytics to track the behavior of your blog visitors. From there, you can identify specific interests, hobbies, demographics, and psychographics.

Once you know who you’re trying to target, you can create content that speaks to them. If your blog is about digital photography, for example, you might write a blog post about the best cameras for photojournalists. Your blog post could include valuable information such as the differences between various camera models, reviews of specific cameras, how to choose the right camera, and so on.

Cameras are just one of the many products and services that you could promote as part of your content marketing strategy. It’s a digital camera, but you could also promote a camcorder, a DSLR, or a pair of sunglasses.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you should only promote products that you have some connection to or expertise in. For example, if you’re an expert on digital photography and have written a blog post about it, you might want to include a hyperlink to that blog post in your promotion of a digital camera.

3. Sign Up For A Survey Site

Surveys are one of the simplest and most effective ways to make money online. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your current or potential customers and then you’re done. You’ll then earn a small amount of money from the simple market research that you’ve just completed. Some of the more popular survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Opinion Outpost, Ipsos iSay, Ipsos iSay Voice, My Survey and Ipsos iSay Community.

You can then use the money from the surveys to further promote your blog. Swagbucks even has a marketplace where you can buy and sell your collected surveys.

4. Start An Online Store

E-commerce is the act of selling goods or services online. If you’re looking to make extra money online, you could turn your hobby into a full-time business. You’ll need to register a domain name (like and set up an online store. When someone clicks on a product that they want to purchase, they’ll be taken to your online store, where they can opt in for email notifications when the item they’re interested in becomes available. Once they’ve made the purchase, you’ll need to deliver the product to them (most online stores will take care of that).

If you’re looking to start an online store for clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products, go with Shopify. They offer a free 15-day trial and then you’ll need to pay $5/month thereafter. You can also use them to launch your blog. Once you have a store, you can use affiliate marketing to promote relevant products and services that are related to your store. You can then use a free tool like Google Analytics to track the behavior of your store visitors. From there, you can identify specific interests, hobbies, demographics, and psychographics.

5. Start An Online Learning Community

An online learning community (or OLC) is a website that provides a space for people to come together and teach or learn something new. You can use an OLC to hold live classes or provide online courses for other entrepreneurs, business people, and those interested in bettering themselves.

Although there are a number of different ways to monetize an OLC, the most popular ones include:

  • Creating online communities or forums where people can come together to learn something new or teach others
  • Conducting live classes or webinars on a wide range of topics, from digital marketing to business planning to cooking or crafts
  • Offering affiliate marketing courses or teaching others how to promote relevant products and services as part of the school curriculum
  • Selling and promoting special products like books, videos, or courses related to your area of expertise
  • Publishing and marketing a printed book or offering a course on print-on-print manufacturing

The great thing about building an OLC is that it doesn’t require a large investment. You can simply begin by creating a blog in order to build a small audience. From there, you can use your blog to create a free, public forum. Once you’ve established this forum, you can invite people to it and then monetize the content that you’ve created.