Black Desert Online: The Fastest Way to Make Money

Looking for ways to make extra money? Try making some quick cash in Black Desert Online.

One of the most popular mmo’s (massive multiplayer online games) to hit the market recently, Black Desert Online will teach you how to make quick cash through hunting, fishing, gathering, and more!

It is a sandbox game where players can explore a vast open world and engage in combat with other players or computer controlled NPC’s (non-player characters).

The game is set in the medieval fantasy world of Black Desert and offers a diverse range of activities from hunting, fishing, gathering, dueling, animal husbandry, and more!

As a new player, you will start off with virtually nothing and will have to work your way up to gathering and crafting money to spend in the game’s shops.

There are three distinct markets in Black Desert: the first is the classic ‘gathering’ market where players can harvest animals, plants, and minerals to sell for cash. The second is the ‘processing’ market where players can combine resources to create more valuable products – such as food, cloth, and leather items. The last is the ‘storage’ market where players can buy and sell virtual storage space for keeping all their acquired wealth.

Let’s take a quick look at how to make quick cash in Black Desert Online.

The Basics Of Making Money In Black Desert

While the game offers a fairly steep learning curve, you don’t need to become an expert gamer to make quick cash – you just need to follow a few basic techniques and be patient.

The first step is to create a character and make sure you are using a hunting gear set – preferably one that allows you to climb trees and hunt from above. Make sure to invest in a bed, as sleeping in a tent is not only uncomfortable but can also cause health problems due to the cold weather conditions in the game’s world. The second step is to explore the lands around your home base and look for game animals and minerals that can be sold for profit.

Creating a business empire is one of the hallmarks of this game – and it can be quite the fun ride! As you become more experienced, you can upgrade your gear and increase your hunting grounds to give you a better chance of making money. You can also take up side quests to earn extra cash. While the side quests don’t offer much in the way of rewards, they can still be worth your time, as they give you access to rare items and allow you to learn more about the game’s world.

Where To Trade

Black Desert Online is very open-world, which means you will have a huge range of locations to visit. One of the best things about this game is the fact that it doesn’t just concentrate on offering players a fun and immersive experience but also encourages them to explore beyond their home base.

It would be a missed opportunity if players only visited the game’s many caves and towns, as there is so much more available beyond – including deserts, forests, and volcanoes. These locations are where the game’s rarer creatures can be found and where valuable items are often hidden away. Unfortunately, finding these locations can be quite the task and it is highly unlikely that you will just stumble upon them.

Certain locations, such as caves and mines, can be owned by any player, while more traditional ‘hunting’ locations, like forests and deserts, are usually reserved for those who own a hunting gear set.

How To Make Money In Black Desert

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Black Desert is the game’s openness – allowing you to explore beyond your own base and make money from a variety of activities. There are 5 distinct ways to make money in Black Desert:

  • Kill animals and sell their pelts for extra cash.
  • Harvest resources, such as animals, plants, and minerals, to create more valuable products.
  • Take up side quests to gain access to rarer items and explore the game’s world.
  • Hunt game animals and sell their pelts for extra cash.
  • Fishing can be quite the lucrative endeavor in Black Desert. Just make sure to stock up on fishing gear before heading out to sea.
  • Gather resources, such as herbs and berries, to create more valuable products.

Making money in Black Desert isn’t difficult, but it does take a lot of patience – especially if you want to create a profitable business. Just make sure to follow a few basic guidelines and be persistent.