Black Desert Online: How to Make Real Money!

Black Desert Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that was recently released
in Korean markets (Sept 2019). This article will teach you how to make
serious money in this game!

The Basics Of Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an online game that’s based on the popular
Black Desert mobile game. The goal is to travel around the world and
complete quests to gain experience and money.

You can level up your character by defeating monsters and collecting
gold. You can also buy gear with the in-game currency that’s called
Nanashi (currency name: BDO coins).

What makes Black Desert Online different from other MMORPGs is
that, instead of just passively walking around and doing quests,
you’ll have to actively go looking for gold and defeating enemies.
You can do this by visiting places like dungeons or other player-
run regions, and engaging with other players in combat situations
(called Brawls).

While this game is free to play, it also has paid options that
allow for more freedom of action and additional gameplay features
(like character skin customization). If you’re looking to make some
serious cash in a video game, this might be the one for you.

Create An Account

To start making real money in Black Desert Online, you have to
create an account with a user name and password. Make sure to use
this login information whenever you log in to the game or else you’ll
have to re-create your account (which is quite a hassle).

After you create your account and log in, you’ll see that the
game isn’t really ready for action yet. You’ll have to do some
initial training before you can start making any actual money. The
stages of training are very similar to those of a real-life gym
membership; you’ll have to complete three workouts before you can
actually take the fight to the monsters (or in this case,
pretend to).

Pick A Character!

This game has a total of eight characters to choose from, each
with their own pros and cons. You’ll have to decide which one is the
best for you based on your play style.

The game has three distinct classes; Warrior, Mage and Priest.
Each class has a primary and secondary weapon, plus there are various
accessory items (like shields and clothing) that can be used by
anyone. If you’re wanting to make money quickly, go for the Warrior
class which has a high attack damage output but low defense; you
won’t have to worry about blocking or parrying attacks. If you want to
go for a more defensive character, try the Mage or Priest classes
(depending on if you’re playing single- or multiplayer).

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Now that you’ve picked your character and gotten some basic
training, it’s time to see how good (or bad) they are. The game
doesn’t give you any kind of real-time feedback during combat so you’ll
have to judge for yourself how well your character is doing in each
match. Every time you win a combat, you’ll get a little XP and
sometimes money as well.

The Bad: The animations for this game are quite poor and stiff,
resulting in either a choppy gameplay experience or frustrated
playtime. You’ll also have to contend with low frame rates which are
mostly noticeable when there’s lots of action on the screen (like
brawling). Don’t expect any kind of smooth gameplay on mobile devices
(even on the most powerful ones).

The Ugly: This game has absolutely horrendous User Interface; it
was clearly designed by one person and then tested on unsuspecting
users. There are lots of strange problems with the game; it runs very
slowly and often doesn’t register when items are equipped, causing you
to unequip and remount them when you re-login. Going to the menu
interface (usually by pressing the X button) often times doesn’t do
anything, and then suddenly, all of a sudden, it will. This makes
for an extremely frustrating play experience when you’re just trying to
make some quick cash.

Watch Out For These

As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself facing
enemies which are much more difficult than those from the
training dungeons. These enemies drop very high level gear so make sure
you know how to take them on. If you’re not prepared for the fight,
you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed. You don’t need to have all
the good gear to take these guys on; they drop what they have because
they think they’re better than you. So make sure you’re prepared
with the right equipment before engaging with one of these elite

If you want to make real money in this game, take into consideration
that your attack speed will be slower than usual. Don’t expect to
one-shot your way through enemies like the ones from the training
stages; learn to parry and evade their attacks to stay alive.

Learn To Play Defensively

Defending is an important part of any battle; in Black
Desert Online, you’ll have to constantly be on the lookout for
attacks so that you can block them or dodge them. Learn to play
defensively and use your surroundings to your advantage, remembering
that you don’t always have to be the one attacking to win a fight.

Learn to position your block based on where the attack is coming
from, then follow up with a counterattack of your own. When
attacking, move in a fluid motion with your arms raised, making
quick jabs followed by longer dashes. If you’re feeling
particularly adventurous, you can even try using double-jabs to
incapacitate your enemies.

Get Some Good Equipment!

To really ramp up your attack speed and deal high damage, you’ll
need some good gear. The best way to achieve this is to find and
equip the best pieces of gear from the monsters you defeat. Instead of
just running around with whatever is lying around, pick up some more
expensive items whose stats are improved. Better yet, purchase gear
from players who are higher level than you, allowing for some good
bashing when you defeat them.

After you’ve gotten some good gear, it’s time to test out your
skill in battle. Go to a map called the Grand Arena and start
fighting. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with blocking and attacking,
switch to a different character (there are eight to pick from) and
start doing some damage.

If you want to make real money in Black Desert Online, take
advantage of the game’s auction house; here, you can sell your
unwanted items for quick cash or trade them for better ones. Try
marketing some gold that you’ve collected and use it to buy better
gear from players who are currently online and available to

Don’t Forget The Basics

If, after all the hustling, you’ve managed to make some
serious money (hopefully), it’s time to sit back and enjoy your
accumulation. But remember, earning money in Black Desert Online is
all about having fun while following the rules. You’ll need to
stay patient and continue training your characters so that you can
earn all the money you’re going to make (or at least most of it).

The Bottom Line

Overall, Black Desert Online is a pretty frustrating game to
play. The controls are extremely unresponsive (even on high-end
Devices), and the animations are quite painful to watch. Despite all
this, there is still some potential for this game thanks to its
auction house which allows for some quick and easy money, and the
fact that it’s based on the popular Black Desert mobile game. If you
want to make some easy cash, give it a try; just keep in mind that
this is not a game you’ll want to play for long.