Can You Make Money Easily Teaching English Online?

In the near future, if you’re looking to make some serious cash, there are a number of ways you can do so. One of the easiest ways just may be teaching English online. Provided you have a strong grasp of the language, the path to riches is open to you. In fact, given the current trends, the time may be right for you to jump in and get started.

The Current Trends

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that technology has completely changed the way we communicate and access information. Today, the world is more digital than we could have ever imagined. As a result, the way we work, study, and play has changed. One of the most significant effects of this change is how companies navigate and engage with customers online. For example, consider how Google handles customer support:

If you’ve got an issue with a product or service, you can typically find the answer to your question quickly and accurately by using Google. Instead of calling a help line or chatting with a live person, you can ask a question and get an answer in less than five minutes. This may feel impossible, but the reality is that these kinds of things are commonplace because companies like Google have switched to a SaaS model (Software as a Service).

What this means is that instead of owning or maintaining expensive software and hardware, businesses like Google and Facebook (which owns WhatsApp) provide their services to businesses and individuals for free. This allows them to offer their products online, where customers can access them from any device.

Now, consider that most internet connections are wireless these days. This means that even when you’re physically at home, you could be working remotely. If you’ve got a good Internet connection, there’s no reason to stick to one device. You could work on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This flexibility is valuable, as you may have different needs depending on the platform.

Why Online Education?

The above is just one example of how technology is changing the way we live and work. However, there’s another significant trend that makes teaching English online particularly attractive at this time: the increased demand for English educators globally.

In case you’re not familiar, English teachers are professionals who work with children or young adults to improve their English language skills. They generally follow a teacher-student model, where they undergo professional development and obtain a bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

With many English teachers looking for work, it’s a great opportunity to launch your own English-taught Bachelors. According to, the average salary for an English teacher is about $49,000 a year. While this may not seem like a lot of money, bear in mind that you’re going to enjoy owning a home, putting down roots, and being able to support yourself and your family.

Additionally, many English teaching jobs are now available online. This presents another opportunity for you to gain valuable job experience and a steady stream of income. Moreover, since many people are working remotely, it means you can operate your own schedule and be able to work whenever and wherever you please. This may not seem like a bad thing since you can usually get work done wherever you are and whenever you want. In fact, working remotely is sometimes even considered a great way to boost productivity and gain a competitive edge.

So, should you choose to take the route of an online English teacher, you’re going to enjoy the flexibility and the opportunity to make extra cash. Moreover, you’re going to enjoy being able to provide for your family and have the lifestyle you deserve.