Can You Make Money Online With Sports?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of sports and how we will see it in the future. While some sports such as tennis and golf have been able to stage some of their biggest events online, others have been forced to close down. As a result, some have wondered if the ‘traditional’ route to making money online is still viable.

Here, we examine the opportunities brought about by the pandemic and whether or not you can still make money online with sports.

The Opportunities

One of the major opportunities presented by the pandemic is the ability to follow your favourite sports stars online. Thanks to livestreaming platforms and desktop applications such as Teams, you can now follow the action wherever and whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

Additionally, as people have spent more time at home, they have been able to get more involved in their local communities. This has meant that community sports teams have needed to adjust their approach to generate more interest and participation from those who would otherwise not have played sports. For example, in the US, the Major League Baseball (MLB) has tried to engage with its audience in new ways, including having fantasy games where users can create their own leagues and follow the careers of their favourite players.

One of the challenges of following sports events online is that the majority of content is in a different domain. This presents a barrier for people who want to consume content whilst driving, for example. In order to address this, some sports have worked with media brands to create content that is specifically designed for desktop and mobile users. This content is designed to work even when users are offline, meaning that you will not lose access to the information. For example, the New York Yankees have created a sports section of the website that only requires Adobe Flash to work. This means that fans without the internet browser plug-in can still follow the team’s games. Another example is the Australian Open, which now has an app for Android and iPhone users. This app allows fans to watch the action online or offline, with the option to pause, rewind, or alter the speed of the content as desired. This ensures that even those who do not have a fast mobile network can still enjoy the games.

The Challenges

One of the major challenges that come with following sports online is that of keeping up with the action. Since most games and events are only available online, those who want to follow sports regularly need to dedicate a large amount of their time to getting access to the streams. As a result, some have wondered if following sports is still a profitable endeavour. Additionally, since the information is often behind a paywall, it means that those who do follow sports regularly need to be prepared to spend money in order to get the information they need.

It is also worth considering that as with any other online activity, there is always the risk of being ‘scammed’ by a fraudulent entity. This is more prevalent with sports, as there are often opportunities to make money online that are associated with following or betting on sporting events. However, as these are fraudulent opportunities, proper research is necessary before participating in these activities.

Can You Still Make Money Online With Sports?

With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting sports events and limiting the participation of those who want to follow them, it is an excellent time for those looking for an opportunity to make extra cash to invest in other ventures. Thanks to the opportunities presented by the pandemic, those who want to make money online with sports do not necessarily need to quit their day jobs just yet.

Certainly, not all opportunities are legitimate and it is important to do your research before committing any money. In the meantime, those who want to make money online with sports can continue to do so – just be sure to follow the right routes and be aware of the risks.