Can You Make Money With Online Music Distribution?

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money from home, why not consider creating and selling your own songs? There are plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash, and it doesn’t necessarily require any special training. You’ll simply need to find your talent and then build your audience. From there, you can take advantage of the growing community of people looking for new music by either promoting their Facebook pages or joining a music distribution platform like CD Baby, where you can connect with thousands of music publishers and producers who are looking to collaborate.

The Gig Economy

This isn’t a new concept, and it’s been around long enough for you to know what it is. Maybe you’ve even tried it yourself. You get a job, maybe you work for a company that provides gig economy companies with quality content or engage with potential clients through social media. When you’re not working, you get to explore the things you love doing, which might include writing, recording, and performing. This is also called the “side hustle” or the “second income” economy because oftentimes these gigs aren’t easily classified as “traditional” jobs.

It should come as no surprise that more and more people are choosing to work remotely. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over half of households in the U.S. now include someone who works remotely. That’s nearly 150 million American workers who don’t have to spend every day in an office. It would be safe to assume that some of these people are choosing to dabble in music production because it is a creative outlet that they can use to express themselves. While many people are happy to contribute content to platforms like YouTube for free, earning a little money from it isn’t impossible.

The Growth Of Online Music Distribution

If you’re looking for exposure and want to make money online, why not start your own blog? You can become a music critic, you can interview popular artists, or you can just review the new albums that are released each month. You might even decide to combine all of those things and create a blog that provides insightful information about new music, interviews with famous musicians, and relevant album reviews. The possibilities are endless.

While it can be tempting to just load up on social media and join forums dedicated to helping independent musicians make it big, those are actually the very places you’ll find the most competition. Instead, you need to find your own way to connect with your audience, whether it’s through a newsletter, a blog, or a social media page. Your fans and followers will provide you with the exposure you need to succeed, as long as you provide them with value. You have a better chance of earning money from music distribution than you do from just submitting your songs to be pitched to publishers and producers who might decide to work with you. The key to profiting from music is to find the right connections and build a community. Once you’ve done that, the money will start coming in.

How Does Online Music Distribution Work?

There are numerous platforms you can use to sell your music, and many of them offer several ways to make money. A music distributor like CD Baby offers a single platform where musicians can upload their music and then start earning money immediately. If you sign up with CD Baby, you get a free download of an album every month. The catch is that you need to build and grow your audience by sharing music that is relevant to your audience. Your monthly free album will depend on how many people you can encourage to sign up for their newsletter or download the app. You’ll also need to upload a minimum amount of music to start earning money and become a “regular contributor”. Once you meet this threshold, you can also make money through a “sponsored post,” which is pretty self-explanatory. You get paid to share relevant news about your niche on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

The Dark Side Of Promoting Music On Social Media

While it might seem like a golden opportunity to make money online through music, this isn’t exactly true. Just because you have a Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be able to monetize it. This is because platforms like these don’t actually sell ads, so you won’t be able to promote products or services through them. Instead, you’ll need to use other forms of income to fund your music career, which can be quite difficult if you’re looking to pursue a professional career in the music industry.

Saving Money Through Music Production

Did you know that recording your own music can actually be cheaper than hiring a session musician? The cost of hiring a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a horn player for a few hours is quite a bit cheaper than paying for studio time, renting a space, and buying all the equipment needed. If you plan on spending a lot of money on instruments, you might want to consider investing in a few high-quality microphones, which can be quite the money saver. Another important cost-saving tip is to use online resources to find musicians who you can work with, rather than paying for sessions with professional musicians who might not be up to your standards. There are plenty of online forums and communities where you can find musicians who are looking for work and who might be able to help you save money, if you’re willing to engage with them.

The Bottom Line

Creating and selling your own music is a potentially lucrative career choice, as long as you know how to go about it the right way. If you’ve got a good ear for music and can pick up on quality, you might be able to create something worthwhile that other people will want to buy. Just be sure to do enough research before committing to this career path, as there are many pitfalls you might fall into along the way. Making money online through music isn’t as easy as you’d think, but if you’re looking for ways to fund your passion for music, it might be worth exploring.