Can You Make Real Money in EVE Online?

It’s a common question when playing EVE Online: “Can I make money?” Usually, the answer is no. However, there are ways to ensure you’re always making money in New Eden, even if you’re just playing for fun. As a budding entrepreneur or even a seasoned capitalist, you could benefit tremendously from understanding EVE Online’s money making potential.

The Anatomy of a Penny Pincher

Most players in EVE Online won’t make money directly from playing the game. The majority of earnings come from selling either services or goods to other players. In this case, you’re not playing for money — you’re playing for experience. If you want to become a real money player, you’ll have to find ways to generate your own income. Luckily, there are many opportunities in New Eden to make money fast – provided you know where to look.

Make Money Mining

Since the release of EVE Online, mining has been one of the only ways to generate real profit. Before the game’s release, mining was a tedious process. You had to travel to remote systems, mine for valuable minerals, and then bring them back to the nearest spaceship hub. While this was once a profitable venture, mining has since become incredibly lucrative. The game’s developers introduced a new mining skill that makes extraction a much faster process. With careful planning and execution, it’s still possible to earn a profit from mining – as long as you’re not the least bit reckless. This is probably the best way for new players to make money in EVE Online.Trade and Transport

Another lucrative way to make money in EVE Online is through trade or transportation. Players can trade almost any good or service – from guns and ammo to food and fuel – with other players. If you have a specific product you want to sell, you can set your price and wait for offers to come in. Another option is to become a freight hauler. Similar to taxis in real life, players can make money transporting other players’ goods. The more you transport, the more you make. You’ll have to be particularly skilled to make a decent amount of money from this route — but it’s still achievable. If you want to make big bucks, you’ll need to either have the best goods or be the best at transporting people’s goods. This is a great option for players who don’t want to mine but would like to make some extra cash quickly.

Offensive Warfare

If you’re looking for an excuse to engage in combat, you can take down drones and destroy other players’ spaceship hulls. Offensive warfare is, essentially, warfare for the sake of warfare. You’d be surprised how many players go above and beyond the call of duty just for the adrenaline rush. This area of the game is, sometimes, referred to as “griefing,” which stands for “griefing other players.” Simply put, you’ll have to find the players’ weak spots and exploit them. When you’re attacking a fellow player, you have to be prepared to lose that money because you’re going to jail. The worst thing you can do is attack a player who doesn’t want to fight back. In these situations, the best plan is often to flee. Drones will follow you, as will the law, so be careful where you roam around – especially near space stations.

Destroyer Attack Ships

Even the best pilots can have trouble shooting down big ships. These are the elite vessels controlled by NPC clans. When you destroy one of these massive ship, you’ll not only earn a reward but also cause lasting harm to the aggressive player’s property and business. While it’s not very common for players to destroy these ships for fun, some of the rewards can be pretty high. These are typically the same ships that would attack an imperial fleet. Destroying one might entitle you to a bonus of a few million in a timely fashion (more on this later).

Plunder and Ransack

If you’ve ever played the war game, Ransack is a lot like it. However, whereas in the original Clash of Clans, you had to defend your tribe’s territory from invaders, in EVE Online you’re defending yourself against another player or group of players. This can be really frustrating since you’ll have to sit there while your wallet empties. Another interesting aspect of this particular PvP area is that you don’t have to be the best at aiming to pull off some well-executed plunders. Simply put, you’ll have to see an NPC ship and shoot it before the other player(s) can react. These are usually small vessels, making them easier targets for players. If you’re looking for a quick buck, you can either join a team or go it alone. As a team, you’re more likely to achieve greater success – provided you can work with other players who have similar goals. Going it alone is, essentially, going up against other players one-on-one. The person with the highest score wins. The matchmaker will set up the fights for you – so you don’t have to worry about finding opponents yourself.


Gambling is another way to make money fast in EVE Online. The game’s developers gave players the option of placing bets on the outcome of fleet battles. Similar to the idea behind a share market, players can buy and sell shares in their chosen fleets. The difference is that instead of buying low and selling high, you’re purchasing shares in a winning team. If you place a large wager on a fight to the death, you can make a decent amount of money in a short amount of time. Of course, there is always the risk of losing all your money if your chosen team loses. Still, it’s a lucrative option for those who want rapid wealth – particularly if you’re good at placing winning bets.


One of the most reliable ways to make money in EVE Online is to invest in a business or corporation. You can start off with a humble abode and slowly grow your empire through careful financial planning and acquisition. When you invest in a business or corporation, you’re not risking your own money – which you would if you were to gamble on battles. Instead, you’re investing in a company or group of companies owned by someone else. The money you spend will be used to fund further research and development – or to bribe other players to help you win battles.

Freight Ships And Tankers

Besides mining and trading, another way to make money in New Eden is by becoming a freight hauler. Similar to a taxi service, you’ll be driving around in a big truck, picking up and dropping off goods at specified locations. However, instead of getting paid per ride, you’ll be paid per item – so, more like a UPS or FedEx. If you’re going to be making a living off this route, you’ll have to have a lot of experience in driving heavy vehicles – as well as the capital to buy your own truck. However, even without the money to purchase a truck, it’s still possible to make money by hauling other players’ goods and materials to be sold in space.

What About Drone Fishing and Safari Adventurer?

Besides the standard ways to make money in New Eden, there are other unique ways to earn some quick money and fame. If you’ve played the safari games on iOS or Android, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. However, these aren’t exactly ways to make serious money. Most of the rewards come in the form of in-game currency or gold which you can use to purchase equipment and upgrades for your character. One such way to make quick money is by fishing for fish with drones. While this might be an interesting pastime for those who want to spend their time hunting for food, the rewards aren’t exactly what you’d call “revenue generating.” Finally, if you’re the adventurous type who wants to make a quick buck, you can explore the outer rim of New Eden and hunt for valuable minerals and ores – providing you’re not trespassing on someone else’s property. Of course, the more you explore, the more you’ll find – and the more you’ll make. In the right place and at the right time of year, you might even consider turning this into a seasonal job!