Can You Really Make Money Online Gambling?

The world of online gambling is a lucrative one. Many people are able to make a full-time living from their keyboards, playing games for money. But is this really possible? Can you make money online gambling? Let’s take a look.

Legal Online Gambling

You’ll be amazed at how many countries allow online gambling, thanks to the widespread use of technologies like HTML5, which makes mobile gambling possible. The following are some of the most popular online gambling destinations:


Bingoyama is one of Japan’s oldest and most popular online gambling companies. Over 20 million people visit the site each month, playing a variety of games for money. Bingo is one of the most popular games on the site, boasting over 250 million active monthly players. Players can enjoy high limits, generous jackpots, and steady payouts, proving Bingoyama’s commitment to responsible gaming. is the world’s third-largest online gambling company, operating in 42 countries. One of the site’s biggest draws is that most of its games are available to bet on, at any time, from a simple single-digit to a more complex multi-player slots game. Additionally, players can use a variety of payment methods, allowing for global purchases. Overall, is an excellent online gambling option for those who want to bet on the go.


Redbet is one of Europe’s biggest online gambling companies. It was founded in Germany in 2008 and has since expanded to the UK, Spain, and across the Atlantic to Canada and Latin America. What makes Redbet special is that it offers players a quality online experience with games from some of the world’s best publishers, such as EA, WMS, and POCKETCHIP. Games are available in high-stakes versions, with bigger prizes and more complex gameplay, ensuring that novices and seasoned players can enjoy the thrill of gambling.


Bet365 is one of Europe’s biggest sports betting companies. It was established in 2001 and operates websites in a number of different countries, including the UK, Ireland, and Australia. One of its most popular offerings is its casino section, which offers players from all over the world the opportunity to gamble and win big. UK residents can bet on a variety of sporting events, with the company’s headquarters in London.


The Isle of Man-based Intertops is one of Europe’s biggest online gambling companies. It was founded in 1994 and initially focused on poker. However, with the growth of internet use in the UK, the company began to offer other games, including Blackjack, Roulette, and Casino. Players can enjoy secure, high-quality gameplay and reliable payment processing from Intertops, allowing for global transfers.

Party Poker

Party Poker is one of the world’s biggest online poker companies. It was launched in England back in 2001 and has since expanded to other countries, including Australia, where it is one of the most popular online poker brands. Party Poker offers plenty of high-stakes tables, sit-and-gos, and freerolls, so that even the most inexperienced online player can enjoy the excitement of poker.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is one of the world’s biggest online gaming companies. It was founded in 2002 and operates in more than 40 countries, including the UK and Ireland. Its main products are fantasy football and fantasy rugby, but it also offers players fantasy hockey and NASCAR. Launching in the UK in 2005, Fantasy Sports is one of Europe’s biggest sports betting companies. And like its name suggests, the company specializes in helping gamers make accurate and confident wagers on the games they love.

William Hill

Founded in the UK in 1896, William Hill is one of Europe’s biggest sports betting companies and also offers online casinos for gamblers to enjoy. It has offices in the UK and across Europe, including Germany, Italy, and Spain. Games are available for both desktop and mobile users, and new players can enjoy a welcome bonus, making William Hill a reputable option for all gamers.

Thunder Game

Thunder Game is one of the world’s biggest online casinos, with its main office based in Prague, the Czech Republic. The company was established in 1995 and focuses on providing secure online gaming. It offers a wide variety of games, including flash-based slots, video poker, roulette, and blackjack, as well as fantasy sports, horse racing, and UFC fights. US players can also visit the Thunder Game website, where they can find an affiliate that will allow them to play using their Amex card.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of Europe’s biggest online gambling companies, with offices in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK. It was founded in Ireland back in 1992 and first offered players online scratch cards, then launched its first online casino, called Paddy Paradise, in 1994. Paddy Power is best known for its sponsorship of popular sporting events like the Grand Prix and the World Cup, as well as its daily fantasy sports competitions. The company also offers a wide variety of traditional sports, including Premier League football, tennis, golf, and horse racing, along with UFC and WWE fights. All told, Paddy Power is a great choice for online gamblers looking to find a European home base.


Rovio is one of Europe’s biggest mobile game companies, renowned for creating blockbuster titles like Candy Crush Saga and Cut the Rope. The company launched in 2011 and offers gamers a huge selection of games, both free and paid-for. Downloads are available for iOS, and Google Play is also supported, ensuring that mobile gamers worldwide can play wherever they are, whenever they want.


MisterWoof is one of Europe’s biggest virtual reality game companies. It was founded by Felipe Gomez in Spain in 2016 and specialises in creating experiences that allow users to interact with real world brands in new and interesting ways. Most people have heard of VR piracy, where users steal copyrighted content and game files and load them onto their devices, often without paying for them. But now, with the rise of online marketplaces like OpenSea, where users can buy and sell games and content, MisterWoof has created a new form of pirating: counterfeiting.

In 2018, the firm launched its own online marketplace for gamers, where customers can browse a variety of VR and mobile games and find the perfect fit for their devices. Using machine learning and AI to detect pirated games, the platform aims to combat piracy and fraudulent activity by providing a safe and secure purchase environment for customers. So if you’re searching for a quality game that’s been vetted by experts, then MisterWoof’s marketplace may be the perfect place to start your search.


OddsBets is one of the world’s biggest online gambling companies, with offices in the UK and Malta. It was founded in 2006 and initially focused on offering bets on a variety of sporting events, with the company expanding to offer betting on other major world events, like the Oscars and Royal Wedding, as well as offering lots of different countries’ football leagues. The minimum bet size is £2, and the maximum is £5, with OddsBets allowing customers to create betting accounts using their credit cards, ensuring that funds are available whenever they want them.