Do I Make Money From Facility GTA Online?

GTA Online is the granddaddy of all online games. Since its release in 2011 it’s had over 300 million downloads, making it the most popular game of all time. It’s been a regular part of my life ever since. I’ve sunk countless hours into earning money in different ways in this game. Once you know how it works you’ll never look at making money the same way again. In this guide I’ll cover all the methods to earn money in GTA Online, how lucrative they are, and which one you should focus on.


GTA Online uses a combination of jobs and mining to make money. Jobs give you an hourly payrate while mining lets you collect money over time. While both are legitimate ways to make money you should probably try out jobs first as they’re the easier and more convenient way to get started.

Jobs are pretty self-explanatory; there are a variety of tasks you can do ranging from delivering food to helping kids with their homework. Most of the jobs are based on your performance. So if you want to make real money, focus on being the best in your job and you’ll soon start earning good money. In my experience the best way to learn job quests is by going on missions. These will give you a clearer picture of what to expect and also help you practice performing certain tasks. You should avoid tasks that appear difficult as you’ll just end up trying to figure out how to complete them with zero results.


I’m not going to lie; I love a good mission in GTA Online. They’re the heart of the game and the reason it’s been so popular since its release. A mission can range from delivering a pizza to rescuing a girl from kidnappers. There are dozens of different mission types in GTA Online and the amount of content available is practically endless. With so many options you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. In terms of earning money through missions, there’s certainly no shortage of tasks you can do. You’ll simply need to decide which one you want to focus on.

Let’s take kidnapping as an example; one of my favorite tasks in GTA Online. There are several ways you can make money from kidnapping survivors. Some will let you sell them for money, others will give you cars as a reward. You’ll find a leather jacket that allows you to increase your health and stamina by 100%, and then you can use those skills to fight against bigger opponents. These are just some of the options available when it comes to monetizing the act of kidnapping in GTA Online. It’s extremely easy to perform and provides you with some cool weapons to use in combat. If you want to specialize in this area you should look into performing kidnapping missions for money or even consider becoming a professional criminal. Who knows; maybe you’ll even make a few friends along the way!


It’s no secret that GTA Online is popular because of its versatility. The game allows you to specialize in various areas of criminal activity and earn money while doing so. While this is a great way to earn money you should probably avoid the more dangerous types of missions as they’re bound to get you killed. Try out the drug trade or robbery as these are much less likely to put you in danger. You have complete control over what happens in the game and there’s a variety of tasks you can perform to advance in the world. While you’re unlikely to make a huge amount of money quickly, you will find that special item or weapon that makes your gameplay more enjoyable. If you want to earn money quickly you should consider taking out a loan from a loan shark or committing a couple of robberies to get your cash flow going.


Speaking of cash flow, I’d like to talk about the Marketplace in GTA Online. This is where you can sell all sorts of items ranging from cars to clothes to weapons and even offers a marketplace for services ranging from delivery to security. One of the easiest ways to earn quick cash in GTA Online is by setting up shop in the marketplace and starting an online store. You can use your own products or use whatever items you have lying around to create a unique shopping experience for your customers. You can use your phone’s GPS to track shoppers’ locations and see how far apart your customers are walking to your store. The further apart they are the better; you can use this to your advantage by having your employees help direct shoppers to your store.


Bank robberies are pretty cool in GTA Online. You can drive up to a bank, select the teller at random, and demand cash. You’ll have a 30% chance of getting away with the robbery successfully. If you do get caught however, you’ll spend a certain amount of time in prison. This is where you make your money. Once you’ve served your time you can look for a new job in the city or even start your own construction business. It’s one of the safest ways to make quick cash in GTA Online and if you want to specialize in this area try out a heist-based robbery or even become a professional bank robber. You’ll never want to come back to a life of crime once you’ve tasted the freedom that comes with being a bank robber!


Speaking of freedom, I think it’s only fair to say that one of the biggest attractions of GTA Online is the amount of freedom you have. The amount of options available to you regarding how to make money are practically endless. The best thing is that you have full control over what happens. While you’ll likely make a lot of money through one of the above methods, you can find a way to earn money in a variety of ways. This is one of the biggest draws of the game. It’s easy to make money and it’s easy to save money. You have complete control over how you make your money and you don’t need to follow the rules that much. This is the type of freedom that draws people to the game daily.


All of the above methods are legit ways to earn money in GTA Online. You don’t necessarily need to commit a crime to do so. Some will even give you money just for signing up! The key is in putting in the effort and learning how to maximize your earnings. It takes time to get used to making money in a different way but once you do you’ll wonder why you ever played the game the regular way. If you want to know how much money you can make through these different methods, simply Google your city or region and then enter “GTA online money” (no quotes) as the search term. You’ll get a variety of results from which you can pick and choose the jobs that suit your needs. Don’t forget about social media either as there are many ways you can make money through platforms like Twitter.