Online Gambling: Should You Consider It?

While the world was focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government quietly made changes to existing gambling regulations that could pave the way for US expansion of online gambling. As the world slowly begins to open up again, and with more restrictions being lifted, people are wondering if now is the right time to get back into the betting habit. The short answer: perhaps. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, you might want to consider some of the lesser-known forms of gambling that are currently legal in the United States.

Traditional Sports Betting

If you’re a fan of traditional sports, you might have noticed that most of the major sports leagues have adapted to the modern day and now offer games to be played both online and offline. Whether you root for the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs, or the Los Angeles Lakers, you can place bets on the games. The only difference between online and offline sports betting is that you’ll need to have an internet connection to get the most out of online betting sites. Although this might seem like a constraint, it makes placing bets much simpler, since all you need to do is open a browser and type in the URL of the betting site you want to visit.

Online Poker

Poker has been around for centuries and is one of the simplest games to understand. Two players are dealt cards from a deck of cards and the object is to bet on which card will come up next in the sequence of cards received. If you’re not familiar, in case you’re wondering, the order of cards is usually determined by a betting scheme where you choose to risk a certain amount of money on whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card. If you’re playing against a dealer who is also dealing out cards and applying the same betting scheme, it’s basically just a game of chance. In some countries, such as the UK, online poker is specifically allowed and regulated by law. In the US, however, online poker is considered a form of gambling and is therefore restricted to states where gambling is legal. Because of this, regular players of poker in the US must do most of their gaming in a land-based casino setting. With the relaxed regulations regarding online poker in the US, more and more people are looking to gain a foothold in the lucrative poker market. One of the best US-based poker rooms is located at PokerStars and they currently offer a sit-and-go tournament called the Sunday Million that offers players the chance to win up to a million dollars.

Virtual Racing

Another way for people in the US to get their fix of the racing genre is through their phones. Thanks to companies like Papilio who are leading the way in virtual reality (VR) racing games, you don’t need to be limited to just watching races on TV. Instead, you can sit down at home, connect your smartphone to a VR headset, and then step into the shoes of a professional driver as you take on the track. The best part about VR racing games is that they allow you to race against others, even if they’re not physically located nearby. Thanks to devices like Google Stadia that offer high-quality and lag-free gaming, anyone can become the next Mario Andretti or Ayrton Senna and take on the world in their virtual cars. VR racing might not be for everyone, especially considering the vast array of racing games already available for mobile phones, but for those who are looking for a challenge it’s a perfect fit. The next installment in the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for instance, was recently released and features tracks based on real-life locations such as the Las Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon, among others.

Sports Betting Via Mobile Phone

Thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones and the internet, people are now able to place bets on their favourite teams and athletes while on the go. If you’re a fan of horse racing, you might have heard of bet365. They are one of the biggest sports betting companies in the world and operate in a variety of sports including football, horse racing, and American football. If you’ve ever shopped at Amazon, you might have come across their Sport service. It’s the same company, and it gets you access to scores of bookmakers who offer a mix of odds and betting markets on various sports events. You can place bets through the app while watching the games live on your mobile device or through highlights replayed later that day. If you live in a country where sports betting is legal and you have a mobile phone, this is an ideal way to get in on the action. You can place bets on the NBA, NFL, and NHL all from one app, and if you’re feeling particularly lucky, you might just hit the big one. This is especially beneficial for people who want to get in on the action but don’t have the time to physically visit a casino or a land-based sportsbook. Mobile phones make it accessible for anyone to get involved in sports betting, no matter where they are located.

In-Game Gambling

The world of video games is a whole other ballgame when it comes to gambling. While some games attempt to simulate gambling as closely as possible, others are completely based on luck and there’s no real strategy involved. The most famous example of an in-game gambling game is the slot machine. When you sit down to play a slot machine, you’re given a set amount of money to gamble with. When you spin the reels and get a winning combination, you either get to keep what you won or you lose it all and have to start over. If you’re the latter, you might as well not have even started playing. Slots are one of the simplest and most popular casino games around due to their accessibility and the fact that you don’t need any sophisticated strategy to win. The only real strategy behind slots is to keep trying new machines and seeing what pays out the most. Many casinos offer huge progressive jackpots that can be won if you hit a certain combination on the slot machine. If you’re into gambling and love to visit casinos, there are many machines that you can play and enjoy, though perhaps not on your smartphone since that might be considered cheating. If you’re looking for a new game, try an online slot parlor that offers the best selection of free games from well-known game developers such as NetEnt and Playtech.

Live Dealer Gaming

Live dealer gaming is the newest way of playing, and it’s taken the casino world by storm. Essentially, live dealer games use high-quality video and audio technology to bring the atmosphere and excitement of a real casino straight to your living room. While most people are still adjusting to the idea of playing casino games at home, the variety of games and options available through live dealer platforms such as Gaminator make it worth the effort. You don’t need a big-name casino to provide a live dealer experience, either. Anyone who has ever played on an actual casino floor knows that the excitement and atmosphere are truly unique to this format. There are several different brands and game providers that offer live dealer games, giving you countless options to choose from.

All of these options exist to provide you with an easy way to make money while staying at home. If you’re looking to get back into the game or simply want to try something new, consider one of these options. However, if you’re looking to make some real money, you might want to consider legal casinos or online poker rooms since these are the only places you’ll find professional gamblers who are willing to risk large sums of money on one hand or one roll of the dice. No matter what, whether you decide to try one of these legal gambling options or go the safer route and play it online, you’ll be able to have fun and win cash in the process.