Do You Make Money Running Business in GTA Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online has seen many changes since its release in June 2013. One of the most significant changes is how the game’s economy functions. Back then, running a business was a great way to earn money; however, things have changed. Below we’ll examine the current state of business in GTA Online and whether or not you can still make a profit. 

The Great Recession Of 2008

If you’re reading this, it means that you either play or have played GTA Online. Chances are you encountered the great recession of 2008 when working in corporate America or any other job where the daily routine included watching expenses climb while earning nothing. People lost their jobs, businesses closed down, and life as we knew it changed forever. It was a tough time, and a lot of people struggled to find a way to make ends meet.

The housing market crashed, and so did the stock market. It was a worldwide phenomenon that affected even the most unlikely places. In some cities and towns, people barely survived the recession. Jobs were lost, entire industries changed, and the playing field was leveled. For example, when the economy collapsed, street racing cars suddenly went out of style. Demand dropped, and manufacturers ceased production. In some cases, companies had to close down or move abroad, leaving huge numbers of people unemployed or underemployed.

GTA Online’s Evolution

While the country and the world recovered from the great recession, gamers continued to play GTA Online, discovering new ways to make money, new vehicles, and new areas to explore. The game’s developers, Rockstar North, listened to the fans and kept improving the game. They added jobs to the game, improved the business system, and expanded the area that players could explore. One of the game’s most significant changes occurred in 2015 when the city limits were expanded to allow for more gameplay. Before this change, players resided in a small suburban area and were limited in the number of businesses that they could operate.

Can You Still Make Money In Businesses?

Due to the change in the city limits, you now have the option of where to work. This includes the ability to set up shop in a skyscraper downtown or in a smaller suburban office space. It’s now possible to purchase a warehouse or large office space and operate your own business without any restrictions. This change alone had a significant impact on GTA Online’s business model. Back in the day, you pretty much had to be in a specific location to be able to access businesses that were available to you. When you were in a specific location you had to interact with a specific NPC to be able to access that particular business.

Some NPC’s will only allow you to access their particular business, and they won’t talk to you if you’re in another business or if you’re not in their job category. These kinds of restrictions prevented a lot of people from establishing themselves in business. Before the city limits change, you couldn’t do much business, as most of the available locations were limited to one or two specific businesses.

What About Rewards?

GTA Online’s business model changed significantly when the city limits were expanded, but that doesn’t mean that all is bad. One of the things that Rockstar North added was a rewards system. When you play the game you’ll notice that you’re frequently rewarded with money or items. The more you play, the more you’ll accumulate money and items that you can use to establish yourself in business or to purchase better weapons and vehicle.

Key Takeaway

GTA Online’s business model has changed significantly over the years, and it provides a great opportunity to anyone who plays the game. If you play GTA Online regularly, you’ll notice that the economy of the game has improved. There are still a lot of opportunities to make money in business, but it’s mostly a matter of finding the right niche. Establishing a business in a virtual world where everyone is theoretically ‘legal’ is probably not the best idea. Especially since in real life, you run the risk of being ‘legally’ hunted down by the authorities if you break the law. In other words, if you’re looking to make money in GTA Online, be careful about what you’re doing, as it could have consequences that you didn’t anticipate. 

Final Takeaway

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. We would like to remind you that none of this information is endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with GTA Online or Rockstar Games. This is just a general overview of the game’s economy in 2017, and we hope that this information is useful.