EVE Online: How to Make the Most Money in a Corp

EVE Online is massive, boasting a whopping 200 Million players worldwide. It was originally made for PC and later ported to consoles, allowing a wider audience the chance to play. It operates on a similar principle to games like Minecraft or League of Legends, where players can band together and take on dangerous creatures and other players to progress through the world. If you’re a fan of MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) then you might want to check out EVE Online.

The Roles & Jobs in EVE

In any MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), you have the option of playing one of the game’s many different roles, all with their unique perks and abilities. In EVE Online, you can be a bounty hunter, an explorer, a miner, a trader, a soldier, a pilot, or a pirate. It’s a common misconception that EVE Online is solely based on shooting other players, as the game does have a plotline involving factions vowing to destroy each other. However, killing other players is certainly a way to make money in the game, as well as complete some of the quests and storylines. Since there’s no set amount of money in EVE Online, due to its free-to-play business model, you can decide how much risk you’re willing to take on.

The Most Popular Roles in EVE

It’s highly likely that you’ll see a few of your favorite roles in EVE Online, as the game does allow for a lot of variety. Below, we’ll list the most popular roles in the game along with some of their unique advantages and disadvantages.


If you’ve ever played an MMO, then you’ll know the importance of a good pilot. They’re responsible for escorting your ship from space station to space station, protecting you from enemy fire and taking enemy ships down before they can harm you. Pilots in EVE are also highly valued for the skills they learn during their time in the game. They are able to improve these skills and become more useful to their team as time goes on. While it can be a rewarding experience to fly and learn with a skilled pilot, you’ll quickly learn the disadvantages of having a Pilot in your fleet. They are the least combat effective unit in your team, and as such they are highly susceptible to getting shot down by enemy fighters.


Mining is another popular role in EVE Online, particularly among those who play on the skirmish-mode servers. Miners are responsible for locating and mining valuable minerals from space, which can then be sold for profit. The amount of money a miner makes is directly related to how much effort they are willing to put in. The most experienced miners can make a million per day, simply by looking at the rich veins in a rock and hitting the button. However, the more complex the process, the greater the chance of getting a rock stuck in the mining machine and having to restore it. If you’re looking for a fairly safe way to make money in game, then it’s well worth considering mining.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters are essentially the Mafia in space, tasked with tracking and killing other players who have insulted, murdered, or otherwise wronged them. Like the Mafia in real life, the more you do for the Bounty Hunter community in game, the more benefits you’ll receive in your personal life. Kill 10 players for me, and I’ll give you a diamond mine worth of gold. The opposite of a Bounty Hunter is known as an Avenger in EVE, and they’re generally seen as the good guys in the game. While the role itself isn’t very exciting, the money they earn is highly beneficial, as it allows them to purchase better equipment and pay for their team’s upkeep.


Traders are usually the ones who get shot of the rich mineral and resource deposits they discover, selling the goods and resources for profit. Like the other roles mentioned so far, it’s a fairly safe way to make money in EVE Online, simply by looking at the prices offered for items in space and deciding whether or not to buy. If you want to make a living as a Trader, then you’ll need to find a good partner to join forces with. They’ll need to be trustworthy and have access to good quality items to trade.


Explorers are similar to hunters in that they roam around in space looking for valuable minerals and resources, which they then sell for profit. However, explorers are generally more focused on exploring strange new worlds to see what they can locate and bring back to help advance science or just to make some extra cash. While the money made is significant, it’s more of a bonus when compared to the effort involved in discovering a new planet. The exploration aspect of the game is made even more appealing due to the fact that it’s mostly done automatically by the game’s AI, allowing for more time to focus on your team and what’s happening on the server. You’ll generally need to defend yourself and your teammates from alien attack while you’re exploring, so having a set number of troops alongside you is advisable.


Soldiers are the heavy artillery in any MMO, generally called upon to take on monster creatures or other players in combat. They stand a chance of destroying most things with their powerful weapons, including other players. However, like other roles, they need a good partner to provide them with the best weapons and armor, as well as allow them to properly train.


Pirates are often seen as the bad guys in most games, but this isn’t true in EVE Online. Pirates serve an essential function in the game by providing extra security for merchants and trade vessels, attacking and looting other players’ ships and looking for treasure to bring back to the mother ship. The money they make is generally used to purchase better equipment and supplies to continue their mission of pillaging and being pirates. While you don’t need a partner as a Pirate, finding one that wants to work with you and your squad is key to your success in the role.

As you can see, every role is fairly unique in regards to how they play and the jobs they do. While some might consider mining to be the most boring job in the game, it’s actually very safe and has the potential to be highly profitable. If you’re looking for a way to make money in game without risking too much, then consider turning to mining. However, if you want to stand a chance of making some good money, then find a partner in crime.