How to Make Money Playing Eve Online – Wormhole Missions

Eve Online is one of the most popular and successful online games of all time. The game allows players to explore the universe and engage in battle with other players, with the goal of owning and governing territory. Now that the game has been around for a while, a lot of people are looking for ways to make money from it. There are several options including running a wormhole relay, selling items in game, or trading in-game assets for real money.

We will discuss three options for making money in Eve Online: wormhole missions, item sales, and virtual world trading. We will detail what each one is and how to get started with them. We will also cover the pitfalls to avoid and ways to make the most out of each one.

Wormhole Missions

Wormhole missions are a way to make money in Eve Online. Instead of playing the game for fun, you can choose to engage in a variety of activities, some of which will give you money and experience, while others will only give you experience. Essentially, you are running a “bot” in the game, which connects your computer to random other players’ computers, essentially acting as a “jump” or “link” for players to connect to each other.

The most popular wormhole missions are called “renting a tunnel” or “renting a relay.” In either of these mission types, you will agree to connect several players’ computers together, effectively creating a network of players, all of whom are playing Eve Online. This network of players is called a “Synogogue.” You can choose to receive payments in either Bitcoin or regular currency. The amount of money you will earn per hour depends on several factors, including the number of players you connect to, but typically ranges from $2 to $25 per hour. The experience you get from running a wormhole is also directly proportional to how long you run the mission and how much money you make. Typically, the more players you connect to, the more valuable the experience becomes. This can even become a profitable venture if done correctly.

Item Sales

If you’re looking to make money in Eve Online, the obvious way is to sell items for real money. The most popular items to sell are missiles, which give you a significant advantage in battles against other players. You can also choose to sell drones, pirate ships, battle cruisers, and several other items that provide an edge in combat. The number of items available to sell depends on what planet you’re on and what’s available for trade (more on this below). Typically, the more expensive the item the better, as it will only raise your income level. One exception to this rule is PLEX, which we will discuss below.

The safest and most reliable way to make money in Eve Online is to buy and sell items in game. The security of this method is dependent on two things: first, the item you’re selling must be desired by the player you’re selling to; second, you must have something that is more desirable to give in exchange for the item you’re selling. These items can include high-quality ship hulls, missiles, etc.

The downside to this method is the time it takes to sell the item and the risk of losing money due to fraudulent activity by the player you’re trading with. To minimize this risk, ensure that the address you’re giving the player is a real and registered address. To further reduce your risk of losing money, make sure that the item you’re selling is worth what you’re claiming it is. If you’re taking a loss on any item worth more than 5 million PLEX, you’re better off not doing the trade at all. This is why item sales are generally considered less desirable than other methods of generating income in Eve Online.


Trading in Eve Online is similar to buying and selling items in game, but with the additional bonus of doing so in virtual currency. Instead of buying items with real money and then selling those items for gain, you can trade items with one another. In general, trading is a good way to make money in Eve Online, but it does have its downsides. One downside is that you need to have something that is worth more than what you’re giving in exchange in order to get something in return. Another downside is that it can be tedious to find the right partner(s) to trade with. Fortunately, there is an easy way around this, which is to set up a referral program with a marketing company. When people you’ve referred to the program make a purchase, you’ll earn a cut of the revenue from that sale.

The upside to trading is that it has one of the lowest risks of all the options discussed here. The more you trade, the more you’ll be able to accomplish, and the more you’ll be able to trade. You won’t necessarily be able to earn enough money fast to cover your costs, but it’s a safe way to make some extra cash.

In summary, there are several ways to generate income in Eve Online. You can play the game for fun, sell items in game, or trade with other players in order to gain an advantage in combat. Choosing which option to go with depends on your personal situations and what you’re looking to gain. Ultimately, you won’t make enough money fast enough to cover your costs if you choose to play the game for fun, therefore, you should look into alternative ways to generate income.