How to Make Fast Money in Eve Online

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) originally designed for PC but which now has also been released for mobile devices. Inspired by the likes of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, Eve is a game that has been highly popularized by China, where the game is known as ‘Daewoo’.

Like many other MMOGS, Eve offers a combination of RPG (role-playing game) and strategy gameplay. In PvP (player versus player) situations, players can team up to combat the opposition. However, in this case, the objective is not to kill the opponent but rather to destroy their ships (or parts thereof) in order to score points.

The Basics Of Making Money In Eve

Making money in Eve is fairly straightforward as long as you understand the basics. First and foremost, you need to realize that even though the game is massively multiplayer online, it does not prevent you from being a single-player in respect to earning money. Playing in a group ensures that you have plenty of opportunities to communicate and learn from each other, but in terms of actually conducting transactions, you are still independently operating. You aren’t working for a bank. You’re not even working for a company. You are, in fact, working for yourself. And that is an undeniably powerful feeling when you ultimately decide to walk away with a small fortune tucked under your belt.

To start off with, you’ll want to purchase some in-game currency called ‘ISK’ (Initial Supply Kit). Once you have done that, you can purchase equipment through a combination of real money and in-game currency. This equipment can then be used to buy various attributes and services within the game. For example, you may want to purchase a starship that can only hold up to ten people and also require a skilled pilot at the helm in order to operate. These two attributes combined will most likely cost you somewhere around $750 in-game money. Once again, you aren’t actually paying in real money. You are, however, paying for these items with in-game currency which is then converted into real money at the in-game marketplace. This marketplace organizes all transactions within the game and includes a wide variety of products and services, from weapons to spacecraft parts, implants to fuel, and more.

The Best Equipment For Making Money In Eve

Now that you have some understanding of how to make money in Eve, it’s time to discuss the best equipment for attaining this goal. It is advisable to start off with a few expensive items such as a good ship (with powerful weapons) and a capsuleer (computer/avatar). A decent capsuleer will set you back around $18,000. Good luck out there.

How To Make Serious Money In Eve

If you are looking for a truly lucrative investment opportunity in Eve, then you might want to consider setting up a ‘corp’ (company) and joining a ‘clan’ (a group of players working together). The best part about setting up a corporation within Eve is that you can apply for a license to operate a cargo transportation service. Once you have acquired this license, you can charge other players for transport services. The majority of players in your corp will be carrying out the transportation for you, so in a way, you are essentially outsourcing your work. In return, you will pay your contractors (customers) a small service fee, based on the type of cargo they are carrying. For example, humans are charged ten times more than cold steel. This is also one of the reasons why joining a corp is such a good idea; you will have a group of players working with you and against you to make money. It’s like getting a team of professionals to work for you, instead of doing it yourself. In addition to the decent profits generated from running a cargo service, you can purchase various expensive ships, equip them with the best possible weapons and software, and enter into battles with other players in order to gain experience and level up.

Final Takeaway

If you want to make quick money in Eve, you can’t go wrong by simply participating in PvP activities. Doing random battle after random battle will, eventually, net you the big payoff. However, if you want to make serious money, then setting up a corp and enlisting the help of some friends is the way to go. Just remember to always play by the rules and don’t do anything illegal. Otherwise, an unfortunate incident might just ruin your evening and cost you a small fortune. Good luck out there.