How to Earn Money Online Legitimately

If you’re looking for a way to make extra cash, but don’t want to resort to selling your blood or organs, you can try online jobs.

Thanks to the popularity of online shopping, many companies now allow users to take surveys, leave honest reviews or enter contests to earn money online. Keep reading if this sounds like something you’d like to try.

5 Ways to Earn Money Online

Keep reading for information on how to earn money online.

Take Online Surveys

There are many legitimate ways to earn some extra cash each month. One of the best sources of cash is through online surveys. Survey sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks will reward you for taking surveys that reward you with points and cash. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or taken directly to your bank account.

In the eyes of the law, taking online surveys is perfectly legitimate. Swagbucks doesn’t ask for personal information when you sign up and doesn’t require you to give them your bank details. However, as with any job, there are some dangers associated with taking online surveys. Make sure you aren’t committing any fraud by doing some research first.

Sell Your Photos On Online Marketplaces

Another way to earn money online is to sell your photos on online marketplaces. Placing ads on stock photography sites like Shutterstock is another way to make money online. Alternatively, you can sell your photos directly to the public using platforms like Foap or Genuinely Creative. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so there aren’t any disputes later on.

Fraudsters who take advantage of people by posing as representatives of well-known brands will sometimes ask you to participate in a fake survey where you’re expected to purchase expensive items that you don’t need. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap by doing your research first.

Do Research First

Before you begin any sort of online job, it’s imperative that you do your research. It would be irresponsible to join any sort of online community or marketplace and not do your research first. Before you join a website or take out an ad, read their terms and conditions and make sure you’re aware of any fraudulent activities going on there. Additionally, do your homework on any sort of online marketplace by reading their reviews and checking out their reputation.

Joining a survey site or selling your photos on a stock photography site isn’t illegal, but you must be aware of the risks if you plan on doing this. Make sure you’re not committing any fraud and that you’re not selling anything you don’t have the legal right to sell. Additionally, make sure you’re aware of any deadlines or responsibilities that you might have as a part of the giveaway or contest you’re participating in. You could end up losing money if you don’t complete your tasks on time.

Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn money online is to become an affiliate marketer. This basically means you’ll promote a product or service from a company and earn a commission whenever someone clicks a link or buys a product that’s linked to you. You’ll need to find products that are already well-established in the marketplace and have a large audience to make this strategy work. Choosing these products ensures you’re promoting something that already has an audience searching for it online.

You can utilize affiliate marketing to promote any sort of product or service. You’ll just need to find well-known brands and logos and connect them to a web address or social media platform. Many affiliate marketing programs will provide you with a list of products they think you’ll be interested in promoting. Keep in mind: the more products you promote, the more you’ll earn. So, make sure you have a large social media following before you begin promoting products.

Create And Sell Your Own Products

If you’re the creative type, you can create and sell your own products. If you’re skilled enough, you can create unique designs that people might want. If you have a good sense of colors and design, you might be able to make some decent money doing this. Additionally, you can use online marketplaces like Etsy to find buyers who want your products.

The great thing about doing this is you can be your own boss. Create a product that you think others will desire and find success selling it. Don’t expect to make a lot of money at first. It will take time to build up a small but consistent audience who believes in your product. From there, you can take advantage of online marketplaces and grow your audience to make more money off your products.

Start An Etsy Shop

Another great way to make money is to start an Etsy shop. Etsy sellers offer everything from jewelry and clothing to artwork, invitations, yard signs and more. There are many opportunities to make money using Etsy including taking and selling photos, designing and selling your own products and being a creative consultant for other Etsy sellers.

As with any other job, you should consider taking classes to learn the ins and outs of Etsy selling. Additionally, make sure you learn how to market your products online. With all the competition, it’s important to know how to get your product in front of the right audience. Start by creating a few product descriptions that are compelling and easy to understand. Then, look for ways to stand out from other sellers. For example, some Etsy shops use special packaging to catch the attention of the audience. Additionally, you can use your social media accounts to engage with potential customers.


If you’re a freelance writer or a designer who is looking for some extra cash, you can consult and get paid for giving advice to other businesses. If you know how to pull up a landing page, create a brief website or blog post on a specific subject and get paid for it. Some businesses will even pay you to participate in online chats or call-in radio shows about topics you’re an expert in.

Consulting is a legitimate way to earn money online but make sure you’re doing it from the perspective of a professional. Make sure you’re charging appropriate rates and that you’re not abusing the privilege. Just remember: the more you charge, the more you’ll earn.

Get Paid To Test Products

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can get paid to test out new products. Simply sign up with a testing platform like and they’ll send you testing invitations to try out new products from brands like GoDaddy, HP and Microsoft. To qualify, you’ll need to have a reliable WiFi connection, be located in the United States and have access to computers and mobile devices. After you accept a testing invitation, you’ll need to install their app on your phone or computer.

Once you’re installed, you’ll be connected to users who need help testing out new products. Simply take a survey about the product you’re testing and you’ll get paid based on how long you took to complete it and how many questions you got right. On average, you’ll earn about $1 to $3 per day for taking a couple of minutes to answer a few questions. Keep in mind: the more you test, the more you’ll earn.

Avoid Getting Scammed

If you’re trying to make extra cash and don’t want to resort to scamming people, you can’t do that from taking online surveys or getting paid to test products. That’s why it’s important to do your research before you get involved in any way with an online marketplace or community. Additionally, be wary of anyone who asks you to participate in a scam. If you feel like you’re being pressured to take part in a scam, walk away. Also, be sure to read reviews and check out what others are saying about a particular site or marketplace before you get involved. This way, you can be sure you’re not committing any fraud or getting scammed. It’s also important to be careful whom you’re trading with. Some online marketplaces and communities are more risky than others. You don’t want to put your money or personal information into any sort of online scam.

Make Money With These 20 Industries

If you’re looking for ways to earn quick cash, you can learn about 20 industries where you can make huge profits in the comfort of your home. From taking online surveys to selling your photos to becoming an affiliate marketer, there are many ways to earn fast cash without leaving your home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Just remember: don’t expect to make a lot of money with these strategies. Legitimate ways to make money online are frequently overshadowed by more lucrative opportunities that come with greater risk. However, if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, these options might be worth considering.