The Fastest Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online is a free-to-play MMORPG where you can explore a vast fantasy world and make money from crafting and trading. While the game’s interface can be a little overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to take advantage of its mechanics and find ways to make quick cash.

Let’s explore how you can leverage the system and how to make some extra cash in Black Desert Online.

Invest In Materials

One of the first things you’ll want to do in Black Desert Online is gather the necessary materials to create the items you need. To do this, you’ll want to look for ore to mine, stone (including sapphire) to grind, and leather to tan. All of these are used in the creation of items and armor; you can’t create weapons without any of these.

The fastest way to get the materials you need is to explore the land and hunt down creatures that drop the items you need. You’ll notice that your character has a special attack called “Ranged Strike”. With this skill, you can shoot a bow (with arrows), throw a spear, or hurl a javelin at your enemies. These are all useful for hunting, and the opportunity to practice using them is invaluable. It takes time to learn how to aim and throw a projectile effectively, but with enough practice, it’s a skill you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

Create Artisan Products

One of the things you can do in Black Desert Online to make money is to create artisan products. Artisans will buy your goods from you if you can supply them with the necessary raw materials. You won’t be able to create all of the goods the artisans sell, but you can create enough to cover your costs and make a profit. The first product you can make is soap. Soap is easily crafted from animal fat and lye; you can’t make any money from soap unless you sell it to other players or artisans. Other popular products you can make are jerky, hand sanitiser, and stained glass.

Sell Your Equipment

If you’ve ever played an online game with an equippable character, you’ll know how much money they can make. During peak hours, your character will be equipped and have access to all the items necessary to create them. This gives you the opportunity to make extra cash by selling your equipment. You’ll want to do this during off-peak hours or in a player-run shop to ensure you get the best price possible. Creating a business around this is also a great way to make money in Black Desert Online.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There’s also another way to make money in Black Desert Online, which is through affiliate marketing. This is where you earn a commission from selling other people’s products. To start, you’ll need a reputable affiliate network, a product to promote, and a catchy landing page. Once you’ve got that, you can get to work marketing and promoting products. You’ll want to pick products that you’ve used and liked, and then find ways to promote them to your audience. When someone clicks a product’s link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small commission.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Black Desert Online is a lucrative game with endless opportunities for making money. If you take advantage of the game’s mechanics, you’ll have no problem finding ways to generate cash. The game also provides a lot of flexibility with the job openings you can pursue and the ways you can make money. There’s also the option to become an affiliate marketer and start making money from marketing and selling other people’s products. You can even run your own store and sell your own goods to other players or artisans for profit. If you want to make quick cash, it’s a game worth looking into.