Fastest Way to Make a Lot of Money in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Rockstar Games’ granddaddy of an online game, Grand Theft Auto, now has an offline counterpart: Grand Theft Auto V. The game is very different to the console original as it’s an open world that you can explore at will. While many would argue that the freedom of movement offered by an open world results in more gameplay, story-telling, and replayability, the opposite is true. The reduced speed and increased difficulty of the game mechanics almost certainly result in fewer long play sessions.

Speaking of play sessions, Grand Theft Auto V has a few tricks up its sleeve designed to maximize your time spent in the game. One such trick is the fact that the game is completely free. The only things you’ll have to purchase are weapons, vehicles, and personal items. Everything else, including the cities and the environments, are absolutely free. Even the animations and the sounds are replicated with a high degree of accuracy and are completely free of glitches. As a result, there’s very little to no loading screens to break the flow of gameplay, which we consider to be one of the ultimate luxuries in a PC game.

All of this makes for a very different game. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time in Grand Theft Auto V.

Don’t Be Fooled By Graphics

One of the first things you’ll notice about Grand Theft Auto V is that the graphics aren’t particularly fancy. The game doesn’t really need flashy graphics to work, so Rockstar had ample time to polish and improve every aspect of the gameplay and UI rather than waste time on eye-catching effects.

Take the city of Los Santos for example. It’s a huge metropolis with more than a few buildings on screen at once. Even the tiny residential areas feel like small cities thanks to the level of detail put into each individual home. However, despite the large amount of open space, every bit of ground is packed with cars, bikes, and pedestrians. It’s an incredible amount of activity, which makes for some fantastic moments when you’re driving or walking around the city streets.

The point is that Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t need the graphics cards of the eighties to provide a smooth playing experience. The fact that the game looks relatively simple might even give you an edge when playing against computer-controlled opponents. Or, if you’re playing on a console, it could mean that it will look better than some of the more extravagant titles available today. In any case, the game looks good and plays well enough that you won’t find yourself distracted by the graphics.

Find The Right Settings

Another thing that you’ll notice about Grand Theft Auto V is that the graphical options are pretty limited. There aren’t many graphic choices to make, and most of them don’t affect gameplay. The only real choice you have is the resolution of the screen you play on. Other than that, everything else about the game is locked tight.

If you play on a monitor that’s compatible with HDTVs, you’ll be able to notice a difference in the quality of the graphics. Unfortunately, not all screens are HDTV-friendly, so you’ll have to find the right one without having to resort to complex configuration options in order to get the most out of the game.

Since the gameplay is relatively simple, it makes sense that Rockstar had to confine the amount of graphic options available to make the most out of the hardware. Still, even though the graphics are simplistic, they look quite good for the most part. The game uses normal mapping, which gives everything a slight glow that makes all the environments look more realistic. The lighting is also very good, creating an immersive feel even when looking at the game from a distance.

Use Layers

One of the things that make Grand Theft Auto V a joy to play is the fact that it has a built-in layer system. This allows you to easily separate gameplay from the graphics, so that you can play at any resolution and on any monitor without worrying about performance issues. As long as your GPU can handle it, layers make for a much smoother gameplay experience and allow you to spot enemies and vehicles much more easily.

Only One Life

One of the other interesting things about Grand Theft Auto V is that you don’t have a continuous life. When you reach a certain point in the game, you’re presented with a cut-scene where you’re prompted to choose your own adventure. From there you’ll have to survive and advance in the game world until you finally reach the endgame.

Most gamers will choose to complete the game in one life, taking their character from point-A to point-B. However, it’s not mandatory and you can always restart from the beginning if you choose. In fact, it’s strongly suggested that you do so in order to see different endings. Restoring your character from a checkpoint only provides you with one ending, regardless of how many times you’ve played through the game. Choosing to restart gives you a second chance at every decision you’ve made, along with the opportunity to make different choices altogether. This is a great way to increase the replay value of the game, giving you more reasons to keep coming back for more.

Take Your Time

Taking your time is important when playing games. You don’t have to rush through the game in order to reach the end, because that will only result in frustration. Instead, take your time and use your strategy to the fullest. There’s a lot of depth to Grand Theft Auto V, which you have to find out for yourself. Make sure to read the in-game tips and articles if you’re stuck, because they’ll guide you to the best of their ability, but they can’t give you all the answers. Only you can do that by taking your time and using your brain.

Be Creative

Last but not least, we have the infamous creative mode, which provides you with unlimited resources and lets you use any weapon, vehicle, or piece of gear in any combination. Sadly, this doesn’t make for a very interesting gameplay experience, because whenever you use these items they’ll be immediately recognizable as such. For example, a sniper rifle is very unlikely to be found in a home, and a bazooka is way out of place in a pedestrian area.

This is where being creative comes in. You’ll notice that quite often items found in the real world have been taken out of context and used in the game, which adds a fun layer of discovery to the gameplay. For example, if you find a sawed-off shotgun in the woods, you know it’s not built for hunting rabbits, especially not in such an unhandy manner. Creative mode also allows you to hide these items in more creative places, such as inside furniture or under beds, which again adds an extra layer of discovery when playing through the levels.

Being creative isn’t only useful for gameplay, however. It also allows you to come up with funny situations and dialogues for the comedians at YouTube who get to make fun of your funny jokes. So, in addition to making you a better player, it also benefits the game’s meme-ability.

That’s all for now. I hope this article will help you in your quest to make a lot of money in GTA Online. If you found this article valuable, you might want to check out some of our other articles on the subject. Or, if you’re looking for some suggestions on where to make your first investments, be sure to check out our list of the Best Investment Producers.