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If you’re looking for a way to make some fast cash in Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO), then you’ve probably come across the Double Agent mission series. A Double Agent mission gives players the ability to perform two actions, with one action costing them money and the other action being completely free. If you’re unfamiliar, let us introduce you to the concept of a Double Agent mission.

Why Are Double Missions Popular?

Performance-wise, a Double Agent mission is a dream. By using the free action to distract NPCs while performing the money-making action, you can get a lot of work done without having to worry about losing too much money. This, of course, assumes that you’re able to pull off the distraction successfully. If not, you could lose a large sum of money before even getting to pull off the second part of the mission. The upside is that, as long as you can complete the first part of a Double Agent mission successfully, you’re guaranteed to succeed at the second part. This makes Double Agent missions fairly safe to attempt. You’ll never lose hope of completing the mission and being able to continue playing the game.

How Do I Start Doing Double Missions In GTAO?

To begin doing Double Agent missions in GTAO, you must first create a character following the instructions on the main menu. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be brought to the main character screen. From there, you can use the information listed below to help you get started.

Locations Where You Can Perform Double Missions

You can perform Double Agent missions in the following locations in GTAO:

  • Tranx Labs
  • The Chemical Lab
  • Van der Woude Airpark
  • Luxor
  • Bohan
  • Algonquin Island
  • Long Beach
  • Los Santos
  • San Andreas

If you want to know where to find the locations you can visit mentioned above, you can either

  • look at a map
  • use the satellite view

Activities You Can Perform In Double Agent Missions

You can perform Double Agent missions in the following activities in GTAO:

  • Rob Bank / Gatofire Heist
  • Drive Ship Or Vehicle To Location
  • Sell Property
  • Remove Cargos From Location To Destination
  • Deliver Item / Person At A Location
  • Infiltrate Group And Perform Ops
  • Liaison / Drop Off / Pick Up
  • Sabotage / Destroy Vehicle
  • Block Person From Entering Location / Keep Person On Grass
  • Find And Maintain Safe House
  • Do Dummy Missions (for Fun)

If you want to know which activities you can perform in Double Agent missions, you can either

  • look at a map
  • use the satellite view

The General Rules Of Double Agent Missions In GTAO

The following are the general rules for Double Agent missions in GTAO:

  • You can only perform one action when paying with the money action. You must pause the action once you’ve performed it, as it will continue showing up on your action menu as long as you have an action in progress.
  • You can only travel to locations that are accessible by land. This includes beaches and hills, but not lakes or open water. Flying to a location will automatically end your current action and resume the original action (for example, from driving to walking).
  • You have to physically be in the location while performing the action. For instance, you can’t use the phone at a location and then visit locations near water to use it. You must either drive or walk between these locations.
  • You can enter and exit through the front door of the location you’re in. Keep in mind that you must be able to see the door in order to use it. Some locations, such as storage lockers, have very limited visibility from the outside. It’s often best to park at the top of a hill and roll down to the location.
  • When entering a new location, you must select the option to go straight. Turning right or left will automatically end your action and switch you to the other direction.
  • Each Double Agent mission requires a different amount of money to start with. You have to spend at least 150 dollars to start doing Double Agent missions in GTAO.
  • When you’re driving towards a location, you have to reach the destination before the time runs out. If not, you have to start over again with the same amount of money. This time limit is always 30 minutes.

Where Can I Get Money To Perform Double Agent Missions?

The only way to gain money to start performing Double Agent missions in GTAO is from missions. You can either

  • Find Jobs (requires 2000 dollars to start)
  • Rob Banks (200 dollars a pop, limit four)
  • Gatofire Heists (400 dollars a pop, limit eight)
  • Tranx Labs Sabotage (500 dollars a pop, limit 12)
  • Van der Woude Airpark Vehicle Delivery (600 dollars a pop, no limit)
  • Sell Property (requires 1500 dollars to start)
  • Destroy Vehicle (800 dollars a pop, limit eight)

Once you have the money to start performing Double Agent missions in GTAO, you can use the Character Select screen to find an available character that will be perfect for the task at hand. You can also use the money to purchase equipment that will make your life easier while performing these tasks. This, of course, can be extremely expensive and might end up being one of the main reasons why people choose to do Double Agent missions instead of other available jobs in GTAO.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Double Agent Mission?

The time it takes to complete a Double Agent mission varies from player to player, but it usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes. Some people can do them in less time, while others have to rush through several times because they don’t have enough money or enough equipment to properly perform the task. This also depends on the type of action you’re performing and how good of a job you do at distracting the guards.

What Is The Reward For Completing A Double Agent Mission?

The reward for completing a Double Agent mission depends on how much money you made and how much effort you put in. The more you make, the more you get, so you have to make sure you push and pull as much as you can during your performance. You’ll gain experience points which can then be used to purchase new equipment or upgrade existing equipment. This, of course, makes completing Double Agent missions worth it. Just make sure you don’t run out of gas while performing the action, because that’ll end your current action and you’ll have to start over again.

When Will I Get Reputation Points For Completing A Double Agent Mission?

You will start gaining reputation points for a Double Agent mission as soon as you successfully complete the first part of the mission. You must decide whether to complete the second part or quit. If you quit before finishing the first part, you’ll have to start over again with the same amount of money. You’re not going to get any reputation for the failed attempt, so it’s best to just try and see what happens. Often, people are able to complete the first part of a Double Agent mission without much trouble, while the second part is where the real challenge comes in.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Make Reputation In GTAO?

The best way to make reputation in GTAO is by completing Double Agent missions. It is one of the most popular activities in the game because it allows players to make money quickly and effortlessly. It also gives them the opportunity to perform two actions, which can be quite satisfying when you’re able to pull it off successfully. When you’re looking to make money in GTAO, there’s really no other option other than doing Double Agent missions.