How to Make $500+ Per Day in Your Spare Time Online?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash without having to spend too much time away from your desk, why not consider trying your hand at online marketing? There’s plenty of lucrative opportunities in the affiliate marketing space, and while the methods may vary from person to person, chances are, there’s a system you can follow to make big money online.

The Basics Of Online Marketing

To begin with, what is online marketing? Put simply, it’s marketing conducted across the internet. When someone clicks a link or opens an email and makes a purchase after reading your content, you can claim a small percentage of the revenue as a commission. Depending on the program, this can add up to plenty of cash every month!

Which One Should You Join?

Before you begin your journey to the bank, it’s important to consider whether you should join a traditional affiliate marketing program or go the extra mile with a different type of platform. There’s plenty of valuable information online, so before you make your decision, you might want to read up on what alternatives are available. Here are a few you might want to consider:

Digital Commerce 1

If you’re new to the marketing world, you may be wondering what kind of program you should join. The answer is Digital Commerce 1 (D1). D1 is one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs around, and it boasts high success rates and great testimonials. What is Digital Commerce 1 (D1)? It’s an affiliate marketing program that was launched in 1994 and now has 764+ affiliates making a living from it. The program currently offers three different levels of participation, Associate, Professional, and Leadership, with the former two offering limited payments and the latter one paying higher commissions. The key differences between these three variants is that Associates get paid less but have the fullest access to the program while Professionals can earn more with more limited access. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking to dive into affiliate marketing.

One of the perks of the D1 program is that you don’t necessarily have to promote a product to make money with it. In fact, many affiliates make their entire living from introducing potential customers to a wide range of products and services, including web hosting, DVD and VOD distribution, mobile ringtones, and digital music. Some even promote their own products, such as Dan Burrus, who promotes Nike, Inc and Amazon products alongside his own clothing label Burrus Designs.

The Affiliate Marketing Diploma

If you have a specific skill set that can help others learn how to make money online, you should consider creating your own digital marketing diploma. In other words, you can teach people how to do what you do, and in turn, they’ll pay you a commission for doing so. Earning a living from your knowledge and skill set is as old as the internet itself, and it’s become a popular way to make money online. Specifically, you’ll want to focus on teaching people how to use WordPress to build a website, connect with potential customers, and earn revenue from displaying ads on their site. You’ll also want to teach them how to find the right affiliate partners for their websites and to make the most out of their relationships. Along with building a website, you’ll want to familiarize them with the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps your site rank higher in search results for relevant keywords.

The Uber Affiliate Program

Not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal, and you don’t have to settle for the less-than-stellar options out there. Forbes has recognized Uber Affiliate as one of the best affiliate marketing programs, and for good reason. Not only do they offer some of the highest paying affiliate programs, but they are one of the most popular platforms overall. If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing program that has lots of supportive members and a high approval rate, Uber Affiliate is a great place to start.

The Digital Marketer

If you’re looking to create a full-time income from home, you can do so by getting hired as a digital marketer. A digital marketer is someone who creates marketing campaigns for brands and businesses across the internet. They typically work with online retailers, eCommerce providers, and software companies to bring in the revenue. Specifically, you’ll be designing online stores, blogging for clients, and driving traffic to their websites through various techniques, including SEO, content marketing, and social media.

There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the affiliate marketing space, and while the methods may vary from person to person, chances are, there’s a system you can follow to make big money online.

For more information about how to make $500+ per day in your spare time online, check out this blog post from Ben Puri, an affiliate marketer who earns a living from home using a mix of online marketing strategies.