Glitches to Make Money in Grand Theft Auto Online

While there are no guarantees in life, being a millionaire in video games is entirely possible. Thanks to the success of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and its imitators, you can now make money in game without risking life imprisonment as a terrorist or serial killer. Here’s a list of ways you can make money in GTA Online, the immersive and popular online version of the popular and award-winning franchise.

GTA Online Bonuses And Bundles

The good news for players of GTA Online is there are several ways to make real money without risking life imprisonment as a criminal. The most obvious method is to do as the name suggests and commit grand theft – except from the authorities.

One of the best things about GTA Online is how much it allows you to make. While other games may limit your earnings to a certain amount of real-life cash, in GTA you can make as much money as you want – as long as you’re willing to commit a few misdemeanours.

For example, you can break into cars and steal from them. You can also perform heists, where you and your team of criminals rob businesses or banks of the rich and famous. If you accumulate enough money, you can buy your own island, called a “homestead”, where you can create businesses and have yourself a life outside the game.

All of this is possible because of the game’s generous bonuses and lucrative microtransactions. As you’ll soon discover, there are several ways to make money in GTA Online, which means you can find the perfect way to suit your personal style of play.

The Stuntman And His Crazy Ideas

One of the best things about GTA Online is how much freedom of expression it allows. You don’t have to follow the same paths as everyone else to make money, which makes each playthrough feel unique and exciting. This is also one of the reasons why GTA Online has such a large and loyal fan base.

One of the game’s most famous and prolific players is nicknamed “The Stuntman” because of his unique style of playing. The Stuntman isn’t afraid to try new and creative ideas, which is why his playthroughs remain interesting and entertaining to this day.

The best thing about The Stuntman is not just his creative approach to robbery, but how he has used this freedom to enrich his gameplay. For example, he has modified his gun so it fires two shots instead of one, which allows him to hit two cars at once with his crosshairs focused on both vehicles. He has also removed the traditional slow motion of most games so that he can react quickly enough to the situations he faces in real life.

Another player who has made a name for himself in GTA Online is “Crazy” Jeff Busiella. Like The Stuntman, Crazy Jeff has used his creative mind to come up with novel ways of making money. For example, he has created a business that breeds and sells special pets called “Coyotes”, which he then uses to buy low-cost cars to modify and resell.

One of the most successful business-owners in GTA Online is “The Hunter”. He runs a hunting farm where he traps coyotes and then resells them to other players. In addition to selling his own furs, he also sells weapons and ammo to other players for a profit.

Bartering Offers And Side Jobs

Another way to make money in GTA Online is to offer your services to other players for money. The best way to go about doing this is by becoming a “Barter King”. This is someone who regularly offers to do various jobs for other players in exchange for payment in the game’s virtual currency, GTA$.

As the name would suggest, you can start by offering to drive other players to their destinations. You can also offer to kill monsters for them, hunt down rare animals, or guard their businesses while they’re away.

If you’ve got a handy presence on social media, you can also use there to advertise your services as a Barter King. Once you start getting regular requests, setting up a website and getting a van wrapped in logos isn’t that difficult.

There are also several “side jobs” you can do in GTA Online, which don’t require any special equipment or skills to perform. Most of these side jobs allow you to make money quickly and easily, which you can then use to buy upgrades for yourself or friends. For example, if you perform SEO (search engine optimisation) for other players, you can make some extra cash from their searches.

GTA Online’s Diamond And Gold Miners

The most profitable “side” job in GTA Online is called “diamond mining”, where you and other players search for and dig up diamonds. The better your equipment, the more you can make – that is, as long as you live in the right place. For example, you can make a lot of money searching for diamonds in the Arctic Circle because it’s generally cold there and it doesn’t attract many people. This means there aren’t many other players competing for the precious stones you find.

In contrast, searching for diamonds in the Kalahari Desert produces a lot of noise and heat, which makes it very easy for other players to find you. They’ll also be looking for you because of all the racket you make while digging.

To become a diamond miner, you need to find the spot where these precious stones are located and then start digging. This is generally a long process, so you’ll want to look for work-arounds such as renting equipment or asking other players for help. Once you accumulate enough wealth from your diamonds, you can buy a mansion in the middle of Nowhere, USA.

The other popular and lucrative “side” job in GTA Online is called “gold mining”, where you and other players search for and grab gold. The best way to find gold is by accident – by digging in the wrong place.

Gold mining is a dangerous and time-consuming process, which can leave you exposed to the elements, risking damage to your health. The way to avoid this is to use dynamite to blast away the unwanted rocks that are in the way of your gold.

To become a gold miner, you need to start with a single-point blast then spend the rest of the time picking up the dirt and rocks that remain. You can also ask other players for help, as gold tends to hide deep underground and it’s difficult to find without the proper equipment.

Just remember that both of these “side” jobs require you to be in the right place at the right time, so make sure you check the map often to stay aware of when these opportunities arise.

Robbing And Thieving

Of course, one of the most profitable ways to make money in GTA Online is to simply rob other players. You don’t even necessarily need to be very good at it to make a profit, as long as you do it frequently.

The great thing about this option is how creative you can be. You can perform a variety of robberies depending on whether you’re feeling playful or want to make a quick buck. These include break-ins, which you can perform alone or in a group; heists, where you and your team break into buildings and rob the owners; and last but not least, bank robberies, where you break into banks and steal money. You can also go above and beyond, targeting cops or military personnel and taking them out as part of a squad. Killing is generally optional but you’ll need to be skilled enough to pull it off without getting caught.

To become a professional thief in GTA Online, you’ll need to specialize in a certain type of robbery that will bring you the most money. As a general rule of thumb, stick to what you know and are good at and then branch out from there. For example, specializing in bank robberies will allow you to make a lot of money quickly but it also requires a lot of practice.

Once you’ve accumulated a decent amount of money, you can purchase a variety of weapons and tools from a variety of vendors, which you can then use to become a better thief. To equip yourself for the job, make sure you invest in a few different types of gloves, a mask and a wig (if you’re going as a woman), as well as appropriate clothing – jacket, skirt, or slacks, and a blouse or sweater for women. When committing a robbery, it’s also advisable to wear a mask or a hat to hide your identity. Of course, the great thing about GTA Online is how much freedom of expression it allows, so you don’t necessarily need to follow this advice.