How to Make Money Online in GTA 5

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already aware that Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular games of recent times. Rockstar’s open world crime epic has been on the cover of several magazines and been nominated for a number of awards, not least of which is the 2013 BAFTA Video Game Award for Best Original Game.

Just over a year ago, it would’ve been extremely unlikely that gamers would’ve encountered an opportunity to make money online – let alone a significant sum of money. Social media and gaming were still at the dawn of their collaborative relationship and the idea of spending time in game while also being able to make money from it was, for the most part, a fanciful notion. Now, however, the concept of monetising gameplay and content within a game is an established one and, although it still requires some getting used to, there are a number of ways players can earn cash-cow dividends from Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Merchant Experience

The very first opportunity to monetise one’s time in Grand Theft Auto 5 comes in the guise of a business venture which hooks players into a cash-generating machine through a series of quests. The opportunity to make money through the merchant experience first appears when you reach the game’s southern endgame region, named Marussia. Here, you’ll find several businesses, including a meat packing plant and grocery store which regularly rotate their stock, causing prices to change constantly. In this region, you’ll also find a hotel, an inn, and a bank – all of which have the potential to earn money for the player.

In a nutshell, the merchant experience in GTA 5 involves the player regularly carrying out tasks which reward them with money, items, or both. These tasks range from simple button presses to finding specific items in the world or in other players’ possession, to searching for treasures buried in the wilderness or in other players’ properties, to asking questions, to eavesdropping and investigating. Some tasks involve performing certain actions in specific ways to ensure that you’re paid appropriately for your time and input.

Candy Vending Machine

Perhaps the most hands-on way to make money in GTA 5 is by setting up a candy vending machine. To do this, you’ll need to invest a certain amount of money in a vending machine, which is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve done this, you can literally just walk up to any wall and push a button to cause a robot to appear. The robot, in turn, will dispense your favourite sweet treat, for which you’ll be compensated. If you look carefully enough, you’ll notice that each candy dispenser has a sensor on it which detects when it’s running low on the product it’s dispensing. This means you’ll need to keep an eye on the machine and refill it as needed. This can be a nice passive income opportunity if you’re looking to make some extra money without much effort.

Betting On Sporting Events

One of the things that differentiates GTA 5 from other open world games is its emphasis on realism. While we’re not talking about the kinds of bets people might make on the Super Bowl or the World Cup, the Grand Theft Auto series has always had a tendency to blur the lines between reality and fiction. As a result, players are regularly given the chance to place bets on sporting events which are held within the game universe. For example, you might notice that there’s an option to bet on the outcome of a certain upcoming match. Placing a bet in GTA 5 means you’re placing a wager on the results of an event that will take place in-game. The money you win will be distributed proportionately to your GTA wallet.


With the recent explosion of online gambling, it’s only been a matter of time before someone decided to include a real-cash gambling feature within a game. It should come as no great surprise, then, to learn that GTA 5 allows for some light gambling, with a number of casinos, card games, and sports betting opportunities on the menu. Naturally, you’ll need to invest in these features from the get-go (which can be done through either real or in-game money) to ensure you get the full functionality of the game. If you’re looking to make a quick easy buck, you might want to consider a more passive income route.

Prostitution And Adult Entertainment

Another way to earn quick and easy money in GTA 5 is through the opportunity to engage in either freelance or legalised prostitution. Simply talk to the various pimps who reside in various seedy areas of the city and you can set up a date with one of their prostitutes. You’ll be compensated for your time with money or the promise of money. This is a nice feature to have in your back pocket, especially if you’re looking for a way to earn fast cash.

In addition to prostitution, there are also a range of adult entertainment opportunities which can be accessed by talking to certain NPCs in specific ways. These ways to earn money in GTA 5 aren’t for the faint-hearted, as you’ll be required to use your wits and resourcefulness to navigate a world which is completely dedicated to generating revenue wherever and whenever possible.

Purchasing And Customising Vehicles

What is perhaps the most attractive aspect of GTA 5 is its incredibly detailed and realistic vehicle physics. It would be a massive understatement to say that driving is one of the main activities in the game, as the opportunity to splash out on expensive customisation items is one of the main attractions. This is effectively a form of gambling which you’re able to access through certain in-game casinos. To place a bet, you’ll need to have either real or in-game money in your account and head to one of the several casinos in the game. Each vehicle comes with a number of expensive and customizable options which you’re able to bet on. The type of wheels you’ll want to invest in will heavily depend on the type of vehicle you’re driving, with four-wheelers needing more speed than any other type. Additionally, you’ll want to have a look at the suspension and handling of the vehicle, as these impact massively on how the car drives and how it handles when driven aggressively or violently.

Loan Sharking

There is also a grey area which is frequently used by game developers when it comes to borrowing money from loan sharks. It should come as no great surprise, then, that GTA 5 contains several opportunities to hock your gear in exchange for cash. The great thing about this is that you don’t actually need to own any of the expensive items in order to be able to engage in this behaviour. Simply walk up to a loan shark and ask for a loan; you’ll then need to produce some form of collateral, either items or money which can be sold in case you don’t pay back the debt. These loans can then be further secured by taking out a second mortgage on your house or by pledging your car as collateral.

Daily Hasbrewards

One of the most recent and most exciting additions to GTA 5 is the introduction of daily hasbrewards. This is a feature which distributes unique, limited edition rewards to players based on their performance and involvement within the game. Daily hasbrewards was originally revealed as a part of the game’s Grand Theft Auto Online expansion pack and is, as its name would suggest, a daily reward which is given out for exceptional playing. To qualify, you must login to GTA 5 every day and complete a number of tasks, the most basic of which is searching for diamonds, reading emails, and collecting enough money to buy coffee.

It should come as no great surprise that gamers value highly the opportunity to make quick cash through gameplay, as the lure of easy money is always going to be a powerful draw. Whether you’re doing it through gambling, prostitution, or daily hasbrewards, there are several ways to make money in GTA 5.