10 Fastest Way to Make Money in GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been ahead of its time; with each release the games have become more refined and the online modes have become more popular. With the fifth and latest instalment hitting consoles this year, it’s time to reflect on the past and get inspired for the future.

1. Become A Drug Lord/Mafia Don

One of the most profitable ways to make money in GTA V is to enter the drug trade and become either a drug lord, or the head of a mafia clan. You can start by selling drugs to your friends, family, and other NPC’s in the city. The more you sell the more you’ll make, but remember the cost of the drugs can be high so be careful not to overextend yourself.

The other option is to become a drug trafficker and smuggler for other clans or underground groups. There are many opportunities to do this; you can team up with a gang and smuggle drugs across the Mexican or Canadian border, help transport cargo around the city, or become a middleman for Italian, Russian, or Eastern European cartels. Whatever you choose, there will be risks involved but, as long as you avoid getting caught by the police, you’ll be able to live the high life.

One of the main benefits to pursuing any of these careers is that you’ll be able to purchase weapons and vehicles for your personal use. If you decide to go down the mafia route, you’ll have access to all sorts of weaponry and vehicles, ranging from assault rifles and rocket launchers to muscle cars and monster trucks. If you choose to become a drug lord, you’ll have access to the more conventional drug enforcement armament such as handguns and shotguns. You’ll also be able to purchase helicopters and airplanes for your personal use, as well as boats and jetskis to explore the nearby waterways.

2. Start A Gang And Charge For Protection Money

Gangsters have always been a popular theme in the GTA series, and with good reason. There are many benefits to becoming a gang leader. You can establish your own gang with a crew of thugs and begin flagging territory. You can protect your turf from other gangs by charging them a protection price to enter your city. You can make money by cutting deals with local businesses or offering your services to the highest bidder. Most importantly you can eat, drink, and sleep well knowing you’ve provided for your family.

While all of these benefits are certainly there, one of the best ways to make quick cash in GTA V is simply to start a gang and charge other people to enter your territory. You can begin by robbing and stealing from local businesses, extorting them for large sums of money, or even kidnapping a wealthy individual and holding them for ransom. Once you’ve amassed a decent amount of money it’s time to venture out and establish your gang. Do your research and identify potential members who share your interests; those who don’t might be interested in working for you.

Once you’ve got a good team in place, it’s time to set the rates for protection money. The standard cost for protection in most parts of GTA V is $50,000 per week. If someone jostles or bumps into you on the street, you can demand they pay you this sum as compensation. To secure this money you can break up into groups of two or more and establish yourself as the strongest gang in the area. Be careful not to put yourself in a vulnerable position by openly competing with other gangs for territorial dominance; instead, remain covert and anonymous while establishing your power locally. When you’ve got enough money it’s time to expand your operations; rent a nice office, or hire some bodyguards – depending on your resources – and you’ll be able to protect your interests anywhere in the world.

3. Set Up A Pawn Shop

Another way to make quick cash is to set up a pawn shop. You’ll need a decent amount of capital to do this, so you’ll have to find a source of funds other than crime. Pawn shops are a great way to earn money; you can get people to trade in their old, broken, or stolen items in return for cash or other valuable securities. Some of the more popular items to trade in are cameras, videoconferencing sets, laptops, tablets, and even cell phones. Establishing a pawn shop takes some research and due diligence but, as long as you avoid getting stiffed by scamming customers, the rewards can be substantial. One of the major benefits to this line of work is the amount of money you’ll be able to make from petty theft; opportunistically and covertly picking pockets and robbing others will enable you to establish yourself as a serious financial threat.

4. Set Up A Bait Shop

An even faster way to make money is to set up a bait shop. Like a pawn shop, a bait shop is a place where you can buy and sell used, damaged, or stolen items in exchange for cash or other valuable securities. The major difference between a bait shop and a pawn shop is that you’ll often have to physically catch the item being traded in order to make the transaction. You can use a variety of tactics to catch the attention of would-be thieves such as spreading false information about the item being traded – possibly involving threats or claims of violence – or even setting up a trap and snaring the unwary.

5. Become A Security Guard

Depending on your resources and how vigilant a security guard you want to be, you can make anywhere from $10,000 per month to $50,000 per month; plus you get to deal drugs and carry a weapon. It’s quite a lucrative job, especially if you factor in the lack of risks and liabilities. All you need is a good handgun, some pepper spray, a radio, and a cell phone to start your own security company. The only downside to this line of work is the lack of freedom; you’ll be bound to whatever duties and schedules the company you work for provides. Traveling abroad and establishing new business connections is also restricted by your contracts. Still, it’s a safe career choice for those looking for steady employment with good pay – and it’s one of the few jobs in the game that you can become totally independent.

6. Start A Meat Production Business

If you’re the sort of person who likes to eat what you sell then one of the best ways to make money is to start a meat production business. All you need is a decent amount of capital to buy the necessary equipment to slaughter animals for human consumption, a license to sell meat, and enough land to grow your own food – preferably free range animal stock that you’ve slaughtered yourself. The only downside to this line of work is that, like the other money making options discussed here, there is a considerable amount of risk involved. There are many countries where you can’t sell the meat you produce without a license, and even in those countries the laws and regulations are constantly changing to the disadvantage of animal farmers and butchers. One of the major benefits to this line of work is that it enables you to indulge your carnal desires without having to worry about the cost; getting your meat fix is now completely affordable.

7. Start A Night Club

Open a nightclub and charge people to enter. Depending on the sort of establishment you have, the earnings can range from $5,000 to $25,000 per month; plus you get to deal drugs and drink alcohol as a side line – and no one gets hurt. This is one of the simplest ways to make money in GTA V but, like the others, there is a considerable amount of risk involved. You’ll have to obtain a license to sell alcohol, meet the minimum legal purchase age, and ensure all the security measures are in place to protect yourself from both patrons and the police. The upside to this line of work is it’s very easy to get started and offers a steady income, as long as you don’t mind the risks involved.

8. Start A Bail Bond Agency

If you’re looking for a completely risk-free way to make money then why not consider investing in a bail bond agency. You’ll need a license to sell these securities and you can make a good amount of money – as much as $25,000 per month – by setting up shop in an inconspicuous location and attracting a lot of customers. The downside to this line of work is there is no guarantee you’ll be able to return your investment once the bond has been served; you’re putting your money on the line every time you make a sale. It’s also a seasonal business; during the summer months it can be very hard to find qualified bail bondsmen willing to work for a discounted rate.