How to Make Money Fast in GTA 5: Solo Mode in 2016

Solo Mode in 2016

There’s never been a better time to be single in GTA 5. With the world at your fingertips and plenty of opportunities to make cash, you can retire your desires for luxury and comfort and instead pursue your passions for travel and adventure. You can even live the solo life as a newlywed bride or a newly minted widow! But what will you do with your spare time? Having fun should be a top priority, but if you want to make serious cash, you can look into the following opportunities in GTA 5.

Start A Business

Although the world is at your fingertips, you may not want to stay glued to your smartphone. Why? Because there are plenty of viable business opportunities waiting to be tapped into in GTA 5. Not only can you set up shop in major cities, but you can also start your own company and employees with your smartphones (or PCs). There’s even a business broker to help you find the right venture for your talents and resources.

Become A Financial Consultant

Being a trained financial consultant is a lucrative opportunity in GTA 5. You will examine the household finances of various citizens and then offer advice on how to improve their situation. If you can convince people that you can help them earn more money, you can sign them up as clients. Money problems can arise from simple overspending to large scale financial fraud, so you can really offer a diverse range of opportunities to your clients.

Start A Food Delivery Business

GTA 5 is home to a lot of delicious restaurants. However, finding customers can be a hassle. You can alleviate some of the stress by setting up a food delivery business. Use your culinary skills to cook up great food for busy professionals and students. The demand for ‘takeout’ apps is increasing by the day, and someone is likely to pay handsomely for your skills.

Start A Transport Business

Transporting people and goods for a living is a highly lucrative opportunity in GTA 5. You can drive trucks and motorbikes for various business owners. Alternatively, you can run a taxi service or become a charter bus driver. There is a lot of demand for commercial transport services as more and more people are looking to cut down on their carbon footprint. You can even specialize in package delivery for various businesses.

Invest In Real Estate

Land is a valuable commodity in GTA 5. You can purchase lots of property for nominal costs and make huge profits from its sale. Whether you want to put a price on your body and have buyers pitch for your entertainment or you want to flip property for a quick profit, land acquisition is a viable strategy. As a landlord, you can demand good maintenance from tenants who pay up front or at the end of the month.

Become A Private Detective

More and more people are looking for a safer and faster way to make money fast in GTA 5. You can become a private detective and make big bucks by taking on difficult assignments for high-profile individuals and companies. You will get paid well for providing security escapades, investigating cybercrime, or going on missions to protect wealthy families.

Surfing Is A Skill You Can Earn

The opportunity to make quick cash through surfing isn’t something that has recently popped up, but it’s been around for some time now. You can sell your services to tourists who want to cool off in the summer or to locals who want to have some fun in the winter. Learn to surf and become an expert surfer. You can then take on lucrative jobs as a freelancer or set up your own camp for surfing lessons. When the waves aren’t working for you, you can always head inland to ride the waves generators to make some extra cash.

The opportunities to make fast cash in GTA 5 are endless. With so much technology available, you can tap into multiple streams of income. If you want to make quick cash, you can even run a scam. Just make sure that you stay safe, and remember that you are helping others for a while, so you may have to give back a portion of your earnings.