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Why Online Gambling Is the Future of Gambling

Gambling is a traditional, popular and a beloved pastime. It’s also one of the oldest forms of entertainment. While some may still prefer to go to a real-life casino for their fix, the advent of the internet has made it possible to enjoy gambling from the comfort of your home. Whether you prefer to play on your laptop, mobile or tablet device, online gambling is now available for everyone. This is largely thanks to progressive web applications (PWAs) and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Online gambling has grown in popularity all over the world. In the US alone, nearly 20 million people now play casino games online. That’s about 6 percent of the population. In the UK, the figure is even higher. According to a 2016 online survey, 45 percent of the population regularly plays casino games. A 2018 survey revealed that 88 percent of the respondents in the UK said they’d try online gambling, with 88 percent of those users saying they’d spend more money if such games were available.

These days, when someone says “gambling,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably not the health insurance company they love but rather the casino they visit at least once a year. However, while the casinos may have changed, the gambling world is still very much a part of our everyday lives. Even if you never step inside a physical casino, you’re probably still very familiar with the games and terminology associated with them.

The Evolution of Online Gambling

Let’s take a trip back in time to 1999, when the first ever online casino,, opened its doors to the public. Since then, the industry has expanded rapidly and new companies and games have been introduced, changing the way we look at and interact with online casinos.

You may be aware of some of the classic games associated with traditional casinos. These games, such as poker, blackjack and roulette, have all been around for centuries and have been replicated and improved upon for the internet. However, there are also newer games that have only been made available online. For example, mega-hit titles like FIFA Mobile and NBA 2K have only been on the market for a few years but have already become cultural phenomena. This is largely thanks to the power of the internet and the ability for games to be accessed from any device. Traditional casinos may have had the advantage of being restricted to a desktop or laptop, but that has not been the case for years.

The Growth of Virtual Private Networks

Back in the early 2000s, internet users were generally restricted to using public networks, such as the net, to connect to other users. This posed several problems. One, because there was no guarantee that your personal information would be safe, as all devices were open to anyone. Two, in order to be able to play games, you usually needed a decent internet connection, which was sometimes difficult to come by. Finally, connecting to other users via the internet often meant that your IP address was recorded and stored by third parties, like ISPs and web servers, which then became liable to share that information with law enforcement should the need arise. For these reasons, people usually turned to VPNs to secure their internet connection and keep their personal information private.

A VPN encrypts all of the data that you transmit, including your sensitive information, using the closest secure server to you. As a result, no one can intercept or read your communications, including bank account information, when you’re using a VPN.

There are several reasons why you might want to use a VPN. You may want to keep your personal information (such as bank details and credit card information) secure while using public networks, you may want to unblock geo-restricted content (such as Netflix) or you may want to play games that are only available online.

Progressive Web Applications

Over the past few years, the gambling world has also shifted to mobile. This is largely thanks to the explosion of the smartphone market and the convenience of having games and betting applications available on the go. Even if you do not have a smartphone, you can still access the casino games and betting applications available through your laptop or mobile device’s web browser. This is called progressive web applications.

With a PWA, all of the assets (such as graphics, sounds and animations) are created using web standards and delivered via a web server. This means that the site can be accessed from any device that has a web browser. As a result, it’s often said that a PWA does not require any special software to be installed, except for the web browser itself. All you need is a connection.

Forbes recently ranked the top 25 PWA’s available on iPhone, Android and the desktop. Interestingly, five of the top six slots are either related to gambling or have a promotional element relating to gambling. This suggests that developers are responding to the desires of their users by ensuring that there are plenty of gambling-related applications available for users to download. These applications can then be accessed via the phone’s web browser, rather than the application store itself. This makes them easier to install and use, particularly on mobile devices where having multiple apps to download and use is already a pain, as there is usually a limit to the number of free apps you can have on a device.

The best part of a PWA is that you don’t necessarily need to have a high-end device to use them. In fact, you don’t even need a device, as you can access them directly through the web browser on your laptop or computer. This makes them accessible to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a high-speed internet connection or a mobile device. The bottom line is that whenever you have access to the internet, you can play games. This is more than likely to become a mainstream activity, as it already is in many developed countries.

Gambling Through Social Media

While social media has undoubtedly changed the way we play and interact with games, it has not lessened our obsession with them. In fact, many of us use social media to follow the latest news and updates relating to our favorite games. This is also where we can find guides, tips and tricks on how to play certain games better. As a result, many developers and designers have started incorporating social media into their games and applications, either by having characters in the game engage with users or by having users engage with each other (via a chat system) through their avatars in games like World of Warcraft.

In the future, we will likely see even more integration of social media into games, as online gambling is the future of gambling. It’s already here, and it’s only getting bigger.

Why 2020 Is Special For Gambling

This year is special for multiple reasons, not least because it’s the 100th anniversary of one of the most significant events in history. On January 26th, 2020, many countries around the world will be observing a minute’s silence, marking the beginning of the end of World War I.

The war that raged for four years (and which took the lives of over 100 million people) is now regarded as one of the great human tragedies of all time. It was an unnecessary and tragic loss of life that could have been prevented if certain political and military leaders had heeded the warnings of scientists and stopped the fighting earlier. Fortunately, many people (and governments) realized the error of their ways and started making amends for it; today, there is widespread international support for preventing war and ensuring that the lessons learnt from World War I are heeded.

While we may never know what truly caused the terrible conflict, we do know that it was, in part, a result of human greed. The desire for power and wealth motivated many individuals (and countries) to start war in order to obtain it. Some of the most notable figures in history who were directly or indirectly responsible for World War I include: Kaiser Wilhelm II (Germany), Ferdinand von Bülow (Germany), Georges Clemenceau (France), Vittorio Emanuele Orlando (Italy), David Lloyd George (UK), Woodrow Wilson (USA), Maximilian von Haber (Germany) and Emile Picard (Belgium). As you may guess, many of these individuals and countries are heavily associated with the gambling industry. It is therefore no surprise that 2020 is special for the gambling world. In the coming months and years, we will see numerous anniversaries (and associated events) involving casinos, poker rooms and other gaming sites.