How to Make Enough Money to Start a Biker Club

Looking for a way to make some extra cash? Want to start a biker club but don’t know where to begin? Want to hear the steps of a successful biker entrepreneur? Read on, my friend, because here they are!

Join A Society

One of the best ways to make money successfully as a biker is to join a social club. There are more than 500 motorcycle clubs in the US alone, and for most of them, membership is by invitation only. If you can get in, you can bet that you’ll make a lot of money. The only problem is that getting in usually means being selected by a committee of existing members, and this is a lot of work. That’s why so many successful bikers got in early on and were able to start their clubs successfully, before the rest of the world knew about them.

If you’re looking to start a biker club, the first step is to find an existing group of bikers that you can join. The great thing about these clubs is that they’re usually very open to new members who show some promise. They usually have a couple of openings in the group and will even help you find the right bike for your needs. In most cases, all you have to do is show up at the meetings and be personable. You’ll quickly find that the best way to make enough money to support your club is to become the best at what you do.

Make A List Of What You Need

The next step is to make a list of everything you need, financially speaking. Make sure that you have enough money to buy the following essentials:

  • A clubhouse (or social space)
  • Bikes (or other vehicles)
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Jacket
  • Tires
  • Riding gear (including pants, boots, and gloves)
  • A smartphone (to keep track of everything of course)

These are the essentials, but you’ll also want to add things like banners, T-shirts, and more. Make sure that you have plenty of money to buy all of these essentials before you start spending on any one item.

Sell Your Soul

Now that you have your list, it’s time to start shopping. You have two options here: You can either buy existing items, such as a used bike, or you can sell your soul. The great thing about the latter is that you’re not bound by any restrictions and you can choose what you want for cash. However, this comes at a price, as you’ll have to decide whether you want to sell your physical body as well (in most cases, this means your spirit at a guess).

Doing business with your soul instead of your body means that you’ll have to meet with other people in person to conduct the trade. For this reason, you’ll most likely want to work with someone locally (in person). Fortunately, as a biker entrepreneur, you can rest assured that there are plenty of people who would like to help you out. Just make sure that you’re both clear on what services you offer and what you mean by “soul purchase.”

In most cases, getting a loan from a bank is out of the question. These institutions have no use for a biker, and this is why you’ll have to look for other ways to get the funds you need. One option is to ask your fellow club members for help. Some of them may have extra cash that they could spare. You could also ask your friends, family, or even your bank. Remember, you’re starting a business here, and as such, this is a lot of money that you won’t be able to repay. Thus, it’s essential that you research all the available options before you make a move.

Find The Best Location

Once you have the money, it’s time to find the best location for your clubhouse. This is where you’ll spend most of your time, so make sure that it’s comfortable and that has enough room for your members. Remember, you’re going to be inviting people from all over, so make sure that the neighborhood is quiet and feels safe. Another important factor is that you want the location to be accessible by people who want to attend the meetings. Some clubs, even have meetings that they hold on the other side of the country. For this reason, you need to look for a location that’s close to major highways, so that you can get people there on time. Remember, traffic will spike during rush hour, so make sure that finding a parking spot is not a problem.

Set A Biker Friendly Schedule

Once you have your location found, it’s time to set a schedule. This is important because you’ll have to commit to something, so make sure that you do this as soon as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to have at least one meeting per week, so that you can have people there to help you run the club. This way, you can also have social events like dinner rides and movie nights. These are great ways to meet new people who share your love for bikes.

The benefits of having a schedule are numerous. You’ll be able to plan out events and rides, and you’ll be able to keep track of what you need to do. For this reason, make sure to set one as soon as possible.

Create A Business Plan

Now that you have a location and a schedule, it’s time to create a business plan. This is important because it serves as a guide for what comes next. Some businesses fail because they didn’t have a plan, and that’s why you need to make sure that this one is different. The plan should cover the following areas:

  • The purpose of the club
  • How you’ll reach your members (social media, website, etc.)
  • The benefits to your members (health, environmental, etc.)
  • The problems you’ll face (no members, poor location, etc.)
  • The goals you have in mind (increase revenue, expand into other cities, etc.)
  • The marketing strategy (i.e. what are you going to do to get the word out there?)
  • Financial analysis (i.e. how much does everything cost and how much do you have to bring in to make this work?)
  • Operations (i.e. what will you need to do to make this business a successful one?)
  • Pricing Strategy (i.e. how are you going to sell your product or service to make enough money?)
  • Production (i.e. what is essential to have in order to produce your product or service?)
  • Sourcing Strategy (i.e. how are you going to get the resources you need to produce your product or service?)
  • Facilitation (i.e. how are you going to make this business a success? – What will you need to do?)
  • Management (i.e. who is responsible for what in this business? – Create a chain of command)
  • Legal Aspects
  • Operations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Production
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Facilitation
  • Management

Include all the important information here. This plan should take about five to ten minutes to write, and you can use the time to work on it uninterrupted. Make sure to read it once you’re done, and then sign it (please don’t forget to use a nice, official-looking signature).

Start Small

Now that you have everything written down, it’s time to start small. You don’t need to do everything at once, but take it one step at a time. For example, you can start by renting or buying a small plot of land, for the clubhouse. Once you have the space, start setting up shop. You can begin by fixing up a couple of bikes, selling them for profit, and using the money to maintain the space. As you get more experienced, you can expand into other areas of motorcycling (like dual sport or desert racing) and eventually become the go-to biker guy in your town.