How to Make the Most Money as a CEO in GTA Online

You’ve probably seen the trailers for Grand Theft Auto Online. The most recent reveal showcased the online version of Rockstar North’s popular franchise. While it is still very early in development, details about how to make the most money as a CEO have already leaked. Here’s what you need to know.

Ranking Up Quickly As A Junior Officer

Before you begin your criminal career, you’ll need to prove your worth as a police officer or junior officer. This is where many choose to make their livings in GTA Online. Rank up quickly by completing missions for the right corporations and you can earn a good chunk of change. You can find the full list of jobs available in GTA Online here. Begin by pursuing the following careers:

Mafia Woes

Mafia Woes is the multiplayer mode available in Grand Theft Auto Online. Just like the main game, you’ll work for a boss who delegates missions to you. The only difference is that in this mode you’re not supposed to actually rob the citizens. Instead, you’re advised to murder them and take their money. The objective is to knock off as many people as possible and watch as your cash count increases.


Once you’ve proven your worth as a cop or junior officer, you can look into getting a job as a CEO in GTA Online. Just like in the main game, the goal is to become the leader of a criminal organization. However, this time around the emphasis is on money-making capabilities. Like the other jobs on this list, you’ll start by taking on minor tasks for large businesses. However, you’ll quickly rise through the ranks by performing better and better tasks. The more bodyguards you can squeeze in, the higher your security rating. This will make sure clients feel safer doing business with you. Finally, you can also participate in heists where you and your crew will break into a fortified location and make off with a huge haul of cash.

Bank Robbery

If robbing a bank just isn’t your thing, you can make a living by performing drive-by shootings. Just like in the main game, you’ll work for a crime lord who owns a bordello. As long as you keep robbing the banks on their behalf, they’ll keep promoting you to take on more complex missions. You’ll start by taking on simple bank robberies where the goal is just to knock off a few guards and make a speedy escape. As you get further along in the game, you can participate in more complex heists where you’ll have to plan your attacks ahead of time in order to succeed.

Take-Over Jobs

Another great way to make money in GTA Online is to take over other players’ businesses. You’ll find a list of corporations offering their take-over jobs here. In order to begin work, you’ll need to contact the owner through their cell phone. Once they agree to give you a job, you can move in and begin to loot as much money as you can. The only downside is that you have to wait until the end of the month to get paid. However, this may be a blessing in disguise. By regularly taking over other players’ businesses, you’ll build up a considerable amount of wealth before the end of the month.

The above occupations will get you started on the right foot. However, you may not like any of those mentioned above and decide to become a mercenary. You can find more details about how to become a mercenary in GTA Online here. While you’re still able to perform murder, you won’t be able to commit it for monetary gain. Instead, you’ll do it for fun or to help out a fellow gangster.