Legal Ways to Make Money Playing Grand Theft Auto Online

While the world was still digestif over the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar rolled out a brand new online game called Red Dead Redemption 2. Set in the same universe as the original Red Dead Redemption, RDR2 offers players an even more open-world experience than its predecessor. It’s a game that’s as popular with fans as it is with critics, drawing in hundreds of thousands of players each day. But that popularity has also led to some surprisingly interesting ways that fans are able to make money from playing the game. In this article, we’ll discuss six legal ways to make money playing Grand Theft Auto Online.

Loot Boxes and Microtransactions

While traditional forms of monetization such as adverts and microtransactions aren’t for everyone, Grand Theft Auto Online has found a different way to make money by utilizing something known as loot boxes. These are a form of random digital goodie bag that can contain anything from in-game items, to additional game content, or even a cryptocurrency token (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum).

The beauty of these loot boxes is that they provide an easy way to introduce users to digital goods without them feeling like they’ve been tricked into paying for something that they didn’t want. Plus, they provide a way for developers to make additional revenue, since the game’s microtransactions are already a source of income. This is how Rockstar was able to pull off their free-to-play model, and it seems to have worked. RDR2 is currently the biggest game on the market, with over 200 million copies sold across all platforms. This makes it one of the most popular games ever made.


It’s not just about making money, some gamers see playing video games as a way of life. The industry itself is a multi-billion dollar one, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide. But for those who see gaming as a hobby, there are ways that they can monetize their time. The most popular of these is gambling, and Grand Theft Auto Online is a perfect vehicle for enabling this.

There are many gambling games built on top of the Rockstar Games platform, and they always provide users with a way to win money. Some of these gambling games are completely free, relying on advertisements to fund their operations. But many others require users to make microtransactions so that they can continue functioning. Since Grand Theft Auto V and RDR2 are both set in the same universe, players can use in-game items and money to play for real-world cash. This provides an easy way to transition between the two, and helps enable gambling. And with the legalization of online gambling in the U.S., Canada, and various other parts of the world, there’s likely to be even more legalized forms of gambling available for players.

Real-Life Collectibles

Another way that fans have turned to for funds is the real-life collectibles market. Evidently, Grand Theft Auto V is a game that fans love to play and collect, with many utilizing the in-game gold to purchase physical items that they can hold in their hands. The most popular of these are statues of the game’s protagonists, which are now prized possessions for fans.

The statues are a great way for fans to commemorate their time spent playing, enhancing their social interactions and allowing them to express their love for the game.

Casinos and Other Government-Backed Games

It’s not just about making money, some people see gaming as a way of life. The casino industry, which is often thought of as a hobby for those who enjoy gaming, is actually a multi-billion dollar industry, with numerous forms of casino games supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs. Unfortunately, not everyone who works in the industry is making a profit, as the U.S. government keeps shying away from supporting online gambling, fearing that it will lead to further problems with casinos and their employees. This hasn’t stopped online casinos from setting up shop in countries where online gambling is legally available, leading to legal battles with the government. But for now, the best solution for fans who want to play in a casino is to make use of alternative platforms and governments’ online gambling websites.

Trade Betting and Other Derivatives

A relatively newer form of monetization in video games is the creation and trade of virtual items, or more commonly known as ‘cryptokitties.’ These are automated systems that match gamers in a betting pool, with the winner taking home the items collected by all participants. Cryptokitties are completely virtual items that can be bought, sold, or used within the game, without any real-life counterparts.

Betting on sporting events and other financial derivatives have been used for centuries, with the practice eventually making its way to the internet. But instead of placing bets on horse races or other forms of sports, players can now do so within video games. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for financial brokers looking to make a profit from gamers’ wagers.

App Sales and Other Merchandise

While traditional forms of monetization like adverts and microtransactions aren’t for everyone, Grand Theft Auto Online has found a way to make money from something that most people love to do: buying and selling online. The game’s merchandise is sold directly from within the game, with players able to purchase items such as mugs, hoodies, and keychains all featuring the game’s characters and logos. This has enabled the game to generate millions of dollars in additional revenue, which it can then divide among its developers and other staff.

And it’s not just video games either. In the middle of 2021 alone, Steam Spy data predicted that game merchandise would make up 56% of all game-related revenues. So if you love playing video games, you can make a lot of money from doing something that the industry itself is thriving on.

With digital markets changing the way we purchase and consume content, it’s important to note that not all methods of monetization are created equal. Many of these techniques are simply ways for game developers to generate additional revenue, with the hope that this will help increase their chances of survival in a fiercely competitive industry. But as time goes on and the industry continues to evolve, new techniques will emerge, changing the way we make money from playing games.