How to Make Money in GTA Online

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is often hailed as one of the best video game series of all time. Set in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, the game allows players to explore the city and its sprawling outskirts in their all-new, highly detailed recreations of the city’s iconic vehicles. But even if you don’t play the game, you’ve probably heard of it. The series is one of the world’s biggest, if not the biggest, online games. While most games might only have a small fraction of the population actively playing them, GTA titles have always had a large audience. This is largely thanks to the game’s use of advanced technology and graphics that years of PC and console hardware have allowed.

The Basics

As with any online game, you’ll need an account to play GTA Online. You can create one using various social media services (Facebook, Google+) or via email. It’s also possible to download the game to play without providing any additional details, but you’ll need to make sure you have enough storage space on your device.

Once you have your account, you can use it to access special events and offers that pop up throughout the year. Some of these are pay-to-play opportunities that require you to purchase assets to be able to take part. Others are just rewards for playing during a certain period (i.e., the summer months). You can also check out our list of the best free games like GTA Online to enjoy all the action without spending a dime.

The Goods

GTA Online’s version of Los Angeles is incredibly detailed and offers a nearly infinite amount of content. While you might not realize it at first, the game heavily relies on the Steam Workshop to keep itself updated. This is a service that allows users to upload custom content (e.g., models, landscapes, vehicles, weapons, etc.) that other players can download and use in their own games. In other words, if you want to make money in GTA Online, make and share custom content.

Since launching in 2014, the Steam Workshop has been a massive success, and many games (including GTA Online) use it to this day for community-based content and to keep their games updated. It’s also a great way for novices to get into the game, as many designers and experts actively participate in the community. To get started, visit this link and click the “Get Workshop Content” button to get all the information you need to get started.

The Gear

Since we’re talking about making money in GTA Online, let’s take a quick look at how you might go about doing so. There are a variety of ways to earn money in the game, most of which are quite simple. For instance, you can rob stores and cars for cash or sell your unwanted items for quick cash. You can even hunt animals for their hide, which can be used to purchase items from the in-game shop. But the biggest source of income in GTA Online comes from the three main commodities that the game is built upon: drugs, guns, and women. While you can make money off these products in many different ways, we’ll outline a couple of the more lucrative ones.


GTA Online is filled with a variety of drugs that you can purchase with real world currency or online credits. While a lot of the game’s content is free, the developers have said that they value their players’ money and time and therefore try to make as much money from the game as they can. This is why the game is filled with various substances that one could purchase with real world money.

You might not think that drugs would be that profitable in GTA Online, but this is far from true. One of the first big purchases that you’ll make when you join the game is for drugs, as they’re the most popular and valuable items on the market. If you want to buy your first bag of drugs, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got some money left over from what you made from your last robbery (or get extra credits from an online seller).

You’ll notice that many of the game’s best-selling items are drug-related. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as much of GTA Online’s content is free, limited to level caps, and filled with fun games and activities. But if you want to make real money, get into the game’s most popular and lucrative drug market. When you’re in this market, you’ll notice that game’s best-selling items include a disproportionately large amount of drugs. This is because the market’s most profitable items are created with a focus on the game’s technical feasibility and monetization. The more popular these items are, the more money the developers make off them (hence the abundance of drugs in the game).


Guns are another incredibly profitable commodity in GTA Online, and it’s a good thing too, because the game’s entire economy is based upon them. For those of you that have played Minecraft or other sandbox games, you’ll be familiar with the concept of gunpowder. This is the loose equivalent in GTA Online. While you don’t actually need to purchase any guns to play the game, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have some on you when you go on a crime spree.

Just as with drugs, the popularity and profitability of guns in GTA Online is primarily due to the game’s design and mechanics. As mentioned above, the game is largely based on the concept of a free-roaming environment where you can explore Los Angeles with its iconic automobiles. The fact that these cars have been turned into extremely functional killing machines is what makes these items so profitable. If you play the game, you’ll see a lot of the best-selling guns are automatic weapons that allow for quick and efficient shooting during combat.


Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the most lucrative and profitable commodities in GTA Online: women. Like with all the other items mentioned so far, women are also incredibly profitable in the game largely because of the game’s design and technical aspects. One of the biggest differences between GTA and other games is that most of what you see in the game are NPCs (non-player characters). While this might not seem like a big deal at first, what this essentially means is that the characters in GTA Online are static. They don’t move around or walk, and this creates a problem when it comes to the money-making potential of the items related to them.

The developers figured out a way to solve this by having sex appeal ratings that determine how attractive the game’s female characters are. The problem is that the higher your sex appeal rating, the less likely you are to make any real money in GTA Online. This is because the game’s technical limitations make it near-impossible to achieve higher scores. If you want to make real money in the game, work with other players to increase your score as much as possible.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can make money in GTA Online. While some might not sound like a good idea (i.e., robbing people), most of these opportunities are pretty easy to get started with and can lead to considerable earnings. Remember: sharing custom content and using tools like the Steam Workshop to connect with other players can also help you get started. But above all, make sure that you try out the game’s free items before you spend any real money on them. This is because a lot of what you’ll find for sale in the game is either broken or outdated, and they don’t hold much value.

Now that we’ve discussed how you can make money in GTA Online, let’s take a quick look at how you might spend it. While most players will want to save their money for future purchases of in-game items, there are several things that you might do with the cash. You could purchase a house, have a garage built, or invest in stocks or bonds.

The Estates

One of the game’s earlier updates (v1.0, specifically) added five new properties to the game: Beachwood, Hollyhock, and Magnolia, which were added in 2015, and Laurel Canyon and Rolling Hills, which were added in 2016.

These new properties are filled with a wide range of extravagant items that you can purchase with your hard-earned cash. Naturally, spending money is one of the primary ways that you can make money in GTA Online, and many players choose to do so. If you’re looking for a new place to live, these are some of the best virtual real estate opportunities that you can dive into. To give you an idea of what these estates have to offer, Beachwood’s website lists the following amenities: Swimming pools, private beaches, fully equipped fitness centers, spas, putting greens, hiking trails, kennels, and more.