How to Make Money in GTA Online – A Solo Session Guide

Welcome to the official Solo Session Guide for GTA Online. In this article, we will teach you the ropes and tricks of solo gameplay in GTA Online. We will cover everything from killing and tracking animals to making money and crafting items. Before we begin, be sure to read our general tips for GTA online gameplay. They will surely come in handy during your exploration of the game.

Tips For Playing Solo In GTA Online

Solo sessions are a great opportunity for players to explore the game and try out various methods of gameplay. It is important to keep in mind, however, that GTA has a different mentality when it comes to solo sessions. You, as a lone player, will not be focusing on teamwork as much as you might in a multiplayer game. This is a good thing, as far as your health is concerned, as you are not going to have the aid of other players in keeping you alive. The following are some general tips for playing solo in GTA Online.

Play In A Group

As we mentioned above, during a solo session you will not be relying on team work as much as you would in a multiplayer game. This is why it is a good idea to play in a group. Even though you will be playing alone, you will still be benefiting from the combined experience of multiple players. This is especially true if you are exploring an area where you are bound to run into trouble. Having a second set of eyes watching your back can only be a good thing. Playing in a group also ensures that you are always looking out for each other which is good for morale. There are many benefits to playing in a group, even during a solo session, and we recommend that you always play in a group whenever possible.

Be Careful With What You Eat

Just like in real life, food affects your performance in GTA Online. Eating the wrong foods can lead to all sorts of problems, both physical and mental. One food that we recommend avoiding is garlic. Garlic is a strong smelling food and if you stop to smell it every now and then, you will surely be tempted to eat it. However, garlic is very bad for your body and it is highly recommended that you stay away from it as much as possible. Another thing that you should avoid is food with high sugar content. This includes, but is not limited to, chocolate, candy, and others. Eating a lot of these foods will definitely increase your energy levels, but your health will eventually suffer as a result. Always keep your eye out for snacks that are good for your health, such as fruits and vegetables.

Take Advantage Of The Exploration And Money Making Opportunities

Exploration is generally a good thing in GTA, as you will gain experience, level up, and find new items to use. During your exploration of the map, you will find a variety of animals, birds, and insects. You can hunt these creatures down for food or trade them with other players for various items. In addition to gaining experience and level uping, you will also be able to make money, either through selling items you find or you make yourself or by accepting missions from various NPCs. This last one is usually the most profitable way to play, as you can make a lot of money without having to worry about anything else.

Keep Your Weapons Clean

As a general rule, when you are exploring you should avoid using weapons that are caked with dirt or blood. These will certainly affect your perception of the game, as it will seem less like an animated movie and more like actual events that you are taking part in. It is also advisable to regularly clean your weapons, whether they are ranged or melee weapons, as any type of filth on them can affect their efficiency. In addition, if you play with friends, make sure that you are all on the same page when it comes to keeping our weapons clean. This way, you can be sure that when you are exploring, other players will not be able to attack you simply because they think that you are defending yourself or that your weapons are covered in dirt. Playing with friends also ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to teamwork, as there is no denying that exploring alone can be somewhat frustrating at times.

Solo Is A Changing Game

Even though GTA Online is a single player, co-operative game, it is still evolving as the years go by. New modes of gameplay are being added on a regular basis, with more being developed by the Rockstar team even now. Some of the things you will encounter during your exploration of GTA Online are speedrunners, hidden gems, and ghost runners. Speedrunners will try to complete each mission as quickly as possible, while hidden gems are looking for a fun, creative way to play through the game. Ghost runners play entirely online, as they cannot physically run around and interact with other players, but they can still earn money and levels the old-fashioned way by performing actions during online matches.

Watch Out For The Health

Another important thing to keep in mind is the health of the player. You are not invincible and if you overexert yourself, you will eventually become tired and injured. This can make you less effective at exploring and more likely to make mistakes, which can lead to you being harmed. Be sure to take breaks when you need them and try to avoid overexertion, as it can lead to injuries that may take time to heal.

Hopefully, these tips will help you navigate the nuances of a solo session in GTA Online and come out alive at the end of the day. Remember to always play nice and be responsible when dealing with other players and do your best to keep your weapons clean. Last but not least, have fun!