Best Ways to Make Money Online with Grand Theft Auto V

The latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V, was released last week to critical and commercial acclaim. In it, players assume the role of Michael, the main character from the previous four games, as he seeks to make his living doing what he loves most – being a criminal. As in previous games, players can steal cars and engage in shootouts with law enforcement. There are also many opportunities to make money online with Grand Theft Auto V.

Become A Freelancer

One of the most well-known freelancing platforms is Upwork, which connects employers with talented professionals from around the world. If you have a specific set of skills – be it artistic, literary, or financial – you can use Upwork to find projects that fit your area of expertise. The platform offers a variety of clients from small businesses to brand name companies, offering players the opportunity to take on multiple projects at once and earn money online while doing what they love most. Upwork is a great option for those seeking flexible working conditions.

Start A Blog

Blogs are a great way to make money online. They don’t need to be about crime and thrill-seeking, but they can be about virtually any subject you choose. The only stipulation is that you need to write fairly often. According to the experts at, a blog that posts at least three times a week will likely bring in at least $500 a month – and that’s just from showing up. The key is to build a following, and then monetize that following through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or a combination of both.

Create And Sell Your Own Products

The world of e-commerce grew significantly in the 2010s, and a lot of online stores have popped up to cash in on the growing trend. Now is the perfect time to start an online store, as there’s plenty of room for new players. What’s more is that several programs and services exist that can help you get set up and running quickly with minimal effort. For example, Shopify has an entire marketing and e-commerce section devoted to helping new entrepreneurs get started with online stores. You can create a store in less than an hour, and start selling products within 24 hours. You don’t even need a website to sell your products – Shopify comes with a merchant account that works with all the major credit cards. In addition, Shopify offers a variety of free tools and resources to help you along the way.

Sell Your Photos On Online Markets

There are dozens of online markets where you can sell your photos for money, most notably Flickr, but also DeviantArt and numerous others. The advantage of these platforms is that they provide a large audience who has money to spend. Don’t expect to make a lot of cash, but you can certainly earn a few dollars here and there if you have a good enough portfolio. Remember: quality matters more than quantity when it comes to getting paid for your photos.

Sell Your Stereos On EBay

Stereos are a great way to make money online. You can list your items for sale on various online marketplaces, such as eBay, and make a profit off the sales. You’ll likely need to set up a PayPal account in order to receive payments. Setting up a PayPal account is quick and easy, and allows you to receive payments for items you sell on eBay.

Use Your SmartPhone To Its Full Potential

With the proliferation of smartphones, a whole new world of potential online income awaits us. Apps like Duolingo and My Spanish Tutor are just a couple of the many opportunities that exist, allowing you to translate documents, take quizzes, and even get fully qualified Spanish teachers to help you practice your Spanish. If you can think of an app that you could create that would be useful to a lot of people, you have the opportunity to make money online with your smartphone.

As exciting as it is to explore new ways to make money, you need to remember that none of these methods are particularly lucrative, at least not yet. As Michael, the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V, says in the game’s final moments: “I guess it’s still early days for us thugs.” While you can make a decent living doing what you love, you will still need to seek honest employment in order to do so. Hopefully, as this article has demonstrated, you’ve been provided with a sufficient amount of viable options for online money-making ventures.