How to Make Money Fast in GTA V

GTA V is the most recent game in the popular Grand Theft Auto series, and one of the most popular games of all time. Developed by the famous Rockstar Games, the game was released on the 15th of October 2018 for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Since its release, the game has been subject to speculation regarding how players can make money quickly in the game. Most notably, Grand Theft Auto V lets players carry out a variety of illegal activities, and some have speculated that this allows for some degree of independence from mainstream society.

Illegal Businesses

Since Grand Theft Auto V’s release, numerous blogs, forums, and Twitter accounts have published detailed records of every single available job in the game, along with the in-game currency required to perform those jobs. This blog post will collate all of those discoveries, and more, to create a comprehensive list of jobs available, and how to make quick cash in those specific areas.

To begin with, players can work for either of the two San Andreas-based criminal organizations, the Rockstar Consortium or the Golden Circle Gang. From an environmentalist’s viewpoint, both of these organizations are notable for their practice of eco-friendly criminality; the consortium owns a plant that recycles audio tapes, and the golden circle gang are known for their recycling bins placed around their local area.

Recycle Fraud

One of the first things you’ll do in Grand Theft Auto V is buy a machine gun. From there, you’ll be able to purchase any weapon or vehicle that you see lying around for sale, and you can also perform any number of odd jobs to earn money. The most lucrative of these jobs centres around audio tape recording and recycling. While you won’t make any real money from simply listening to audio tapes, you can sell the ones that you make for a profit.

If you play your cards right, you can make a lot of money from audio tape manipulation in GTA V. You’ll start out by simply buying audio tapes of any kind, be it movie or music related, if you want to make quick cash then this is a sure fire way to go about it. You can also find audio converters that will let you bring your iPhone’s music library to your computer so you can transfer all of the songs you want to sell to vinyl. Lastly, you can find software that is designed to remove unnecessary tracks from your favorite music files, making sure you only have the tracks you actually want to keep.

Weapons Sales

You’ll soon discover that being a professional criminal isn’t all fun and games. The really lucrative side of Grand Theft Auto V involves handling and selling weapons and ammunition. There are a variety of different weapons available for purchase in the game, with each one having its own unique selling points. For example, the MAC-10 is a semi-automatic pistol that can be modified with an extended magazine to hold more bullets, while the UZI is a fully automatic assault rifle that can be used to harvest flesh with extreme prejudice.

The best way to make money fast in Grand Theft Auto V is to specialize in the sale of one particular type of weapon or vehicle. For example, if you are an avid hunter, you’ll want to sell all of the weapons and accessories in your possession. If you are a car buff, you’ll want to sell all of the vehicles that you can get your hands on. Finally, if you are looking to make quick cash, you can also become a drug dealer and start selling ecstasy, cocaine, and other types of drugs. You’ll need a lot of the latter if you want to make serious cash fast in this game.

Tattoo Parlor

One of the things you’ll need to do to make money in Grand Theft Auto V is get inked. Once you’ve purchased the equipment necessary, you’ll be able to open up a tattoo parlor and get drawing. While the process of getting inked isn’t too onerous, it still involves a bit of work. After you’ve gotten the necessary equipment, you’ll have to set up an appointment with the parlor owner, and you’ll also need to learn how to use the equipment properly. Additionally, it’s worth noting that getting a tattoo is a lengthy process that is prone to mistakes. If you want to make quick cash, then this isn’t the route you’ve chosen, as there are safer ways to make money in the game.


While not always a lucrative sideline, you can find lots of ways to earn some extra cash in GTA V. For example, you can become a fashion accessory entrepreneur, stock-picking for an investment firm, sell your own fashion lines, or become a celebrity designer and start selling your clothes to famous celebrities.

If you specialize in picking the out-of-season items, you can make a lot of money from the sale of blazers, stoles, and other types of fashion accessories during the off-season. You can also find lots of ways to earn money quickly by setting up a fashion blog, or selling and displaying clothing racks at street markets and flea markets. Finally, you can use your fame to start a fashion brand and sell your own clothing lines.

Delivery Service

If you’re looking to make quick cash in the game, you can become a delivery service driver. Similar to other odd jobs in GTA V, you’ll simply need to look for a delivery slot that suits you, and then follow the instructions that come with the job. The only real difference between this and other odd jobs is that you’ll need to coordinate all of the customers’ delivery slots, and you’ll likely have to make multiple trips to fill all of the orders that come in. However, this is still a lucrative way to make money fast in the game, and it allows you to be your own boss.

Become A Celebrity

One of the most lucrative ways to make quick cash in Grand Theft Auto V involves going around town and getting people to watch you perform magic tricks or tell funny stories. For this job, you’ll need to either buy a camera or find one that’s been left behind by the film crew that’s been shooting in your area. From there, you can either become a professional magician, or just perform for fun. Either way, you’ll need to find audiences that enjoy your act and will come back for more.

If you decide to become a professional magician, you’ll need to learn how to properly perform magic for people. Additionally, you’ll need to learn how to be a good personable magician who people enjoy watching and inviting back for more shows.

If you’ve got a good story to tell, you can make a lot of money quickly by getting people to come see you tell it. From there, you can write a book about your experiences, or just sell your stories to the media.

Start A Charity

Another way to make quick cash in GTA V is to start a charity. This game’s story mode lets you choose one of three characters who will be your guide throughout the game. You’ll have to make a decision between Michael, Franklin, or Rico as to which character you want to play as. While it is possible to work your way through the story mode independently of the choices you make, all three characters are intertwined with each other.

After you’ve made your choice, you’ll be able to explore different areas of San Andreas and pick up jobs along the way. Some of these are side-hustles that you can perform after hours to make extra cash, while others are long-term investments that can turn into legitimate businesses. Once you’ve established yourself in the area that you’ve chosen, you can look for individuals, families, or businesses who need help and decide which ones you’ll assist in your capacity as a charity captain.

Invest In Real Estate

Another way to make quick cash in GTA V is to invest in real estate. You can do this through a simple business plan that will have you put down a 10% down payment and invest the other 90%. After a while, you’ll be able to purchase foreclosed homes for a massive discount, and make a tidy profit. This is one of the safer ways to make money quickly in the game, as you’ll be putting your money into a legitimate business that you understand the risks involved.

While this is a viable option, it’s probably not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need to put in the work to find the best real estate bargains and learn the ins and outs of property ownership before you can expect to start generating significant income.