How to Make Money from GTA V Online – Best Way to Make Money Solo

The next generation of video game consoles just released, and with it came a deluge of new games. One of the best new games is called Grand Theft Auto V Online, and it’s the culmination of all of the rich gameplay found in Grand Theft Auto V, combined with online and real-time strategy elements.

If you’re looking for a new way to make money in 2019, consider creating an online persona in GTA V Online and performing tasks for other players. You can get paid to kill people, steal cars, and perform heists – all while staying true to the game’s theme of being a ‘mature content’ free zone.

GTA V Online: Microtransactions and In-Game Currency

The most significant change in Grand Theft Auto V Online is its embrace of microtransactions. In the previous Grand Theft Auto game, players could only purchase upgrades with real cash after completing certain tasks in the game. In Grand Theft Auto V Online, these mechanics have been streamlined, and players can now use in-game currency to purchase new outfits, weapons, and vehicles. You can even make a quick buck by selling improvised weapons and performing heists for other players.

Additionally, the game has incorporated the concept of rarity. While most games have implemented this in the form of ‘Legendary’ or ‘Exotic’ weapons, GTA V Online takes it a step further by having certain items only available in specific places and times. For example, you can only find a particular type of weapon in a particular area of Los Santos (the game’s fictitious southern California equivalent).

One of the most significant changes in the game is the addition of the Cargo Hold. The hold can be accessed via the ‘Storage’ icon in the dashboard of any vehicle. Storing items in the hold will automatically create a container for you in the inventory screen. You can also search for specific items in the hold using the search function in the game’s main menu.

The Best Ways to Make Money in GTA V Online

You have a number of options for how to make money in GTA V Online. The game heavily promotes online heists, where two or more players work together to rob businesses and vehicles of their valuables. Even if you don’t want to take part in these heists, you can easily make a quick buck off of someone else’s misfortunes. Simply steal their expensive vehicles or sell them weapons.

Another way to make money in GTA V Online is to become a dealer of illegal substances. The game will even refer to you as a ‘drug lord’, and you will have the option to build up a massive drug empire. You can purchase properties to house your dealerships, and you can even create ‘safehouses’ (which act as temporary storage for drugs and weapons) on those properties. Even if you don’t want to get involved with illegal substances, you can still make money by acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers.

You can also become a freelancer and work for the highest bidder. This is also an easy way to make money in GTA V Online. Simply create a new character and perform jobs for other players. You can be a driver for hire or a bodyguard, protect other players from harm, or even perform simple tasks such as delivering messages or searching for items for other players. Basically, you can do anything for money.

The Most Popular Career Paths in GTA V Online

It seems that the majority of players in GTA V Online are taking the path of villainy. Over 75% of players are currently on the game’s ‘mafia’ quest line, which will have you fighting against the player-controlled police force and taking over other players’ properties to create your own criminal empire.

If you’re looking to make easy money in GTA V Online, it would be best to join a guild on the game’s official forums. The best guilds will even pay you to perform tasks for the organization, such as taking out rival gangs or raiding high-value containers (such as bank vaults or cryptocurrency vaults). If you don’t want to join a mafia-type organization, you can instead create your own gang and take on other players in gunfights for the right to rule.

How to Make Money in GTA V Online: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new way to make money in 2019, you might want to check out GTA V Online. The game has changed the way we will see performing scams and heists in video games, and it’s for this reason that it’s one of the best games of 2019. With over 150 million copies sold worldwide, it’s no wonder why Rockstar focused on making this game as good as possible for future generations. If you don’t have the hardware yet to play the game, consider buying a used copy on eBay or Amazon.