How to Make Money Fast in GTA V: Solo Mode (2016)

If you’re looking for ways to make some quick cash in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V, then you’ve probably considered trying to make money in solo mode. After all, the game encourages you to go it alone. However, if you want to make real money fast, then you should consider specializing in a particular area. Keep reading for information on how you can make money quickly in GTA V.

The Building Business

One of the first things you’ll want to do in GTA V is establish yourself as a business. This can be done by completing a few simple tasks such as buying a few flats or office buildings to house your employees. You can also hire some freelancers to help build your empire. Don’t expect to make a lot of money from the building business straight away. In fact, it might take you a while to recoup the investment of buying the property. However, as soon as you do, you’ll enjoy a nice passive income stream. Furthermore, you can use the property as collateral to secure loans. This way, you can accelerate your cash flow even more. In case you’re wondering, you can also get a loan to purchase land in a rural area and use it as collateral to secure a business credit card. This is what most people consider a “real” way to make fast cash in GTA V.

Selling Cars

Although it might not sound like it, you can actually make a pretty penny in GTA V by selling cars. The more expensive the car, the quicker you’ll make money. The best scenario is to find a very high-end luxury vehicle and then choose to “self-serve” the market by setting the price at a very high level. Alternatively, you can find a cheaper car and then decide to become a “low-cost provider.” However, keep in mind that the fewer cars you have, the less money you’ll make. The key to doing well as a car salesman is to keep your inventory low and regularly check the prices of the cars you’re offering for sale. With enough diligence and research, you’ll be able to make a good living as a car salesman in GTA V.

Casinos and Brothels

Another way to make quick cash in GTA V is to invest in the illegal trade of “protection” money. If you build it, they will come. You’ll have to establish yourself as a local kingpin, bossing other criminals around and giving them protection money in exchange for their silent cooperation. You’ll notice that the game doesn’t depict you as an altruistic figure doing this for the good of society. You’re a selfish bastard who wants to make money, and that’s exactly how the game wants you to see it.

If this sounds like a hassle to you, then you can opt for the other path and simply deal in drugs or hookers. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to make money in these industries in GTA V, and since these are all actual businesses, you can bet that there are also plenty of people who want to make money by investing in these industries. However, as with any other type of business, you’ll have to put in the work to make sure that you’re respected in your field. You might also have to face some opposition from other players who want to keep the status quo. In these cases, you’ll have to hire some shady lawyers to help you navigate the legal system, and protect your interests. This is how you can make money quickly in GTA V.

Join a Gang

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to join a gang to make money in GTA V. In fact, it’s pretty easy to do so by just asking around to see if anyone wants to make some quick cash. The problem is that most of the game’s ghettos are controlled by a single organization, and whenever one of their members makes money, the whole gang gets a piece of it. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a member of a gang to make money in GTA V. Instead, you can opt for the darker side of the video game industry and simply rob banks, or even bigger businesses. However, keep in mind that the easier path usually doesn’t lead to great success. If you want to be able to make quick cash in a serious way, then you’ll have to put in the work to establish yourself as a boss in your own right. In the end, it’s all about choices, and how you want to play the game.