How to Make Money Online Quickly in GTA Online

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most popular video game series of all time, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide. One of the reasons for its enduring popularity is the open world setting and ability for players to explore virtually any place and drive any vehicle they want.

While the majority of gamers will spend their time playing as the protagonists of these games, a select few will want to live out their fantasies as the villains of the story. Inevitably, many of these players will gravitate towards one of the most popular game modes within the series: Online Mayhem. In this mode, players are given a specific amount of in-game cash with which to carry out crimes across the city of GTA Online. With each successive act of violence they commit, the player earns more and more money which can be put towards new vehicles, weapons, and exotic pets. This is a mode where players can really let their hair down and be as aggressive and destructive as they want, with no repercussions other than a slightly more difficult game completion. This article will advise players on how to make the most out of this unique mode, and utilize the game’s physics to their advantage.

Find A Crew, Gang, Or Individual

Before a player can enter the online fray and start committing mayhem, they will have to first locate a crew, gang, or individual who will take them on as an associate. This could be a real-life group of friends playing online together, or it could be a complete stranger who has adopted you into their crew. Regardless of the circumstances, the goal is the same: work your way up the criminal ladder, performing a series of missions for more and more money.

Set Up Shop

Once you have found a crew, you will be able to set up a shop where you can sell your stolen goods. This could be anything from firearms, stolen laptops, or even just jewelry and expensive phones if you are masquerading as a hacker. The setup of the store is completely down to you; you can decide where to position it, how much stock to put in it, and even if you want to do paid advertising in addition to displaying your wares for free. It would be a good idea to position your shop in an area of the city which is easy to reach by passers-by or local store owners. This will increase the likelihood of a repeat customer.

Dress To Impress

In the same way that a luxury brand might dress their high-end merchandise for display in a swish retail store, you as a criminal might dress to impress as well. This can be in the way you wear your hair, your makeup, and even your clothes. In terms of your attire, you want to look like a gangster or a hacker, neither of which are likely to wear clothing which accentuates their curves. This is especially important if you are going to be committing grand theft auto – you do not want the authorities to be able to identify you as a woman simply by looking at your clothing.

Use The Phones And Internet

Stolen laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices continue to be popular targets for thieves worldwide. In fact, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide mobile device theft market was worth £18.9 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach £26.9 billion by next year. This is a lucrative market for the organized criminal, and one which can be easily accessed via the internet. If you are going to be committing grand theft auto, it is vital that you utilize the phones and internet in order to do so effectively and efficiently. While there are no limits to the number of phones which you can download, the ideal setup would be a mixture of smuggled and untraceable handsets which communicate with each other via a darknet channel. This allows the player to remain anonymous and untraceable while still carrying out their criminal activities. Mobile devices are easy to keep a secret, and they have the additional advantage of being easy to dispose of if you are busted.

Understand Phreaking

If you are going to be engaging in criminal conduct, it is essential that you understand phreaking. This is a special type of electronic jiggery-pokery which allows users to spoof their wireless network and gain access to restricted areas such as bank accounts and email by impersonating another user. If you have an understanding of how these systems work, you could exploit them in order to access sensitive data and carry out financial transactions undetected.

Understand The Impact Of Technology

Finally, let’s not forget about technology. The impact of technology on our lives changes as rapidly as our relationship with it, and one could argue that the speed of this change is only accelerating. The internet has given us the ability to do business from the other side of the world, to research and discover information at lightning speed, and to keep in touch with friends and family via chat and social media. The impact of technology on the way we conduct business is profound, and in today’s world, the opportunity to take advantage of this is available to anyone.

With the right equipment and training, it is possible to access and utilize these technologies in order to conduct one’s criminal activities. If you understand how modern technology works, you could position yourself within an ecosystem of like-minded individuals who share your appetite for criminal conduct, or you could create a lucrative business for yourself by offering your services as a hacker, thief, or enforcer to wealthy individuals and corporate entities who need someone to protect their interests.

For those who want to get ahead in life with some fast cash, GTA Online is a goldmine. With these tips, any player who enters the mode will be able to make a successful living as an entrepreneur, armed robbery, or contract killer.