How to Make Money Online for Teens

If you’re currently reading this, I assume you’re a parent or someone who cares for teens (aka millennials). If not, then this article may feel a little bit pointless. However, if you’re reading this because you’re interested in how to make money online for teens, then I have some valuable tips for you.

Avoid Scams

This may seem obvious, yet people will still fall for scams whether they’re trying to make money online or otherwise. Do not let your children/teenagers/nieces/nephews/grandchildren shop online unless you’re there to watch over them. This is especially important if they’ve never dealt with money or credit cards online otherwise it’s easy for them to get scammed. You can help them by teaching them how to be sceptical of unsolicited messages (especially if they get too many to be a coincidence) and by always being there to help if they encounter any problems.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to make money online but most of them don’t require any special training. If your children/teenagers/nieces/nephews/grandchildren want to make money online, then one of the simplest ways is to use affiliate marketing. Instead of paying out yourself for products you promote (as in traditional affiliate marketing), with affiliate marketing you get paid by the companies that purchase the products you promote. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online since you don’t have to keep track of orders or shipments, and you don’t need to have a lot of sales to make it worthwhile. It’s also one of the more reputable ways to make money online.

Create Your Own Products

If none of the above seem like a fit, then you can always create your own products and sell them online. For example, if you’re the creative type, you could write and draw your own comic books and sell them online via an Etsy or Shopify account. Or if you have a specific skill – like making jewelry – you can create your own Etsy shop and sell your wares there. Don’t forget to use affiliate marketing to promote your products too if you’re promoting something on your own platform (like Etsy). It’s all about finding your niche, building a following and making money from it.

Use An Influencer To Help Market Your Product

If none of the above seem like a fit, then you can always use an influencer to help market your product or service. There are a variety of influencer marketing deals available online so you can take your pick from there. You’ll need to do some research to identify influencers who match well with your product or service.

In order to find the right influencers for your business, you’ll need to do extensive research. Start by looking at your target audience and determining who would be interested in your product line. Then, find people with a similar audience and determine their demographics and interests. You can use social media platforms like Instagram to identify potential influencers who might share your content and have a similar audience.

Use Your Smart Phone To Launch Your Product

Even when smartphones became commonplace, the idea of selling and promoting products online from a smart phone still feels somewhat futuristic. However, with the right product and marketing strategy, your smartphone can be a powerful tool in your fight for financial freedom. If you’re looking for a new direction for your teen income generation efforts, consider exploring this option.

Thanks for reading! Have fun and make money online. If you have other suggestions or tips, please feel free to leave us a comment below. Or, if you’d like to get in touch, then feel free to hit me up on Twitter.