How to Make Money Online by Age 10?

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re interested in making money online. But, why? What will your purpose be? Do you want to become a millionaire? Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur, looking to create a niche product and sell it online? Do you see yourself as a blogger, covering lifestyle, science, or technology?

While the world is changing and evolving before our very eyes, there are some established ways to make money online that you might not yet know about. In this article, I’ll list a few ways that you can begin profiting from this new digital era, even if you’re just 10 years old.

1. Create a blog

Blogs originally started as a way for content creators to publish their work and connect with potential readers. However, as the platform evolved, so did the possibilities for those who chose to use it. Today, a blog can be a platform for affiliate marketing, community building, or simply as a personal creative outlet for the blog owner.

You can use a free blogging platform like Blogger to start a blog. If you’d like to make money from your blog, you should consider looking into affiliate marketing, which earns you a commission when someone clicks a recommended product or service on your blog. You can also monetize your blog through affiliate networks like ShareASale or Revi to connect with brands and products relevant to your niche.

2. Start an online store

One way to make money online is to start an online store. An online store sells and delivers goods or services to customers online. The industry is massive and spans across all continents. You get an ever-growing audience and can scale your business exponentially. However, to start an online store, you will need an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Woocommerce.

To start a business, you will need to consider registering it with your local government, finding a business name, and creating a website for your store. You can also use Shopify to easily set up an online store in minutes.

3. Sign up for a gig-working platform

Gig-working platforms like Fiverr, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and Upwork are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people want to do some remote work. If you’re a creative person, you can use these platforms to hire yourself out to create digital designs, copy edits, social media banners, and much more.

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for gig-working. On this platform, you get to set your price and show what you can offer. Depending on the project, you can make as much as $16 to $25 per hour. While it’s usually cheaper to hire someone, the benefits of working remotely for a company like this include more frequent paychecks, the ability to set your own hours, and the freedom to work remotely if you want (as long as your device allows it).

If you’re looking to make money online, you should consider looking into these platforms as much as possible. They can really open up some opportunities for you to gain financially from your talents and skills.

4. Start an online marketplace

Online marketplaces are much like online stores, but instead of selling and delivering physical goods, an online marketplace connects buyers with sellers, facilitating the exchange of goods and services. Shopify, Gojek, and other similar platforms are built for online marketplaces and can be used to create your own storefront, even if you’re just starting out.

These platforms make it easy for anyone to open up a shop, offering various products and services for sale. Plus, you get the benefit of a large audience, increasing the chance of making sales. But, you have to be prepared to deal with fraudulent activity and people trying to rip you off. Make sure you’re protected by protecting your identity and avoiding common scams. Otherwise, you could lose a lot of money.

5. Start an online tutoring platform

If you’re an expert in a particular subject area, you can create a tutor profile on sites like or OneOpinion and begin teaching students from around the world. Even if you don’t have experience in a certain subject area, you can still teach students online. All you need is a microphone, internet connection, and a passion for helping others.

As a tutor, you get to set your own hours and choose your own payment method. Generally, tutors are paid per lesson or per project. You can choose to be paid per project, provided you’ve taught a minimum amount of lessons or hours. For example, you could create a tutoring platform for teens and young adults, connecting them with online tutors who can help them succeed in their studies. Creating a tutoring platform can be a profitable venture. Just remember to put your expertise to good use and help students learn.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube creators can make a living off their platforms, raking in millions of dollars each year. But, how can you become a YouTube creator? You can take online courses that teach you the ins and outs of creating compelling content, growing your audience, and making money from your channel. You can even create your own YouTube course or take a different course from a renowned brand like Udemy to learn how to become a successful YouTuber.

The great thing about YouTube creators is they don’t necessarily need to be professionals in any area. They can use their talents and unique insights to create content that is both informative and entertaining.

Use your talents

If you’re a creative person, you can use your talents to make money online. If you have a specific skill, like graphic design, copywriting, or web development, you can use that skill to find freelance work or even start your own business. Designing, creating, and writing web content isn’t just for blogs anymore. So, don’t be afraid to explore the creative side of your brain and see what you can come up with.

Above all else, you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. No one’s going to give you any money for free, so you have to be willing to put in the work to make money online. Don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people. Opportunities are everywhere, and being unique and creative can help you find that opportunity and make money online.