How to Make Money Online With a 12-Year-Old

Hello, my name is Angie and I am a mommy blogger. I enjoy sharing my experience as a parent with other folks in an effort to help them be a little more comfortable being parents as well one day.

I have had my eye on the blog world for a while now, and after much trial and error, I finally got the courage to publish my first blog post in March 2016. Since then, I have steadily worked my way up to where I am today—a fairly popular blog with over 110,000 monthly visits as of this writing.

What got me into blogging wasn’t the idea of being rich and famous (though admittedly those can be nice too). It was actually looking for ways to make extra money that had nothing to do with being a parent. You see, I have a twelve-year-old daughter who happens to be totally computer literate and insanely inventive when it comes to technology. From an early age, she was always trying to help me find ways to make extra cash so she could save up for plastic surgery (which she needed due to an overbite).

One day, I came up with the brilliant idea of creating my own blog. I figured a mommy blog with a cute lil’ blog like that would be a gold mine for money. So I started a blog about my DIY (do it yourself) projects for fun and profit. My next door neighbor happened to stumble upon my blog and suggested that I start selling my photos on stock photography websites to make some extra cash. From there, my freelance photo shooting and blogging took off like wildfire!

In this article, I will give you some pretty cool tips on how to make money online with a kid. Keep reading if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, or just click here to get started with my affiliate program and make money online with a kid.

Find An Online Niche

When I started my blog, I just wanted to make some extra cash. I didn’t even think about the niche or the reader base. I chose to blog about technology and lifestyle due to my daughter’s love of technology and the fact that I enjoy writing about lifestyle topics. I figured since I am a mom, other parents would also enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations as a parent. So, even though my reader base is slightly older, I usually have a pretty broad audience.

However, over time, I have come to realize the importance of carving out a niche. When I first started, the idea of having an audience was pretty cool. I enjoyed getting feedback from my readers and learning how to improve my blog. However, as I have grown my audience and started to get more and more serious about the content I publish, I have started to notice trends and themes that my audience likes and doesn’t like. For example, my travel blog has a lot of content about Italy because that is where my husband’s family is from, but there are very few posts about Sweden because most of my audience doesn’t like Swedish cuisine at all!

So, in order to continue successfully, you need to find an online niche that suits your blog’s content and audience. Think about what you love doing and what you are good at and then find a way to monetize it. For example, if you are a talented artist, you could start a visual art blog. Or, if you are a pretty awesome pianist, you could write piano-related blog posts for fun. Or, if you are a good cook, you could blog about your culinary adventures (if we are being completely honest, anything related to food and drink is a goldmine when it comes to affiliate sales).

Create A Blog That Can Be Monetized

If you can write well and create engaging content, then you can definitely create a blog that can be monetized. The main issue is finding a way to make money from it. One of the simplest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Simply put, affiliate marketing is when a business rewards you for marketing or recommending a product—usually a website or digital service—to someone else. In return, you get a commission when they make a purchase.

There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing platforms out there, all offering different tools and features. So, finding the right one for you is essential. Also, make sure to read reviews before signing up with a given affiliate marketing platform. This is especially important if you are looking to join a program that is already popular or if you plan on using a free service that may have many security or privacy flaws. At the very least, do your homework and find out what is working well for others.

Blogging is a great platform for affiliate marketing because it is so easy to get started with and there is such a large audience that may be interested in your content. Plus, many blogs are set up specifically for affiliate marketing—meaning you just need to insert a link or hashtag to promote product reviews or giveaways.

Monetizing A Blog Is Easier Than You Think

It is pretty amazing how much money you can make from a blog just by using affiliate marketing. The key is finding an affiliate marketing program—and there are numerous options out there—that suits your needs. Some affiliate marketing platforms might require you to get a payment of at least $500 per month just to get started (and that is for a free account).

However, even if you can’t afford that, you can still make money online with a kid. All you need is a simple blog with a few helpful posts on the subject. The truth is, you don’t need a huge following to make money online. In fact, you don’t need to have a blog at all. You can simply use your email to log in to affiliate marketing platforms and start earning money passively.

If you want to make money online with a kid, just keep in mind that it is going to be a lot of work. You are going to have to find a way to monetize your blog and build up a serious audience. Once you have done that, you can start making money online with a kid—as easy as pie!

Avoid Getting Paid To Blog

There are numerous ways you can make money online without having a blog. You can become a freelancer and sell your photography or graphic design skills. You can also try selling and promoting online courses or e-books related to the subjects you write about. And, if writing is your strong suit, you could start a freelance writing gig for cash.

However, the issue with all of these money-making opportunities is that you are going to have to actively seek out customers and promote the products you are selling. For an online business to make money, they need to be actively looking for new customers and bringing in enough revenue to cover their expenses. This is known as a “growth” business, which many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs are involved in. So, while it is possible to make money online without having a blog, it is also possible to get paid to blog!

Therefore, if you are looking to make money online with a kid, it may not be the best idea. It is perfectly fine to have a blog and use it to share your family’s adventures and insights. Just keep in mind that you are not going to make any real money unless you are actively promoting products and getting paid for it.

The Secret To Building A Solid Blog Audience

If you want to build a profitable blog, you are going to have to find a way to attract and retain an audience. And while it is completely normal to want to write about your family and what you enjoy doing with your kid, you also need to find a way to make money from it. One way is through affiliate marketing, as discussed earlier. However, if you are looking for another way, you can focus on acquiring subscribers and growing an audience on your blog. Keep in mind that not all of these tactics will make you money (and some of them can even lose you money), but they will help you grow a profitable blog.

Make Money With A 12-Year-Old

TikTok is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms among 12-year-olds. It was originally launched as a music and video-sharing app, but as the years went by, it evolved into something much more. Today, it is a combination of social media, games, and video-sharing combined. One of the main attractions of TikTok is its massive audience. It is currently estimated to have over 500 million monthly active users.