How to Make Money as an Academic from Online Courses

Anyone who has even thought about getting involved with online courses knows how lucrative the opportunity can be. Not only do you have the opportunity to educate and mentor students from around the world, you’re also providing them with a potentially lucrative return on investment. If you’re looking to break into the online course market, check out what courses are trending, and consider creating your own course centered around a niche topic you’re passionate about.

Trending Courses & Niches

To get a sense of what’s popular among both students and teachers, it’s essential to look at the course rankings on popular review platforms like Moodle or Courseware. These platforms provide a ranking of courses based on how often they’re listed as learners’ favorite courses or how often they have to be repeated. Through analyzing these platforms, you can get a sense of what types of courses are currently popular and, more importantly, how popular they are likely to remain. For example, data from Courseware shows that history is one of the most popular subjects among students, with geography a close second. If you’re passionate about history, consider creating an online course on the subject.

The Rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

While these platforms have existed for a while, the recent rise in popularity of online courses can be attributed to a few key factors. First, the platforms make it easy for anyone to create a course. Second, the platforms allow anyone to access their content. Third, the content is usually available for free. Finally, the content is usually delivered through a streamlined, engaging learning experience. If you’re looking to create a profitable course, consider taking advantage of these factors.

The Growth Of Online Learning

With the growth of online learning, traditional classroom settings are no longer the exclusive domain of university professors. While online tutors have been around for decades, the internet has made it possible for anyone to access high-quality, personalized educational content at any time.

Not only is learning online easier, more convenient, and often less expensive, there’s also a wealth of content available. Traditional universities no longer have the monopoly on education, and anyone with a microphone and a computer can create a course to teach anyone anything.

Create A Profitable Course

Anyone can create an online course, but not everyone will become a lucrative, full-time instructor. To maximize your earnings, consider creating a course that is both valuable and popular. If your aim is to create a course that will be valued by employers, create a course that will help them get the most out of employees. If you’re looking to create a course that will appeal both to students and generate revenue, consider creating a course that teaches English as a second language. With so much competition, the key to being profitable is to stand out from the crowd.

To stand out from the crowd, create a course that is thorough, detailed, and built with practical, real-life examples. If you’ve got a specific niche expertise, create a course on the topic and make a living selling the content.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. What types of courses do you enjoy creating and teaching? Consider creating a career around that subject matter and make money online teaching others.