How Much Money Can You Make Selling T-Shirts Online?

If you’ve ever shopped for clothing online, then you’ll know that there are a variety of shirts available, each with a different design or wording. Most people buy these shirts as a way to express themselves, much like people would wear a shirt with an opinion or a saying on it. If you’re the creative type and love making shirts for fun, you may decide to make a few extra bucks from your hobby. Here’s a look at how much money you can make selling t-shirts online.

The Best Designs

There are countless designs to choose from when selling shirts online. Since this is a hobby that you’re looking to turn into a side-hobby (or even a full-time career), you may decide to specialize in a certain type of design or color. If you have a creative eye and can come up with unique design ideas, you can definitely make some money off these shirts. Just remember that most people who buy these shirts are either doing so because they love your design or they want to express an opinion or slogan through the shirt they purchase. So, unless you’re taking advantage of these customers, make sure that you come up with some new designs periodically to keep things interesting. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become boring.

The Best Colors

Besides having a unique design, you can also choose to sell a specific color for your shirt. If you have a color that you think is popular, you can definitely sell more of those shirts. Just remember that although there are tons of available colors, most people usually choose either white or black for their shirts. If you go with a color that’s not as popular, you may struggle to find enough buyers. Unless you can find a specific niche for your shirts (e.g., nerd shirts, music festival shirts, or what have you), it may be best to stick with white or black when designing your next batch of t-shirts.

The Best Sizes

You can also choose to sell a specific size for your shirt. If you’re not sure what size to choose, you may want to go with the largest size possible. After all, you’ll never know what size shirt a particular person is going to want. The largest sizes typically sell the best, so go for it! Just remember that most people will want to purchase something that fits them perfectly.

With the above information, you can definitely design your next shirt and start bringing in the big bucks. Just remember that this is still a hobby that you’re likely to continue as a side-hobby. To make a full-time living off of designing shirts, you’ll need to either specialize in a niche or develop your own products (e.g., iPhone cases, etc.).