How Much Money Do Heist In GTA Online Make?

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular games around, with the most recent title, Grand Theft Auto Online, being a massive hit, achieving an incredible amount of popularity and positive reviews, as well as being financially lucrative, as detailed in this article.

Establishing The Baseline

Before we start looking at how much money you can make in GTA Online, it’s important to establish the baseline. This is simply what you’ll earn if you follow the in-game guidelines and play by the rules. Believe it or not, this can be quite lucrative, even if you’re just playing on a friends’ account. Some players earn upwards of $500,000 per year simply playing by the rules and engaging with the community, according to a Rockstar representative.

Matching Set Bonuses

One of the biggest attractions of Grand Theft Auto Online is the way the game’s designers have integrated a system of “Matching Set Bonuses.” Essentially, these are bonuses that either match or improve upon the items and weapons in your stash. For example, if you have a set of silencers in your inventory, you’ll receive a bonus when a rival gang member uses one, in addition to the usual experience bonus for spotting a gun. Alternatively, if you’re carrying a crossbow in your inventory, you’ll receive a bonus when a Goblin walks past with one in his hand.

By strategically placing certain items and weapons in your inventory, you can increase your earnings potential. If you follow the right tips, you’ll find that this is a pretty lucrative way to play, even if you’re just making a few hundred dollars per day. If you want to really cut down on income tax, you could try removing some of your more expensive items and converting them to weapon or item sets, which will make you some extra money in the long run, as most weapon and item sets are more affordable than their individual counterparts.

The Bonuses Just Keep On Coming

After you’ve played for a while and racked up a considerable amount of money, you’ll start to see additional bonuses show up in your task manager. These will typically reward you for doing things like killing high-profile individuals, holding up banks and armored trucks, and the like. There are also special events that give you access to additional bonuses, which you can learn about from other players through in-game tips or simply by logging onto the official website and reading the announcements.

The Bulk Of Your Money Comes From One Place: The Vault

One of the first things you’ll notice when you log onto Grand Theft Auto Online is that most of your money comes from the vault. Simply put, when you make a sale, you have the option to keep the money on hand or you can opt to deposit the money into your Vault, which is effectively a bank account, where you can store up to $200,000, as mentioned above. This depository option isn’t one that you’ll want to pass up, as many transactions, especially large ones, will give you the option to keep the money on hand, rather than storing it in the vault.

Riches Within

Once you’ve established a reasonable level of income, you’ll see that there are several sources of additional money, aside from the Vault. Some of these are: