How Much Money Do Online Scorers Make?

Ever wonder how much money you can make as an online scriver? Or maybe you’re curious about the perks that come with the job? The pay is usually pretty decent and there are tons of opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally.

But exactly how much money can you make as an online scriber? Let’s take a look.

The Median Salary

The median salary for an online scriber is around $60,000 per year, according to Glassdoor. And depending on your experience, that number can go up or down. For example, those with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies can expect to pull in $65,000, while telecommunication specialty journalism majors only make around $56,000.

In general, the more qualifications you have, the more opportunities you have in terms of pay. But that assumes you can find a job with your desired qualifications. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, it can be difficult to stay relevant as a graduate. What are your options?

The Growth Potential

One of the things Glassdoor users love about their job is the opportunity for growth. Over 90% of respondents on the survey platform enjoy some level of job growth, with more than half desiring a promotion or new responsibilities within the next year.

In terms of perks, 59% of respondents are interested in a flexible working environment and 45% would like to see more opportunities for education, training, and development. Only 38% are interested in higher pay, according to the survey.

With such promising career prospects, it’s clear that more people are looking to enter the field. According to LinkedIn data, there were 281,520 new positions globally created in 2022, with about 130,000 of those being open in the United States. The demand for journalists is expected to increase by 7% in the next year, reaching a total of 282,580 new jobs.

The Geographic Distribution

One of the things that make American Journalism unique is the fact that many of its publications are delivered to all locations (print and online) across the country, rather than being restricted to a certain region.

This means journalism majors in the U.S. can land a job at a major news publication, regardless of location—a great opportunity, as certain positions require a particular license. In terms of pay, those in Midwestern states such as Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin can expect to make the most, around $67,700 per year. While journalists in California can expect to make the least, around $55,100 per year.

According to Glassdoor, about 70% of respondents are based in the U.S., with 18% in London and the remainder split across the rest of Europe and Asia. Respondents are also surprisingly divided across professional genders, with 47% of respondents being men and 53% being women.

Job Outlook

If you’re looking for an in-demand career that offers financial security and the opportunity for personal and professional growth, why not try your hand at online journalism? The future of news seems to be moving towards a more digital sphere, with the demand for journalists expected to grow by 7% year from 2020 to 2025.

In general, the demand for journalists and photographers is increasing, as 72% of respondents are interested in finding work in the field and 56% are looking for a full-time position. Only 45% are interested in freelancing for a publication or agency and 29% are willing to take on some side work while they look for full-time employment.

The Bottom Line

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why you might want to consider becoming an online scriber. If you’re curious about what the typical day-to-day life of an online scriber is like, check out our blog post here. Or, if you’d like to dive into the details of the job, visit and use their platform to search for salaries and reviews. And once you’ve found your ideal position, don’t forget to apply immediately! Good luck out there.