How to Make Money with Online Surveys

In case you’re wondering, I make money with online surveys via several platforms — you can read more about them here. I’m going to give you an overview of how I actually earn money with these platforms, which are all pretty popular. So, you’ll have to choose which one is best for you.


This is probably the simplest to sign up for. It’s completely free to join, and you get to take surveys online, that pay out via PayPal. The qualification for these is very minimal — you just need to have a credit card and an email address. You can even sign up for free on their platform, and then they’ll give you $1 to take a survey. That’s all you need to make money with OneOpinion.


This is a favorite of mine, as it’s one of the more reputable survey sites. For those of you who want to make the most of your spare time, and don’t want to invest a lot of money in equipment, you can sign up for Swagbucks, which is completely free. You get to take surveys, that pay out via PayPal, and you can even get some coins (called “Swagbucks Dollars”) when you make a purchase at Walmart, Target, and other retailers. If you’re wondering, you can use Swagbucks to purchase gift cards, which you can then use to spend at retail locations.


Cash4Surveys is another well-known survey site, that also allows you to earn points, which you can then redeem for PayPal cash. Like with OneOpinion, you get to take surveys, and you can even get $10 for signing up. They also have weekly and daily opportunities to take surveys, which you can do on the go — from your phone. They also have a point-to-survey option, which gives you one point for every $1 spent on approved products. You’ll need to spend at least $25 before you can qualify for this opportunity.

My Survey Says

My Survey Says is a lesser-known survey site, which focuses on providing opportunities for students to make some extra cash. You get to take surveys, which you have to complete in 15 minutes or less, and you can qualify to take part in a survey, by being a student, or having a student account. You get to choose between taking the survey online or on your phone, and you can take the occasional survey, for free, without having to pay anything. My Survey Says doesn’t have the most attractive interface, but it does offer a way for students, who need an extra cash-boost, to make some money. Keep in mind that these opportunities are often listed as “cash payments only” – but you can get $10 for taking a survey, once you’ve qualified.

The Big Survey

The Big Survey is the grandaddy of them all. It was actually founded in 1932, and it is still going strong. If you’ve ever shopped online, or in an e-commerce store, you’ve probably run into them — along with their trademark, smiling cat). You get to take surveys, that pay out in cash, once you’ve qualified. There are four ways to qualify, via email, Facebook, phone, or text message. You have to complete five hours of surveys per week, for at least three months, to earn $1. In addition, you can get $10 for each survey you complete, up to $2,500 per month, to invest in stock market products and tools — like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. You can use your earnings, tax-free, to pay for college or graduate school. You’ll need to make at least $100,000 in total cash earnings, before you can consider yourself a “success” on The Big Survey. Keep in mind: The Big Survey does require you to be over 18 years old.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another famous survey site, that also allows you to make money, via paid surveys. Similar to Swagbucks and Cash4Surveys, it’s a place you can earn money for taking surveys. The difference is that, instead of getting paid in cash, which you can then use at retail locations, you get to choose between receiving gift cards, for your favorite stores, or paid cash directly into your account. You get to take surveys online, via email or on your phone. For every $1 you make, you’ll get $2 in credit. This, essentially, is a way to get free merchandise, as long as you keep taking surveys. In order to qualify for this particular survey site, you have to make a cumulative total of at least $1,000 in the last three months. As with The Big Survey, you’ll need to make at least $100,000 before you can consider yourself a “success” on Survey Junkie.

Teen Survey

Teen Survey is a survey site, aimed at students in high school and college. It is very similar to My Survey Says, in that you get to take surveys, that pay out in cash, via PayPal. The qualification for this one, though, is simpler. All you need to do, in order to qualify, is be a student. You can take the survey, as much as you want, for free — but you have to complete three surveys per week, to get $1. Keep in mind: Similar to the other survey sites on this list, Teen Survey only allows you to get paid in cash, once you’ve qualified.

How To Make Money With Online Surveys, Summary

In summary, if you’re looking for an opportunity to make fast money, without having to invest a lot of time in learning how to be profitable, try one of these platforms. They’re all quite easy to make money with, if you qualify.