How to Make Money in Albion Online Black Market

Albion Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that was released in April of 2018. The game puts you in the role of an undercover agent working for the UK government. Your job is to help people in need within the city of Albion. However, black market activities can sometimes offer greater rewards. Here are some of the ways you can make extra cash in the game — and we mean genuine cash, not game points or gold (the in-game currency) — so that you can continue funding your investigations!

Black Market Trading

As with any other MMO, trading is a big part of Albion Online. You can buy and sell items for real money on the open market. The catch is that some items have a limited time window during which they will be available for purchase. So if you want to profit from an item’s price rise, you’ll need to act fast! There are three types of traders — barter, vendor, and merchant — and each has different restrictions and advantages. Let’s take a look at each in greater detail.


Barter is the cheapest and simplest way to purchase items in Albion Online. You won’t find a barter shop in the game, but instead you’ll encounter individuals who are willing to trade their goods and services for your money. Bartering limits your investment in inventory, as you don’t need to purchase any items to start with. You can use your own money to purchase anything in the game, from food and drink to weapons and armor. When you make a trade, you’ll be shown a preview of the item — its description, as well as the quantity available — before the transaction is completed. You’ll need to find a buyer for the item you’re trading before the stock runs out.

Barter is a good choice for those who want to quickly get some money to buy more expensive items. It’s also a popular option for new players who don’t want to invest too much in expensive in-game items right away. Many items in the game have limited quantities, so by getting those items bartered you’re ensuring that you’ll have more chances to make money from your investments. Imagine you’ve purchased a level 50 helmet and its price is 10,000 gold pieces. After bartering the helmet for a while, it suddenly becomes worth 30,000 gold pieces due to a price increase. Your initial investment isn’t all that’s needed to make a profit, however, as you’ll also need to factor in the cost of the goods or services you’re trading to make a profit. This can quickly add up if you’re not careful!


A vendor is someone who is selling specific game items (i.e., those that can only be acquired through gameplay) for an in-game currency. Game vendors don’t offer any bonuses to their customers other than the discounts they get for selling certain items. If you’re looking to purchase a special in-game item, then you should consider going through a vendor. The downside is that you won’t be able to barter with the vendor, as they’re only interested in one type of currency: gold. This makes purchasing expensive items via vendor a less flexible option. You’ll need to decide whether or not the cost is worth it. Keep in mind that vendors can only sell what they have in stock at any given moment, which means that the items they have available for purchase may become scarce as more and more people start buying them. This can result in a loss of profit if you’re not careful!

Vendors are most commonly used by high-end gamblers and sellers of rare game items to make a quick profit. If you want to become a vendor, you’ll need to find a supplier who is willing to sell to you at a discounted rate. Once you have a good amount of inventory, you can set your own prices for the items, as well as mark them up for whatever reason you want. Some vendors allow you to create your own shop within the Albion Online game, which can be a helpful tool for making extra cash. It’s always a good idea to do some research before making a decision about which type of trader to use, as there are several hidden risks associated with each one. We’ll discuss these further down the page.


A merchant is someone who is buying and selling all types of items for in-game currency. Like vendors, merchants are only interested in one type of currency: gold. This makes them the most flexible type of trader, as you can use whatever currency you want to make a purchase. The downside is that you’ll need to find a buyer for the items you want to sell, which takes time. Unless you’re looking to quickly make some extra cash, then we wouldn’t recommend using a merchant to purchase items in the game.

Merchants are most commonly used by those who are trying to make a living selling goods or services in Albion Online. If you’re looking to purchase game items to resale for in-game currency, then you should consider looking for a merchant who is willing to purchase them from you at a discounted rate. This can be a helpful option for those who want to make extra cash from their investments in game items, as they won’t have to find a buyer themselves for the items they want to sell. However, keep in mind that without proper equipment — such as armor and weapons — they’ll be at a significant disadvantage compared to those who are actively playing the game.

As you can see, there are several different ways you can make money in the game. All of these have their perks and disadvantages, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. Keep in mind that you’re going to be risking your own money on investment, so use safe practices and ensure that you have everything written down beforehand.