How to Make Money by Designing Fabric Online

If you want to make money by selling your designs online, you have a variety of options. Many designers start off small, designing for friends and family, but gradually expand their business, learning from their mistakes. It is possible to succeed as a designer, even if you don’t have years of experience, as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

Build A Portfolio

The first thing you should do to make money from your designs is to build a portfolio. You don’t need a huge collection of work to prove your worth as a designer, but it is a good idea to have work that is representative of your style. Make sure to include both printed and digital designs, as well as work that is still in progress. Having a variety of work allows potential buyers to see your skills, and also gives you the opportunity to see your work from different angles.

Find Your Niche

Once you have a good collection of work under your belt, it’s time to find your niche. What is your speciality? Where do you want to be seen? Once you figure out your niche, you can develop a strategy for marketing your product, and find the right platform to fit it. There are several types of fabrics and several types of cuts, so think about what you enjoy most and decide which area of manufacturing to expand into.

Check out these fabrics that you can make into luxurious scarves:


If you love the look and feel of cashmere, you have several options for making your own. Start by taking a look at hand-knits: these are much simpler to make, and you will have a better understanding of how to work with the material. You can also find several patterns and designs to fit your needs, and expand your business by creating your own original designs.


Fleece is another luxurious fabric that you can use for scarves, or any type of clothing. You will find a good selection of patterns and colors at affordable prices, which you can use to your advantage.

Sock Yarn

Another low-cost, yet warm material you can use to make scarves and other clothing is knit-sock yarn. You will find a good selection of patterns and colors at affordable prices, which you can use to your advantage.


When it comes to velvet, you will find a large selection of patterns and colors, as well as several designs that are ideal for scarves. You can also create your own unique patterns and colors, and with this versatile fabric, there is no limit to what you can do.

If you want to make money by designing fabric, there are several options available to you. Always bear in mind that with more competition comes greater choice, so be persistent and learn from your mistakes.