How to Make Money Doing Online Jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for a way to make extra cash in Canada, then you’ve probably considered exploring the lucrative world of online jobs. There are hundreds of ways to make money online without any special training, and the opportunities are endless. All you need is a reliable computer, an Internet connection, and the ability to communicate in English. From answering surveys to taking part in online focus groups, here are a few ways to make money online in Canada.

Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys can be a quick and easy way to make money from home. There are hundreds of survey sites where you can take surveys for money. All you have to do is display an e-commerce store logo on your website and/or blog, and you’ll be able to earn income from all over the world. Some of the best known survey sites are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Ipsos iSay, Ipsos iSay online, PissPond, MySurvey, Swifter, Inbox Dollar, and Survey Junkie Canada. Each of these sites has a distinctive payout structure, but generally you’ll get paid either via PayPal or by cheque once the 20 to 25 hour survey is complete. Some of these sites can even help you develop your own survey questions, which can increase your income significantly.

The downside to taking online surveys is that, typically, you won’t make enough money to matter. You’ll be competing for attention against millions of other survey takers, and it’s likely that virtually all of them will be earning far more than you. Still, it’s an easy way to make a few extra bucks, and you can also do it on a full-time basis, which makes it worthwhile for those looking for a side-hustle.

Start a Blog

Blogs are quite a unique way to make money online. In general, you’ll need to have a fairly large online following before you can make money from blogging. Once you’ve established yourself as an authoritative source on your topic, you can look for sponsorships, product reviews, and affiliate deals to begin monetizing your content. One of the best known bloggers is Scott Hanselman, who makes a decent living from blogging. You can learn more about how he makes money from a blog in this detailed interview.

The advantage of starting a blog is that you have the ability to choose your own topic. You don’t have to rely on other people’s ideas, and you can build a following quickly through organic posts, comments, and shares. The downside is that establishing yourself as an authoritative source on a topic can be difficult. You’ll have to put in the work to build up your audience, and until then, your content will mostly be seen as fluffy or promotional. A lot of work for little return.

Start an Online Store

If you’re looking to make money online in Canada, then going the traditional route and trying to make money from the ‘ground up’ can certainly be a viable option. You’ll need to register a domain name and set up hosting on a reliable platform (AWS, Google Cloud, or equivalent). Depending on the size of your site, you’ll then need to purchase either a small or medium business licence from Shopify. Once this is done, you can begin to build your online store. The advantage of doing this is that you have a product to sell. The downside is that it can be difficult to scale up this option and make it viable. You’ll need to have a significant amount of traffic before you can start making money, and until then, you’re basically just throwing money away.

Take On-Line Tasks

There are hundreds of on-line tasks where you can make money online by taking on-line tasks. These are tasks that require human intelligence, rather than a computer’s. Examples of online tasks include:

  • Surveys: Take online surveys for money
  • Classified Ads: Place on-line classified ads that are sponsored or paid for
  • Data Entry: Enter data into online dictionaries and encyclopedias for money
  • Data Cleansing: Cleanse and organize data for businesses and organizations
  • Copywriting: Create press releases, articles, and/or blog posts for businesses and brands
  • Translation: Translate documents, websites, and other materials into different languages for money
  • QA/Testing: Verify product claims and resolve errors in the writings of customers and others
  • Virtual Assistance: Solve customer problems remotely via a virtual assistant
  • Video Production: Produce short videos for businesses and organizations

The advantage of taking on-line tasks is that you can essentially do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable Internet connection, a microphone, and a computer or mobile device. The downside is that, typically, you won’t get paid a lot for these tasks. The only way to make decent money is by putting in a lot of effort, often without any promise of profit. In some cases, the only way to make any money is by ‘scaling up’ and taking on more tasks, which can be both exhausting and frustrating.

Start an Online Store (Continued)

If you’re looking to make a quick buck or two, then you can start an online store specifically selling accessories for women. This is a popular way to make money online in Canada. You’ll need to register a.CA domain name, set up a Shopify store, and then begin promoting and selling your products via online marketplaces, such as eBay, Shopbop, and Amazon. Like with most other options, the upside is that you can start small and eventually grow your business depending on the amount of revenue you generate. The downside is that creating a Shopify store and getting the ball rolling can be difficult. Once you do, however, you’ll be able to earn a decent amount of money with little effort. It’s an easy way to make a side-hustle that can bring in a few extra bucks each month.

Become A Test Subject During Research Studies

If you’re interested in health and medicine, then you can work as a test subject in a research study. An excellent option in Canada is Patient Recruitment Company, a Vancouver-based company that connects clinical researchers with healthy individuals who are interested in participating in medical studies. It’s a great way to make money online in Canada while also becoming a test subject and contributing to medical research. There are numerous opportunities to make money online in Canada as a medical test subject, including taking part in drug trials, performing tasks under the supervision of a medical professional, or simply participating in lifestyle research. Talk to your local medical research agency about what studies are currently available in your area.

Sell Your Goods On-Line

If you’re looking to make quick cash in Canada, then you can begin by selling your goods online. This can be quite a lucrative option, as there are thousands of companies, brands, and merchants that are looking to connect with Canadian consumers. If you’ve got a product that other people are looking to buy, then setting up an online store, selling online, or becoming a dropshipper for a foreign company that wants to sell into Canada is a viable way to make money online in Canada. For example, if you’re located in the Province of Ontario and you’ve got an excellent product that other people are looking to purchase, then setting up an online store in Canada specifically targeting the Canadian market can be a profitable venture. In addition to setting up an online store, you can also consider selling your goods on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, although these are fairly informal ways to make money online in Canada, as people are less likely to be engaged with advertisements on these platforms. Start by reaching out to existing customers on social media and asking them if they’re interested in buying your product. If you do this consistently with existing customers, it’s possible that you can build up a small business of your own that can generate revenue and profits. In general, this is one of the simplest ways to make money online in Canada. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the will to sell.